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User Experience ~ TAHAN CONQUER Multipurpose Sling Bag from PTT Outdoor

Hi ā€¼ļøHiā€¼ļø SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» was recently purchased online a TAHAN CONQUER Multipurpose Sling Bag for her casual use & future travelling trips šŸ›« by PTT Outdoor ā˜ŗļøĀ 

She is loving it as it’s a lightweight & take-everywhere sling bag that suits her personal preference of light traveller. She can now style this new sling bag as her comfy travel companion whenever she is on the go

Should You Travel With Oneā“ā‰ļø

Yeah ā€¼ļø She can now safekeeping all her personal šŸ‘ššŸ‘–šŸ•¶šŸ‘Ÿbelongings while being enjoying with any outdoor activities, camping, hiking, travelling journeys etc.

This sling bag is with simple design & can be the style & matching any OOTDs for many occasions

Guess whatā“ā‰ļø

This is her 2nd user experience with PTT Outdoor products, do read more of her 1st sleeping bag user story via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2017/10/20/unique-ways-of-using-a-sleeping-bag/

Why opting for a sling bagā“ā‰ļø

You may consider with 3 factors,

  1. Decide Why You Want a Sling Bag
  2. Assess Quality & Function
  3. Choose Your Favorite Style

This multipurpose sling bag is with a roomy interior & generous exterior front pockets within it, it’s amazingly perfect to organize all your things with ease inside this bag

Personally, she is highly recommending šŸ‘šŸ» this as an absolute must have to pack all the necessary items for work (Especially if you’re cycling to work), casual hangouts, a local cafe hoppings, travel trips etc.

Sling bag is essentials to provide easy & quick access to your important items

Actually she loves sling bag as to safe keeping all her in-flight essentials, especially while in airport for boarding gates passing, during flight journey or any flight āœˆļø in transit & some of the items are,

  • Your smart devices (PhonešŸ“±, tablet etc.)
  • USB cables/ Chargers/ Power bank
  • Ear buds
  • Mask šŸ˜·
  • Notebook šŸ“’ & pen šŸ–‹ļø
  • Wet tissues
  • Your preferred e-reader or downloaded e-book or hardcopy book šŸ“²
  • Sunglasses šŸ•¶ļø
  • Sunscreen/ lipcare/ face mist/ hand cream
  • Light snacks

Do check out below happy unboxing TikTok clip šŸ“¹bcaptured, including to sharing on what & how SiennyLovesDrawing’s keeping her personal items in this sling bag ya šŸ˜

It’s with sturdy edge lining adds additional protection around the edges. Also available with fixed buckles that can be tighten to provide more comfort while wearing it

Ohh ya…No need to worry if rains as this sling bag is weather resistance & water resistance as made of oxford & polyester fabrics (It’s another standard synthetic fabric & generally heavier). Yes āœ…, able to keep all your things inside the bag remained dry. It’s made of heavy-duty & water-resistant fabric, also coupled with durable metal zipper closures

So, how to style your OOTD with this sling bagā“ā‰ļø

Do check out below TikTok clip šŸ“¹ captured by PTT Outdoor team ya šŸ˜ƒ


Tahan Conquer – Minimalist, affordable and durable. Shop Now. #pttoutdoor #lockdown

ā™¬ original sound – pttoutdoor – pttoutdoor

Yeahā€¼ļø Well designed to ensure all your personal belongings/ essentials are all well protected from light rain ā˜” & accidental spills

  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfy long hours wearing
  • Large interior & multiple exterior front pockets
  • Durable metal zippers
  • Water-resistant
  • Made of oxford & polyester fabrics
  • Available in 2 colours ie. Dark green šŸ’š or dark blue šŸ’™

Interested to own 1ļøāƒ£ā“ā‰ļø Or wish to purchasešŸ›’šŸ›outdoor activities equipments/ attiresā“ā‰ļø

WebsitešŸŒ: https://www.pttoutdoor.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pttoutdoor/

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User Experience ~ Cosmoderm New Look New Improved Formula of Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E Series

Continue from SiennyLovesDrawingā€™s šŸ‘©šŸ» earlier blogging šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“ on #StayHome ideas, this story is specifically relating to self care & self love (Item 3) via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/not-boring-exciting-stayhome/

Yes, when stay at home šŸ” to pampering self & be pretty especially to own beautiful skin, especially most of us now not really frequently visit the beauty boutique/ saloon like before, so skincare @ home is superb important ya.

This round, she is gonna sharing about her recent beauty skincare user experience with Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E

This new look & new improved formula was launched @ 6 June 2021 via Shopee Live Stream & SiennyLovesDrawing has attended it too

Each with halal certified, Paraben free & dermatology tested. She would like to share her recent beauty routine with these Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E skincare items,

Day time

  • Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Control Facial Cleanser
  • Cosmoderm Tea Tree Refining Oil Control Serum

Tea Tree Oil is a proven natural antibacterial with soothing properties to reduce acne & acne spot


.Night time

  • Cosmoderm Vitamin E Bi-Phased Toning Essence
  • Cosmoderm Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Foam

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protecting the skin from oxidative damage by fighting off free radicals. It also moisturising & rejuvenating skin that help to strengthening skin barrier function

Do check out her happy unboxing TikTok clip šŸ˜ƒšŸŽšŸ“¹ captured via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6983526693902241051

Day Time

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Control Facial Cleanser (125 ml)

This white cream cleanser aims to cleanse gently & deeply to removing oil, unclogging pores & controlling the skin oiliness

Its multi-benefit properties providing nourishment & comfort to the skin

Suitable for oily & acne-prone skin


How toā“ā‰ļø

SiennyLovesDrawing uses this as her day time face cleanser, just squeeze a small amount of this cream cleanser, then gently massage to skin & lastly, to rinse clean thoroughly with water

Personally, SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys the skin freshness after cleansing with it & most importantly no skin tightness. Yeah!!

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Refining Oil Control Serum (30 ml)

This serum helps to control excessive sebum secretion & helps to balance the skin’s complexion

It promotes skin exfoliation by removing excess dead cells from the skin surface to prevent clogged pores


How toā“ā‰ļø

After toning, apply this serum to skin & massaging gently until it’s absorbed to skin

This serum contains AHA that may increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun. So, highly recommend to also apply sunscreen after this serum is applied during the day

She loves the comfy cool refreshing on skin with the natural essence from tea tree oil. Non sticky or wet, it’s fast absorb to skin

Do check out her IG album below of her user story,

Night Time

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Foam (125 ml)

This transparent gel cleansing foam which enriched with anti-oxidants aims to deep cleansing, removing oil, grime & dirt without stripping the skin’s moisture

It’s suitable for normal, dry & combination skin types, also helps to relieve skin dryness after

How toā“ā‰ļø

SiennyLovesDrawing uses this as her night time face cleanser before her beauty sleep, just squeeze a small amount of this gel cleanser, then gently massage to skin & lastly, to rinse clean thoroughly with water
It leaves her skin clean refresh after. Yeah!! A comfy beauty sleep with clean fresh skin


Cosmoderm Vitamin E Bi-Phased Toning Essence (48 ml)

A perfect dual power oil & water toner that consists of 2,000 I.U of Vitamin E & Vitamin B5 to soothing & protecting skin from harmful UV & environmental pollutants

It helps to balancing skin’s microbiota, brightening & re-balancing uneven skin tone. then leaving skin feeling hydrated throughout the day


How toā“ā‰ļøā‰ļø

To apply this toning essence to skin & massaging gently until it’s absorbed to skin

It’s light & non oily greasy on skin

Do click in to check out her IG reel below to find out more ya šŸ˜ƒ

Why not give it a try to enjoy the skincare benefits with Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E?

Cosmoderm range is affordable for a dermal skincare brand & available in all pharmacies

Do check out her happy šŸ˜ƒ unboxing & usingĀ these Cosmoderm items tutorial Tiktok clip captured via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6984433804056202523

WebsitešŸŒ: https://www.cosmoderm.com.my/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Cosmoderm/

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User Experience ~ Comfort Zone Hydramemory Lift & Firm Ampoules

Yeah!! Continue from SiennyLovesDrawingā€™s šŸ‘©šŸ» earlier blogging šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“ on #StayHome ideas, this specifically relating to self care & self love (Item 3) via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/not-boring-exciting-stayhome/

Yes, when stay at home šŸ” to pampering self & be pretty especially to own beautiful skin, especially most of us now not really frequently visit the beauty boutique/ saloon like before, so good skincare & makeup @ home is superb important.

This round, she is gonna sharing about her recent beauty skincare user experience with Comfort Zone Hydramemory Lift & Firm Ampoules

It’s made at the Davines Village, Parma, Italy, a certified B corporation & a carbon-neutral production site by using only renewable resources & fully recyclable & CO2 offset packaging

It’s newly launch in Malaysia by Comfort Zone since June 2021

Its Brand Conscisous Science approach formulas are totally clean, rich in natural-origin & safe high-tech ingredients

Also free from animal derivatives, artificial colorant, fragrance & parabens which is ideal for users into vegan, sustainable & transformational skin care


Do check out her happy unboxing TikTok clip šŸ˜ƒšŸŽšŸ“¹ capture via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6978625116057898266


This concentrated ampoules by Comfortzone is dedicated to firming, anti-aging that making the wrinkles less visible

Then, the skin toned & lifted within 7 days of application.

Yes, a perfect intensive & alternative home care solution for those who are in lockdown as well as the ideal enhancement for skin pampering

More details via https://world.comfortzoneskin.com/products/sublime-skin-lift-firm-ampoules.


It’s intensive & highly concentrated ampoules that making the skin looks smoother, firmer & fuller

It’s recommended for for mature skin & in presence of premature aging signs eg. wrinkles & loss of tone

  • Reduced wrinkles in both volume & depth
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Immediate firming & lifting effect

It’s with 94.5% natural ingredients & fragrance free


How toā“ā‰ļø

1st, to place the droplet counter on the head of the vial & with a decisive movement. Open the vial by breaking it in line with the pre-cut ring

Next, to Remove the broken part & position the droplet counter on the neck of the open vial

Exert light pressure on the droplet counter to release around half of its contents onto the palm


SiennyLovesDrawing loves its fast absortion to skin & non greasy on skin after application. She felt her skin firmer & healthy glowing after this 7-day 1st trial, yeah!!

The skin will immediately radiant & smoothen

Also it helps with reduction of wrinkles & fine lines appearance

Do check out below YouTube clip, a detailed user Ā tutorial on how to applying this ampoule

Where toā“ā‰ļø

This can be purchased from the Comfort Zoneā€™s official storesā€™ in Lazada & Shopee Mall via https://shp.ee/jcaxuai

Special launch promo @ RM258 for 7-day kit (Normal price @ RM298) while stock last

~ Sublime Skin Lift &Firm Ampoules with FREE Sublime Skin Serum (8ml) worth RM150 with every purchase ~.

Why not give this ampoule a try?

WebsitešŸŒ: https://world.comfortzoneskin.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/comfortzonemalaysia/


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Gift Ideas for Young Kids

Updated 1.6.2021 10am

Yeahā€¼ļø SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» is gonna sharing some of the awesome šŸ’— gift ideas for young kids šŸ‘¶šŸ»šŸ§’šŸ»šŸ‘§šŸ»šŸ‘¦šŸ» whether to celebrate their newborn, birthday šŸŽ‚ , anniversary, festive celebrations šŸ„³šŸŽ‰ ~ Christmas šŸŽ„, Thanksgiving šŸ™šŸ» etc.

She has explored & personally a purchaser cum user of each as an official guardian to taking care her little niece šŸ‘©šŸ»šŸ’—šŸ‘¶šŸ» & would like to recommend šŸ‘†šŸ»from her user experiences

Each available āœ… with online shopping platform šŸŒšŸ›’ & nationwide within Malaysia šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾ OR worldwide shipping šŸŒ

Personalised Gifts šŸŽ

Age: No age limit

Yeahā€¼ļø SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» just canā€™t wait to share with you all that she isĀ now 1ļøāƒ£ of the many designers with Printciousā€™s designer programĀ šŸ˜ƒ by creating merchandises ā˜•šŸ‘• withĀ her handrawn artĀ āœšŸ»

If you are happy šŸ˜ & proud of SiennyLovesDrawing, doĀ support her by buying some of herĀ handrawn art merchandises with PrintciousĀ ya

You can personalise with name to print on the art merchadise from her designer store ya

More of her story via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/06/01/user-experience-printcious-designer-store/

Online shopping via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://www.printcious.com/my/designers/siennylovesdrawing

Personalised Baby Gifts šŸŽ

Age: 0 to 3 years old

Personalised gifts šŸŽ have gradually become a gift-giving trending. The special touch to personalise a gift by bringing a sense of personal ownership for a child šŸ‘¶šŸ»šŸ§’šŸ»šŸ‘§šŸ»šŸ‘¦šŸ» is actually meaningful important

Personally she has chosen a cotton candy. Personalised Bow Hair Clip šŸŽ€ & with personalised blue šŸ’™ thread embroidery of ā€œQQā€ for her little niece šŸ‘¶šŸ» with Raph & Remy

There are many more gifts šŸŽ can be personalised too. Do enjoy reading more of her earlier story of personalised gift šŸ’ with Raph & Remy via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/06/23/personalised-gifts-for-young-kids-with-raph-remy/

More of her experiences being captured & gathered in the IG stories highlight album šŸ“øšŸ“¹named #Raph&Remy via šŸŒ https://www.instagram.com/simplestraightforward/

Online shopping via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://www.raphandremy.com/products/bow-clips

Soundbooks šŸŽ¶šŸŽµšŸ“–

Age: Below 6 years old

It was her 1st experience of purchasing a soundbook šŸŽ¶šŸŽµšŸ“– named “Press and Learn English, Malay & Chinese Words Book” by BabaBaa for her little niece šŸ‘¶šŸ» to start guiding & teaching her at her young age

She really amazed with how good šŸ‘šŸ» this soundbook šŸŽ¶šŸŽµšŸ“– being nicely designed, illustrated & produced as an useful kids educational tool. This soundbook šŸŽ¶šŸŽµšŸ“–contains more than 400 words covering 9 subjects ie. zoo animals šŸÆšŸ», farm animals šŸ®šŸ¦†, insects šŸœšŸ•·, underwater world šŸ šŸ¬, vegetables šŸŒ½šŸ„¬, fruits šŸ“šŸ„­, vehicles šŸš’šŸš“, things at home šŸ“ŗā˜Žļø, colors ā¤ļøšŸ§” & shapes šŸ”µšŸ”·

Really highly recommend šŸ‘†šŸ»it as 1st book šŸŽ¶šŸŽµšŸ“– to guide your young kids šŸ‘¶šŸ»šŸ§’šŸ»šŸ‘§šŸ»šŸ‘¦šŸ» to learn the 3 languages (English, Malay & Chinese). It has added with some relevant sounds šŸŽ¶šŸŽµ of an object/ an animal ~ A fun & creative ways to keep the kids‘ attentive & interested to continue learning šŸ“–

Do enjoy reading more of her earlier story with BabaBaa via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/09/01/children-book-review-baba-baa-press-and-learn-english-malay-chinese-words-soundbook/, šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/03/02/children-book-review-bawang-putih-bawang-merah-soundbook-from-baba-baa/, šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/12/08/children-book-review-english-rhymes-lullabies-sound-pad-book/ , šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/05/11/children-book-review-rasa-sayang-sing-and-record-fun-book/

Not just that also story telling is important to instill to kids since young

More of her little niece happy & enjoyable learning šŸ˜ƒ with it being captured & gathered in the IG stories highlight album šŸ“øšŸ“¹ named #MyBaBaBaa via šŸŒ https://www.instagram.com/simplestraightforward/

Latest sound book added for her little niece reading corner

Online shopping via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://www.bababaa.com/collections/all

Anti Blue Light Kids Glasses šŸ‘“

Age: 3 to 12 years old

This glasses šŸ‘“ aims to protecting the kidsā€™ šŸ‘¶šŸ»šŸ§’šŸ»šŸ‘§šŸ»šŸ‘¦šŸ» eyes šŸ‘€ from prolonged exposure to glare from digital screens e.g. television šŸ“ŗ , computer šŸ–„ , laptops šŸ’», tablets, mobile phones šŸ“± etc.

Her little niece loves to watch the kidsā€™ channels CBeebies, BabyBus etc. on digital devices šŸ“ŗšŸ“± every day

In fact, surely all of you are aware that the young kids nowsadays very technology savvy at their young age. However, blue šŸ’”šŸ’™ light from the devices šŸ“ŗšŸ–„šŸ’»šŸ“± are harmful to eyes ā˜ ļøšŸ‘€

Tiktok clip via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6859286869260209410

Personally, she highly recommends šŸ‘†šŸ» the 420 Blue Coat lenses šŸ‘“ ~ Itā€™s an anti-reflective blue coating, UV šŸ”† & High Energy Visible light (HEVL) protection up to 420 nm wavelength. Itā€™s clear lens šŸ‘“with the latest blue blocking lens properties without āŒ yellowish colour/tint 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Do enjoy reading more of her earlier story with SaferOptics via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/saferoptics-protecting-the-kids-eyes-2cba33c78bd1

More of her experiences being captured & gathered in the IG stories highlight album šŸ“øšŸ“¹ named #SaferOptics via šŸŒ https://www.instagram.com/simplestraightforward/

Online shopping via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://www.saferoptics.com/collections/saferoptics-kids-oval/products/kids-oval-cherry-blossom

Baby Care With Natural Ingredients

Age: 0 to 3 years old

There are 2 options from her user experiences

šŸ†• Baby Carrie range under Carrie Junior contains with natural actives ie. Organic Oat Milk šŸ„›, Milk of Almond & Wheat šŸŒ¾ Germ Oil which aims to nourishing babiesā€™ skin to be softer & healthier, also to protect babies šŸ‘¶šŸ» from cell damage

Tiktok clip via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6856318139186023681

Do enjoy reading more of her earlier story with Baby Carrie via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/08/11/new-baby-carrie-with-100-organic-natural-actives/

Latest Carrie BacBuster range with PH balanced confirmed for kids’ skin

Online shopping with Shopee Malaysia from its official store named ā€œwiprounzaā€ via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://shp.ee/jcaxuai

In addition, another Malaysian šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾ babycare brand ~ Chomel Baby is made using advanced plant based ingredients, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, anti bacterial & without harmful chemicals

Its products are natural, safe, effective & eco-friendly šŸ’š


Do enjoy reading more of her earlier story with Chomel Baby (Her little niece was 1 year old as user) via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2019/02/16/chomel-baby-care-malaysian-branding/

Online shopping via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://chomelbaby.com/


Age: No age limit šŸ˜

Always start young šŸ‘¶šŸ» to cultivate a reading šŸ“– habit

SiennyLovesDrawing has came across BookXcess both of its online & instagram worthy retails stores during its 13th anniversary promo deals & with worldwide šŸŒ shipping available

The pricing really attractive šŸ‘šŸ» comparatively for all brand new books šŸ“š Not just that fast delivery as she received her online order immediate next day šŸ˜ƒ

Do check out more of SiennyLovesDrawing’s book review sharing via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/category/book-review/

Online shopping via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://www.bookxcessonline.com/


Age: Above 3 years old

~ More than puzzles ~ It’s 3D AR animations for children with puzzle cards & an app to be downloaded to create sentence, story & then the stories created come to life in a 3D animation with an app downloaded

Do enjoy reading more of her Funnyzzle user story with her little niece via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/02/06/toy-review-funnyzzle-my-animal-story/

Online shopping via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://www.grinrise.com/

Hope these gifts šŸŽ recommended above would be helpful for most of you. SiennyLovesDrawing will continue to add on the gift ideas to this list from her subsequent user experiences ya šŸ˜ƒ Do check out more of her stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/

On a separate note, let’s join SiennyLovesDrawing to support šŸ™ŒšŸ» #ProjectSidekicks #TAPsidekicks by the communities named @theasianparent @theasianparent_my , she wishes all mothers šŸ‘©ā€šŸ‘¦šŸ‘©ā€šŸ‘§šŸ‘©ā€šŸ‘§ā€šŸ‘¦šŸ‘©ā€šŸ‘¦ā€šŸ‘¦šŸ‘©ā€šŸ‘§ā€šŸ‘§ to have a safe & healthy pregnancy šŸ’—šŸ¤°šŸ»

Read more via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/project-sidekicks-malaysia-fcdc473527b2 & šŸŒ http://www.project-sidekicks.com . You may view from her FB & IG stories in the highlight albums named #TAPsidekicks on her IG profiles named @siennylovesdrawing & @simplestraightforward of her continuous support for this meaningful initiative

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User Experience ~ Herlovito Damask Rose Hydrating Mist & Jojoba Hair Oil

Continue from SiennyLovesDrawingā€™s šŸ‘©šŸ» earlier blogging šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“ on #StayHome ideas,Ā this specificallyĀ relating toĀ self care & self love šŸ’—(Item 3)Ā viaĀ šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/not-boring-exciting-stayhome/

Yes āœ…, when stay at home šŸ” to pampering self & be pretty especially to own beautiful skin,Ā especially most of usĀ now not really frequently visit the beauty boutique/ saloon like before, soĀ skincare @ homeĀ is superb important ya.

This round, she is gonna sharing about her recent beauty skincare user experience of a local Malaysian šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾ clean beauty brand named Herlovito (~ Her Lovito~)

Herlovito is a natural & ethical skin care brand looking to revolutionize the skincare world without āŒ chemical ingredients

She has received 2 skincare products (Hydrating mist & hair oil)Ā  from Herlovito. Do check out her happy šŸ˜ƒ unboxing TikTok clip captured via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6963084421964762370

SiennyLovesDrawing is 1 of the brand ambassador with Herlovito since 31 Dec 2020, do read more of her 1st experience with this brand for its lipĀ šŸ‘„Ā balm & blemishĀ šŸ„°Ā serum via https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/01/12/user-experience-herlovito-original-lip-balm-tea-tree-blemish-serum/

Also do check out more of her user journey through her IG stories & highlight album named #Herlovito via https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18112401451169529/ , she will share special promos & discount codes from time to time ya


Herlovito Damask Rose Hydrating Mist

This mist is made with Rosa Damascena flower with its moisturising agent to trap & lock the water into the skin layer. Also contains Glycerol & Sodium Benzoate

It maintains a balance skin pH value & controlling excess oil production, cleansing & toning the skin

This mist is great for daily usage & suitable for all skin types to soothing & calming skin. It will hydrating, revitalising & moisturing skin. It’sĀ  particularly good for dry & sensitive skin as it soothes redness, irritation & skin inflammation

It smells good with its mild refreshing rose scent

How toā“ā‰ļø

Very easy to use this mist on her skin everyday

1st, cleanse the skin, close eyes & then spray on your skin whenever need to pampering & hydrating it. SiennyLovesDrawing suggests to gently tap with fingers for greater skin absorption after spraying


Frequent application are encouraged especially in cold air conditioning & dry environment. After application, she feels her skin awake & healthy looking. Yeahā€¼ļø

Personally she really loves apply it on her face daily to keep her skin healthy hydrate looking. It’s light for daily usage, yes, non greasy & heavy on skin after application


Also she enjoys this mist companion anytime & anywhere she is on the go or working from home

Do check out her how to apply this hydrating mist tutorial Tiktok clip via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6964765030839553281

Herlovito Jojoba Hair Oil

Every girl šŸ‘§šŸ»šŸ’šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøloves šŸ’— smooth beautiful hair as we make hair contact 1st before eyes contact, agreeā“ā‰ļø

Actually this hair oil with pure Jojoba oil as its main contain & a range of premium natural ingredients Ā with below hair benefits,

  • Jojoba oil ~ With Vitamins E & B to strengthen & repair dry hair. Also act as a protection against hair dryness, breakage & split ends, then leaving hair with a shiny finish
  • Lavender ~ Stimulating hair growth
  • Coconut oil ~ Soften hair, leave hair shinning & improve hair volume


  • Cedar wood & rosemary essential oils ~ Promote hair growth by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp
  • Rosemary ~ Strengthening fragile hair
  • Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (MCT) oil ~ Hydrating & nourising split ends
  • Vitamin E ~ Antioxidant properties
  • Anti-fungal & antibacterial properties ~ Great to treat dandruff & dry scalp

It’s suitable for all hair type & especially good in healing dry & damage hair

How toā“ā‰ļø

A simple haircare routine. Just shampoo & dry hair 1st, next apply the hair oil on the hair ends


Then, gently massage šŸ’†šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø the hair oil to the hair for greater šŸ‘šŸ» absorption. It leaves hair with refreshing herbal & woodsy smells after application

Do check out SiennyLovesDrawing’s how to apply tutorial Tiktok clip viaĀ https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6965116862082403586

Please note that not āŒ to apply this hair oil on scalpĀ ya

Note: Store these 2 items in cool & dry space, avoild diret sunlight & keep out of reach from kids

Let’s us all start to enjoy clean beauty by using Herlovito ~ WithoutĀ  āŒtoxic, āŒ cruelty & vegan skincare/ haircare for your healthier skin & hair ya

WebsitešŸŒ: https://www.herlovito.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/herlovito/

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User Experience ~ Cosmoderm Raya Galaxy Limited Edition Skincare Gift Box

Yeah!! Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim friends šŸ’šā˜ŖļøšŸŽ‰šŸŽŠ

Not to miss the beautiful šŸ˜ Cosmoderm Raya Galaxy Limited Edition Skincare Gift box šŸŽ

Ohh ya…Especially the beautiful šŸ˜ Cosmoderm Fantasy Raya Packets šŸ§§šŸ§§, each of the packet is meaningfully painted & so colourful for this Raya 2021


Continue from SiennyLovesDrawingā€™s šŸ‘©šŸ» earlier blogging šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“ on #StayHome ideas, this specifically relating to self care & self love (Item 3) via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/not-boring-exciting-stayhome/

Yes, when stay at home šŸ” to pampering self & be pretty especially to own beautiful skin šŸ„°, especially most of us now not really frequently visit the beauty boutique/ saloon like before, so skincare @ home is superb important ya.

This round, she continues to sharing about her favourite beauty skincare user experience with Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced (Steps 1ļøāƒ£, 2ļøāƒ£ & 4ļøāƒ£) in this beautiful Raya Galaxy Limited Edition Gift Box šŸŽ

This range is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It was newly launched @ 27 Jan 2021 via FB Live Stream

Do check out & read more of her user story shared earlier via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/02/09/user-experience-cosmoderm-perfect-balanced-range/


A 3-step of this Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced range with its main ingredients of Prebiotics & Calamine. This skincare range aims to,

  • Balancing the skin microbiome, hydrate & improve surface protection of the skin
  • Ensuring the skin barrier is kept intact & healthier
  • Reducing skin oiliness & soothing skin redness

Do check out her happy unboxing TikTok clip captured & her IG reel for more details via šŸ“¹šŸŒ https://www.instagram.com/reel/COWfVV-A65j ,

Prebiotics is food for the good bacteria for the micro skin ecosystem that helps to,

  • Stimulate skin’s natural defense
  • Improve skin radiance
  • keep skin’s microbiome balanced

Calamine is used for its soothing skin benefits to,

  • Ease skin irritation & itching
  • Reduce skin oiliness & redness
  • Soothing sunburns


Step 1 ~ Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Foaming Cleanser (120ml)

This cleanser aims to deep clean pores & purify skin

It soothing any skin redness with its main ingredients ~ Prebiotics & Calamine.

How toā“ā‰ļø

1st, to apply a small amount of cleaser onto damp skin. Next, gently massage into circular motion on skin. Lastly, to rinse clean thoroughly

Personally, SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys the skin freshness after cleasing with it & most importantly no skin tightness. Yeah!!


Step 2 ~ Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion (120ml)

A soothing treatment toning lotion formulated with 20,000ppm of Calamine & soothing skin redness for greater complexion

Also contains Prebiotics to increase skin’s absorption ability to provide skin moisturise after application. This lotion aims to restore skin’s natural glow

How toā“ā‰ļø

After facial cleansing from Step 1, must shake 1st to active the 20,000 ppm Calamine before using it

Then, pour the toner onto palm & gently pat onto face


She loves the comfy refreshing of application with it

Non sticky or wet, it’s fast absorb to skin

Hmm…Curious about Step 3 Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Soothing WOW Cream (50ml)?

Do check out & read more of her user story shared earlier on the full range of Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/02/09/user-experience-cosmoderm-perfect-balanced-range/


Ohh ya…Do click in to check out her IG album shared earlier to find out more ya ā˜ŗļø

Step 4 ~ Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Mineral Sun Milk (50ml)

This SPF25PA+ sunscreen aims to boost skin natural defense, then protect skin from UVA & UVB. It helps to relieve sunburn & skin dryness

How toā“ā‰ļø

Just apply evenly on face & neck with an adequate amount of it. Yes, only for day use ya
Not to worry, it’s fast absorption & non sticky on skin after applicationDo reapply if require during the hot sunny day


Why not get this limited edition gift box as a collection or a surprise Raya gift for your Muslims friends šŸŽā“ā‰ļø

How toā“ā‰ļø

Very simple easy, shopping online šŸ›’šŸ›ļø now to stock up your any range of Cosmoderm skincare with a minimum purchase of JUST RM20 in Cosmoderm official store @ Shopee via šŸŒšŸ›ļøšŸ›’ https://shp.ee/jcaxuai (Also available in Watson & Guardian), then 1 set of Cosmoderm Fantasy Raya Packet will be yoursā€¼ļø Yeahā€¼ļøšŸ˜ƒ
Ā .
Do check out her IG reel profile via šŸ“¹šŸŒ https://www.instagram.com/simplestraightforward/ to find out more ya šŸ˜ƒHer user experience with Steps 1, 2 & 4 TikTok clip captured via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6957507308561632514

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User Experience ~ Jumiso ģ£¼ėÆøģ†Œ, Make You Smile Skincare

Yeahā€¼ļøĀ Continue from SiennyLovesDrawingā€™sĀ šŸ‘©šŸ»Ā earlier bloggingĀ šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“onĀ #StayHome ideas, this specifically relating toĀ self care & self love šŸ’—(ItemĀ 3ļøāƒ£) viaĀ šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/not-boring-exciting-stayhome/

YesĀ āœ…, stay at homeĀ šŸ”Ā to pampering self & be prettyĀ šŸ„°Ā especiallyĀ to own beautiful skinĀ šŸ‘©šŸ»,Ā especially most of usĀ šŸ‘­šŸ‘«šŸ‘¬Ā now not really frequently visit the beauty boutique/ saloon like before, soĀ skincareĀ @ home sweet homeĀ šŸ”Ā is superb important yaĀ šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ˜‰

She šŸ‘©šŸ» is gonna sharing šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“ about her recent Kbeauty šŸ‡°šŸ‡· skincare user experience of Jumiso ģ£¼ėÆøģ†Œ, a Korean šŸ‡°šŸ‡· beauty brand that wants to ā€œMake you smilesā€

Its name “Jumiso” literally means with Ju (ģ£¼) ~ To give & miso (ėÆøģ†Œ) ~ SmilešŸ‘šŸ»šŸ’—


Jumiso is well-known for their Vitamin serum that contains more than 5 types of vitamins to help with brightening acne scars & nourishing skin.

YesĀ āœ…, sheĀ šŸ‘©šŸ»Ā has got a chanceĀ to try & use 2 products from Jumiso (Including the well known serum as shared above) & gonna sharing her user experiences here šŸ˜ƒ

Do check out her happy unboxing šŸ˜ƒšŸ“¦ TikTok clip šŸ“¹šŸŽ„ captured for sharing via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6951772452221406466

Let’s experience fresh vitamins everyday on skin

Jumiso All day Vitamin Nourishing & Recharging Wash-Off Mask (100 ml)

This wash-off mask aims as a protective layer of vitamin built to protect the skin from external irritations with its multivitamin complex & lemon peel.

Due to its ingredient nature, its contains yellowish brown original lemon peel of its texture.

It recharges dull skin with a boost of vitamins & nutrients

How to useā“ā‰ļø

After facial cleasing, to apply the mask onto skin (Note: To avoid eyes & lip area). Then, gently massage the mask on skin. It’s recommended to reducing any skin irritation/ sensation by using the water/ toner to mix well & then massage this mask on skin. Lastly, to rinse clean after approximately 15mins with lukewarm water


It’s normal if you are experiencing a slight stinging sensation while applying this wash-off mask on skin as the lemon peel works as a smooth skin exfoliator.

Note: This mask is not suitable to use right after facial scrub

Do check out her happy user when apply this wash-off mask TikTok clip šŸ“¹šŸŽ„ captured for sharing via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6952113600651627777

Ohh ya…She loves to store her washing mask in a refrigerator before use, it’s cold refreshing while application on her skin

More details & online shopping šŸ›’šŸ› via šŸŒ https://www.stylekorean.com/shop/jumiso-all-day-vitamin-nourishing-recharging-wash-off-mask-100-ml/1590998015/

Jumiso All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Facial Serum (30ml)

This vitamin serum aims to keeping bright skin tone, then having healthy & balanced skin complexion. It’s a non-water-based & high-concentration serum for skin brightening. It contains various vitamin complexes eg. Vitamins A, B, D, E & K as well as Vitamin C that nourishing skin & enhancing for skin brightening, soothing & elasticity care

How to useā“ā‰ļø

After facial cleasing & skin toner or wash-off mask (Refer above), do apply an appropriate amount evenly on the skin. Suggest to gently tab on face to enhance skin absorption šŸ˜€

SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys its light touch, soft & gentle on skin & non greasy oily. It’s vegan friendly & suitable for daily usage either day or night beauty routine. She is applying this serum before her beauty sleep daily. Then, she wake up with a healthy looking skin the next morning


She loves her fast absorb to skin & light comfy feeling after application

Do check out her happy user when apply this vitamin serum TikTok clip šŸ“¹šŸŽ„ captured for sharing via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6952537854937419010

More details & online shopping šŸ›’šŸ› via šŸŒ https://www.stylekorean.com/shop/jumiso-all-day-vitamin-brightening-balancing-facial-serum-30ml/1549946106/

Hmm…Personally she šŸ‘©šŸ» loves šŸ’— how these 2 skincare items with its skincare benefits to her beauty routine, how about youā“ā‰ļø

Let’s check out the above Kbeauty itemsĀ  from Jumiso forĀ  your skincare routine ya šŸ’—šŸ„°

Website šŸŒ: https://bit.ly/3rzbzio

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User Experience ~ ProCare NutriGrow Hair Care

Yeahā€¼ļø Continue from SiennyLovesDrawingā€™s šŸ‘©šŸ» earlier blogging šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“ on #StayHome ideas, this specifically relating to self care & self love šŸ’—(Item 3ļøāƒ£) via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/not-boring-exciting-stayhome/

Yes āœ…, stay at home šŸ” to pampering self & be pretty šŸ„° especially to own beautiful hair šŸ‘©šŸ», especially most of us šŸ‘­šŸ‘«šŸ‘¬ now can’t really visit our regular hair dresser & favourite saloon šŸ’‡šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøšŸ’‡šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø, so hair care šŸ§“šŸ§–šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøšŸ’‡šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø @ home sweet home šŸ” is superb important ya šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ˜‰

~ We make HAIR šŸ‘©šŸ» contact 1ļøāƒ£st before we make eye šŸ‘ contact ~

She šŸ‘©šŸ» is gonna sharing about her recent user experience of ProCare NutriGrow Hair Care range ~ Clinically-proven triple action system

Guess whatā“ā‰ļø

Just because she got attracted this FB posting & then translated her to be a user of this hair care range after CNY. Lol…Ha…Ha…More of her user experience IG stories & highlight album šŸ“øšŸ“¹šŸŽ„ named #ProCare via šŸŒhttps://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE4MjA0NzI5ODI2MDcwMDIx

Yes, āœ… she has tried for the hair shampoo šŸ§“šŸ§–šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø (Normal hair), hair conditioner & hair serum for almost a month plus now. Hmm…She is now enjoying her healthy growing hair after her daily hair care šŸ§“šŸ§–šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøšŸ’‡šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø routine, at least reducing in her hair falls & dandruff concern

Yes āœ…, this range is infused with vitamins, peptides & trace minerals for your hair care routines. Yeahā€¼ļøšŸ˜ƒ She wishes this hair care range to reducing her hair dandruff & the gap of her hair parting

Do check out her happy unboxing TikTok clip via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6938541334957427970 when receiving her order placed for this ProCare NutriGrow Hair Care range

ProCare NutriGrow Shampoo for Normal Hair (300ml)

This shampoošŸ§“with all-natural formula & aims to help rejuvenating dull-looking hair & producing unprecedented protection against hair loss, promoting faster hair growth & thickening thin & fragile hair šŸ’—šŸ‘šŸ»

More product details via https://www.mims.com/malaysia/drug/info/pro-care%20nutrigrow%20anti%20hair%20loss%20and%20healthier%20hair%20shampoo%20for%20normal%20hair?type=full

Personally she šŸ‘©šŸ» loves this shampoošŸ§“as it’s easy to use & it lathers easily. Definitely an efficient & comfy hair wash šŸ§–šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøto enjoy

It’s formulated for frequent use, however she suggests to use it once every 2 days if you’re with dry hair type just like herself

Just need a little amount ā˜ŗļø to massaging the shampoo into the wet hair & scalp with fingertips. Then, leave the shampoo on the scalp for approximately 1 to 2 mins & rinse thoroughly with warm water

There is no unpleasant chemical smell while using this shampoo, instead it smells great!!

After few weeks of hair washes, she šŸ‘©šŸ» has noted that her hair falls concern has slightly reduced ā¬‡ļø Yeahā€¼ļø

ProCare NutriGrow Conditioner with Phytokeratin (300ml)

Do you all using hair conditioner after every hair washā“ā‰ļø

SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» actually owns this hair care habit. She uses hair conditioner immediately after each hair shampooing šŸ§–šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø to enhancing ā¬†ļø her hair moisture, reducing hair loss & thickening hair by fortifying & nourishing the hair system šŸ˜€

More product details via https://www.mims.com/malaysia/drug/info/pro-care%20nutrigrow%20anti%20hair%20loss%20and%20healthier%20hair%20conditioner%20with%20phytokeratin

After her hair shampooing šŸ§–šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø , she does dry off the excessive wateršŸ’§šŸ’¦ from hair & then apply this conditioner on hair & scalps

She šŸ‘©šŸ» suggests to massage evenly on hair & scalp, then leave for 10-15mins before rinsing šŸšæ thoroughly with warm water. Dry the hair for a soft touch ā˜ŗļøšŸ˜‰

ProCare NutriGrow Serums (3 x 60ml)

This high efficacy serum treatment – Serum aims to promoting healthier hair growth with anti-hair loss properties

Serum 1 (1st Phase) ~ 6-week Intensive Care Cure for hair loss prevention. Apply serum on & around area where hair loss is observed either once or twice a day

Serum 2 (2nd Phase) ~ 12-week Supportive Care Cure for new hair growth stimulation ie. thicken thin hair

Using it regularly once or twice a day for 3 months to observe increase of new & healthy hair strands & overall hair volume

Serum 3 (3rd Phase) ~ Regular & Protective Care Cure for maintaining ie. preventing hair loss, protecting hair follicles & nourishing hair cells

More product details via https://www.mims.com/malaysia/drug/info/pro-care%20nutrigrow%20anti%20hair%20loss%20and%20healthier%20hair%20serum

Do spray the serum once or twice a day (Once in the morning & once in the evening) & dampen the area of application where hair loss has occurred such as on the top of the head or forehead or where the hair is thinning or recedingthen gently massaging the serum with fingertips into the desired area for approximately 1 to 2 mins for greater absorption into the scalp & no need to rinse your hair after the serum application

Hmm…She šŸ‘©šŸ» doesn’t āŒ enjoy blow drying her hair, more to a natural hair dry

After each usage, always keep the bottle lid closed & store them away from any direct sunlight. Do keep away from being reach by the children & in case of contacted the hair care with eyes while using them, do rinse thoroughly with water

Only wash hair after at least 6 hours of each serum application

SiennyLovesDrawing has observed significant reduce of her hair loss after each shower from her user journey of almost 2 months now with this whole range of hair care

Why not this product šŸ§“šŸ§“range of ProCare NutriGrow for your hair care šŸ§–šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøšŸ’‡šŸ»ā€ā™€ļøā“ā‰ļø

Do check out her happy šŸ˜ƒ user journey with this range via TikTok clip šŸ“¹ captured via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6947477729352617218?sender_device=mobile&sender_web_id=6916659112819262977&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0

She šŸ‘©šŸ» as Shopee Ambassador šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’¼ is gonna suggesting you to online shopping via Shopee šŸ§”šŸ“²šŸ›’šŸ› official shop named egreenbeans

ShopeešŸ§”šŸ“²šŸ›’šŸ›: https://shp.ee/jcaxuai
WebsitešŸŒ: https://www.pro-care.com.my/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ProCareMY

More of SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» ‘s stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/

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A good vacuum really sucks ~ Corvan Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

User Experience ~ Corvan Cordless Vacuum Cleaner K9

Happy World Health Day, 7 Apr ~ Let’s all continue to living healthily in conjuction with this global healthĀ awareness day

Hmm…Whenever nearer to festive seasons, SiennyLovesdrawing’s mama šŸ§“šŸ» would set an expectation on her with designated home areas to be cleansed. Ohh no…Cry…Cry…Lol šŸ˜­šŸ˜‚

No complains of course šŸ˜ Just that she needs a helping hands…Not a maid


She needs a šŸ‘šŸ» reliable vacuum cleaner, then more frequent of vacuuming home living spaces for a healthy life


If you are following her stories, you sure note her 2021 wish list

~ Corvan Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Model no. K9) ~

Corvan AsiaĀ was formed in 2014 to focus on home appliances ~ Designed in USA šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø & assembled in China šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³ ~


She is gonna sharing šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“ her user experience withĀ K9 ~ A cordless stick handheld vacuum (With metal extension rod attached). More of her K9 user IG stories & highlight album šŸ“¹šŸ“ø named #Corvan via šŸŒ https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18142757830184698/

K9 is very well packed for delivery šŸšššŸ“¦ ie. Doubled boxed & the bubble wrapped as captured inĀ her happy unboxing K9 TikTok clip

Note: K9 is advisable to have guardians/ parents to accompany for usage with children below 8 years old. Do keep properly after each usage of K9Ā ā¤ļøĀ 

Hmm…What‘s in the boxā“ā‰ļø

  • 1 unit main body of K9
  • 1 unit LED lit anti-tangle motorised floor brush
  • 1 unit motorised bed tool
  • 1 unit dusting brush
  • 1 unit 2-in-1 crevice tool/ brush
  • 1 unit metal extension rod – 61 cm
  • 1 unit wall hanging bracket with screws & tools
  • 1 unit charger šŸ”Œ
  • 1 unit online warranty registration reminder card
  • 1 unit user manual šŸ“’


When/ how she got to know about Corvanā“ā‰ļø

It’s started from her reading of Corvan’s IG post šŸ“Œ relating to indoor air is 2-5x times more polluted than outdoor air šŸ˜±šŸ¤”

She then realised that she needs a Corvan Personal Air Purifier while working from home šŸ” for fresher & cleaner indoor air

Online shopping via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://shp.ee/jcaxuai (Refer Corvan official shop)

Do check out her TikTok clip on how she work from home now with her personal air purifier AP02 (Black šŸ–¤) – Moderate mode throughout the a whole day via https://www.tiktok.com/@siennylovesdraw/video/6936700854401535233

AP02 has a 3-stage purification & deodorization system with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration

With its auto mode to react to the air quality within the space, then increasing its fan speed while its sensor detects more pollutants in the air

It aims to reducing ā¬‡ļø pollutants, allergens bacteria & odd smell in the air

She then attended the Corvan Shopee Live šŸ“¹ @ 31 Jan about K9 & understand more of its user benefits

1 of the main factor that got her attracted to own K9 isĀ its accessories ie. 4 cleaning tools


How to useā“ā‰ļø

Not to worry if you’re not really a machine person like SiennyLovesDrawing, K9 is really easy šŸ‘šŸ» to assemble for usage

Just to ensure & align each tool/ extension rod is properly inserted to the main body K9 until each clicked & locked šŸ”’ before ON the K9 for usage. Her 1st user assemble with each of the cleaning brushes to K9 as captured in below TikTok clip šŸ“¹

When charging šŸ”‹ K9, do connect the charger šŸ”Œ to the wall power socket 1st, then to K9 before switch on for charging

Do fully charged it for 1st usage & use K9 until flat before its next charging. Each charging of approximately 4 hours from flat to šŸ’Æ% full. It will automatically cut off charging once šŸ’Æ% charged šŸ”‹

There is a built-in indicator light on K9 main body to inform its battery level ie.

  • RED ā¤ļø flashing ~ Low
  • YELLOW šŸ’› flashing ~ Mid level
  • GREEN šŸ’š flashing ~ Almost full
  • GREEN šŸ’š constant ~ Full šŸ’Æ%


It’s with child-safe power switch & 1-press operation to start K9. Just hold the power button for 2 seconds & then release

Can choose either standard suction or turbo suction for usage

1st impression ~ Simple, easy & worth it with 4 cleaning tools in 1 vacuum cleaner

  1. LED lit anti-tangle motorised floor brush ~ For short/ medium pile carpets or flat hard floors cleaning with a metal extension rod to connect to the main body ~ Truly anti-tangle & no hair stucks, no need broom. Yeah!!
  2. Motorised bed tool ~ For mattress/ bed/ fabrics to remove dust & clean dust mite, even for sofa, soft toys, curtains, car seat etc. Note: For high pile carpets, do use it without the brush
  3. 2-in-1 crevice tool ~ For narrow spaces of sofa seats, small soft toys šŸ§ø , the car interiors, narrow spaces eg. sliding window/ door rails, keyboard āŒØļø etc.
  4. Swivel soft dusting brush ~ Can be rotated for 360Ā° šŸ”„ for wall & ceiling ~ Absolutely helpful from her user experience especially she is cleaning the ceiling fan ~ Bestā€¼ļøšŸ‘šŸ»

Yes āœ…, it aims to vacuum many different areas with K9


She chosen for cordless because she can’t imaging herself to plug & unplug K9 when she is vacuuming from 1 room to another, absolutely inconvenient with wires attached, don’t you agreeā“ā‰ļø

With her little niece šŸ‘¶šŸ» at home šŸ” & loves to jump over any cords, it may damage the cord & result in electrical hazards or kids falling down,Ā  so K9, a cordless vacuum cleanerĀ eliminates these young kid safety concerns


She is highly recommending šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘†šŸ» K9 from using each of the cleaning tools & many more

1. LED lit motorised floor brush

K9 with an ergonomic design & comfortable to hold. Do fix this cleaning tool on the metal extension rod 1st to extend the reach by an additional 61cm to vacuum clean effortlessly with a comfortable posture. No āŒ back-stress & aching muscle after šŸ˜

This anti-tangle floor brush helps to vacuuming the long strands straight into the dirt bin, no more busy dealing with the aftermath of entangled hair strands. Though clearly see a lot of long hair strands in the dust bin, but none were being tangled @ the brush mouth, bravoā€¼ļøšŸ‘šŸ»


The brightness of its white āšŖļø LED headlight on the floor brush really helpful especially illuminating hard-to-see dirts while vacuuming in the dark areas eg. Under/ behind the table/ sofa/ bed/ wardrobe/ cabinet/ corners

Brilliantā€¼ļøšŸ‘šŸ» It’s with self protection function ie. Power will automatically cuts off when there is a block detected (eg. Trapped hair) in the brush/ unable to turn freely. It alerts with a flashing yellow šŸ’› light on the floor brush if the main suction/ brush inlet is stucked/ being blocked ā›”ļø

Her happy user experience with motorised floor brush attached K9 via TikTok clip captured šŸ“¹

Note: It’s best to either hang K9 on the wall bracket, or lay it horizontally flat on the floor / bench / other flat surfaces when K9 is not in use

2. Motorised bed tool

How often you clean your mattress ie. not just the bed sheets laundryā“ā‰ļø

Even her sis in law cleaning her mattress more often as with young kid, her little niece, the vacuuming with this bed tool on the K9 really satisfying

Just that some tangled threads noted after vacuuming, as compared to the floor brush mentioned above


Still a happy user experience with motorised bed tool attached K9 via TikTok clip captured šŸ“¹

You will be amazed!! Just like SiennyLovesDrawing, she washed her bed sheets every 2 weeks & clean wiping her mattress

She didn’t realised still there is dust & dust mites @@ after she vacuuming with this tool on her bed šŸ› (With bed sheet on), pillow, soft toy & blanket. Ohh my…The suction of K9 really impressive greatā€¼ļøšŸ‘šŸ»

Her happy user experience with motorised bed tool attached K9 via TikTok clip captured šŸ“¹

3. 2-in-1 crevice tool

While working from home & used to work long hours with pc, laptop, keyboard & mouse, it’s important to vacuum clean them at least once a week

Her happy šŸ˜ƒ user experience cleaning keyboard & mouse with this crevice tool attached K9 via TikTok clip šŸ“¹ captured

She loves how this tool handy easy to clean the small tight spaces on sofa šŸ›‹ seats, small toys šŸ§ø , underneath sofa seats etc.

Her happy šŸ˜ƒ user experience with this crevice tool attached K9 via TikTok clip šŸ“¹ captured

4. Swivel soft dusting brush

Yeahā€¼ļø She no longer āŒ need the metal stairs anymore when cleaning the ceiling fans. Just add on the metal extension rod to the main body to reach greater while vacuuming

The 360 movement šŸ”„ of this brush really helpful to clean each wings of the fan, you may wear your blue light protection glasses šŸ¤“šŸ‘“ to protect your eyes from the dirt dropping then


No more up ā¬†ļø & down ā¬‡ļø the metal ladder to clean her wipe clothes from her ceiling fans cleaning. Hurrayā€¼ļøšŸ‘šŸ»

Her happy user experience with this soft dusting brush attached K9 via TikTok clip šŸ“¹ captured, hmm…Slightly challenging as the fan wings keep moving while vacuuming. Lol…šŸ˜…šŸ˜‚

Ohh yeah!! She found a tip on how to limit the movement of the ceiling fan wings while vacuuming

Do check out her Tiktok clip captured, hmm…Slightly tiring for both hands multitasking at the same time šŸ˜€

In summary, SiennyLovesDrawing really a happy satisfied female user šŸ˜ƒšŸ‘©šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ» of K9Ā with all the features fulfiled her need of owning a cordless vacuum cleaner ie. Affordable price, cordless, suction power (She uses standard mode almost all time), attached cleaning tools, 3-stage HEPA filter system, warranty provided as shared here šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»šŸ“

  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Design: 4.5/5
  • Accessories included: 4.5/5
  • Suction power: 4.5/5 (Fine dusts vacuumed as shown in Tiktok clips above, amazing!!)


  • Weight: 3.5/5
  • Noise level: 3.5/5
  • Battery duration & charging time: 3.5/5
  • Warranty provided: 5/5


Hmm…K9 really sucks asĀ a good vacuum ~ TrulyĀ amazing powerful suction šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»

Still some of her user wishes for a greater version of K9

Personally she wishes K9 is with a smart technology ie. Able to connect to her Mi watch āŒšļø or phone app šŸ“² to monitor the K9‘s usage/ performance & generate relevant statistics šŸ“ŠšŸ“ˆ eg. How many calories has burnt from vacuum cleaning etc. Then sure lots of female users šŸ‘­šŸ‘­ will be more diligent in vacuuming with aims to burn calories & as slimming routines šŸ˜

Also K9 can be enhanced with a greater noiseless technology ā¬‡ļøšŸ”‰ It’s still consider noisy to her personally though @ 65dB, K9 is 1 of the quietest among cordless stick vacuums of similar performance. It’s acceptable šŸ‘ŒšŸ» with its powerful suction šŸ‘šŸ», you may note from each of her user TikTok clips captured, the fine dust vacuumed with each of the tools


She wishes K9 is more lightweight for easy manoeuvring for the elderly/ female users šŸ‘“šŸ»šŸ§“šŸ»šŸ‘­šŸ‘­ She felt the weight on her hands of approximately main body of 1.4kg while cleaning the ceiling fans. It’s tired & sore on arms/ hands especially after vacuuming ceiling fans šŸ˜Œ However, she remains a happy user with the convenience of K9 with its powerful suction in her home cleaning now šŸ˜


K9 can be enhanced with longer lasting battery. Currently, a šŸ’Æ% charged battery šŸ”‹ only for max 40mins vacumming with standard suction mode


She wishes K9Ā  can be enhanced with a smart wall charger šŸ”Œ cum bracket in the future, ie. Auto charging the K9 when hang it to the wall bracket ~ 2 in 1 charger & storage for K9

Lastly, she really hope K9 can be used to suck up liquid eg. Coffee/ milk spilled on the floorĀ ~ Maybe a future model by Corvan for both dry & wet/ liquid vacuuming


Where to purchaseā“ā‰ļø

As a Shopee ambassador šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’¼, she highly recommend to purchase it from Shopee in Corvan official shop. To get a further RM30 off, just key in promo code CORVSNY30 under “Shop Voucher Code” via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://shp.ee/jcaxuai

Do remember to register your warranty online within 14 days of purchase via šŸŒ https://www.corvan.com.my/warranty

Each unit is with a 5 years vacuum motor warranty, 1 year for vacuum body warranty & 1 year lithium-ion battery warranty šŸ‘šŸ»


The battery šŸ”‹ is replaceable if exhausted from usage. SiennyLovesDrawing encourages all to remove the battery from its main body if not gonna use it for a long period. She always practising this safe keeping tips for most of her home appliances šŸ‘šŸ»

So, you may ask how to clean the vacuum cleaner after each usageā“ā‰ļø

Generally after throw out the dust & dirt captured from the dust bin, SiennyLovesDrawing will use an old paint brush/ used tooth brush to clean the dirt/ dust stuck inside the HEPA filter, then wipe clean with disinfectant wipes. The HEPA filter is also washable, just make sure it’s completely dry before putting back into the dustbin

She cleans the whole filter & dust bin right after each vacuum as you note from each of her TikTok clips shared above. This is to ensure its quality & powerful suction, do check out her wipe cleaning TikTok clip captured

Why not consider to elevating your home cleaning routines by owning a unit of K9ā“ā‰ļøĀ Absolutely worth it!!Ā 

Do click in to enjoy SiennyLovesDrawing’s IG album šŸ“¹šŸ“ø with a summary of her whole happy user experience of owningĀ  K9 ya šŸ˜ƒ

Yeah!! K9 is now an official primary cleaner in SiennyLovesDrawing’s home sweet home

Why not grab yourĀ K9 now via šŸ›’šŸŒ https://shp.ee/jcaxuai in Corvan official shopā“ā‰ļø

WebsitešŸŒ: https://www.corvan.com.my/products/corvan-cordless-anti-tangle-vacuum-cleaner
FB: https://www.facebook.com/CorvanAsia

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User Experience ~ Elexia Naturals Wonder Balm & Oleeva Milk Wash

Note: Next blog update will be @ 6 Apr 2021 šŸ˜Š

Yeahā€¼ļø SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» is gonna sharing about her safe & natural skincare user experience with Elexia Naturals. It’s a home grown Malaysian šŸ‡²šŸ‡¾ wellness brand that commit to delivering skincare without āŒ harmful chemicals, parabens, artificial colouring or fragrance & ā¬‡ļø carcinogenic risk exposure

~ Repair, Calm, Soothing, Relieve & Moisturise ~

Elexia’s inspiration started & was created for a baby šŸ‘¶šŸ» named Ammar, its philosophy aims about going back to basics, to real skin & authenticity ā˜ŗļø

As a go green & environmental friendly šŸ’š supporter, she appreciates how Elexia has produced its skincare/ wellness items šŸ‘šŸ»

She 1st got to know about Elexia Naturals from her participation of an IG giveaway šŸŽ However, she was not the winner of its gift set though…So sad…šŸ˜­

Then, she got invited (Special thanks šŸ™šŸ» to Mr Mohammed šŸ‘ØšŸ½ā€šŸ’¼for the trust) to try & review 2 products ~ Wonder Balm & Oleeva Milk Wash. Of course yes as she always support local & proud to share her user experience then

Do check out her happy unboxing clip šŸ“¹ captured for sharing as below & more of her user experience with these products via IG stories & highlight album named #ElexiaNaturals on her profile via šŸŒ https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17867656496250594/

Both nicely fit into a small drawstring pouch, perfectly add into her travel light must have, do read more via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/12/15/travel-light-lover-with-a-gaston-luga-backpack/

Personally, she has added these 2 items as her night skincare routine šŸ„° & has been using them for almost 2 month now

Oleeva Milk Wash ~ Lavender (50 ml)

It’s a natural face & body cleanser produced with šŸ’Æ% extra virgin olive oils, goat milk šŸšŸ„› essence & essential oils (Lavender or Peppermint)

SiennyLovesDrawing has opted for Lavender šŸŒæšŸ’œ as she needs a calming relax sense for her daily night skincare routine before her beauty sleep šŸ˜“šŸ’¤ at night

For morning šŸ”… usage, suggest to opt for peppermint šŸŒæ sense to stimulate your senses & perk you up in the morning

It’s suitable from top to toe & for all skin types. Yes, suitable as hair shampoo šŸ§–šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø For travel light traveller, just a bottle & it serves as shampoo, body wash & facial cleanser during your travel journey, convenient easyā€¼ļøšŸ‘šŸ»

Can be used as skin moisturiser & makeup remover

Its main ingredients ~ Goat milk šŸšŸ„› with lots of wellness benefits,

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids as natural exfoliant & helps remove dead skin cells & renew skin
  • Lactic Acids helps remove dead skin cells, hydrate & brighten skin for daily routine
  • Vitamin A&E helps repair damaged skin tissue
  • Vitamin B6 & B12 helps with acne, wrinkles & skin dryness
  • Vitamin C helps to reverse DNA damage & neutralizes free radicals
  • Vitamin D helps with wound healing & maintain a healthy skin barrier
  • Calcium protects from skin dryness & fine wrinkling
  • Selenium helps sun protection
  • Butterfat helps to hydrate & moisturise skin

Rosehip oil helps reducing fine lines, scars & regenerates cell

This milk wash removes impurities & promotes a more supple, soft & smooth skin after usage. It stimulates, moisturises & protects skin from squeaky clean, then considerably reduces & relaxes expression lines/ wrinkles

Do use it regularly to strengthen skin & restore natural balance of skin

How to useā“ā‰ļø

1st usage, she šŸ‘©šŸ» loves how her palm šŸ¤²šŸ» feels the rich & creamy texture šŸ‘šŸ» of this milk wash. Also it leaves her skin clean & soft moisture, without any feeling of dry tight skin after each facial wash

  • Wet face/neck/skin areas to be cleaned
  • Apply approximately 1ml of this milk wash on palm
  • Lather on palm & massage šŸ’†šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø on face/neck/skin areas to be cleaned
  • Leave the face/neck/skin areas to be cleaned for 3 mins after massage
  • Some flecks of this milk wash may come off
  • Rinse clean with water šŸšæ

NotešŸ“Œ: Suggest to use together with Wonder Balm to gain greater result. That’s why SiennyLovesDrawing is using this wash with the wonder balm as her night skincare routines

Elexia Naturals Wonder Balm (15ml)

The best šŸ‘šŸ» selling product of Elexia Naturals. If you check out its IG page/ website šŸŒ, you will note lots of good user testimonials gathered especially how effective this balm has helped with non-atopic eczema, scars refiner, skin dryness, bed bug bites, crack heels, skin hydration etc.

There are some users actually called it as family balm since it helps to keep all family members safe from any skin discomfort. It’s now with new packaging look

SiennyLovesDrawing applies 1st on her hand dry sensitive areas with this balm eg. inner arms & elbow, progressively it improves her skin at these areas. Yeahā€¼ļø

Let’s the product speaks for itselfā€¼ļø This balm was 1st called as Ammar balm, a baby boy šŸ‘¶šŸ» who uses this balm since newborn

It’s a multi-tasking balm aims for an intense moisturising & soothing with essential oils ~ Lavender šŸŒæšŸ’œ & Geranium Egyptian Rose šŸŒ¹, also made with Argan oil, extra virgin Olive oil, Jojoba oil, tea tree Oil, St Johns Wort, Bergamot

It’s suitable for all ages from baby till senior citizen, as well as all skin types

Personally she loves the clear expiry date on its packaging for users

She has read that once uses for 2 months, females don’t need to use foundation/ wear a makeup. Yeahā€¼ļø Beauty at its simple best šŸ„°

Yes, she loves to have big smiles šŸ˜ & started to note some finelines on her forehead. So she started with this wonder balm as night skincare with hope to refine her finelines on forehead. It’s not obvious improvement now

However, the dry sensitive skin on her inner arms got improved significantly as shown below,

Hmm…Progressively after 2 months of usage, she notes some skin improvements on her forehead, the lines slightly not so visible. She really hope for šŸ’Æ% finelines removal as she continuous with it šŸ¤žšŸ»šŸ˜ƒ She can then continue to smile big šŸ˜ with no worries

How to useā“ā‰ļø

Hmm…Everyone of each has different reaction towards essential oils, SiennyLovesDrawing would like to recommend each to start with a patch test 1st before using on a big scale on skin

She has applied small amounts on her forehead every night on her skin after she cleansed her skin with Oleeva Milk Wash. After application, do slowly massage šŸ’†šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø for greater skin absorption

Not to worry as this balm is not oily greasy after application on skin ya

NotešŸ“Œ: Suggest to use together with Oleeva Milk Wash to gain greater result. That’s the reason why she is using both as her night skincare routine

Let’s check out the Elexia Naturals‘s founder story

~ What goes onto your skin, goes into your skin ~ Why not Elexia Naturals without harmful chemicalsā“ā‰ļø


Good news! You can now enjoying a natural lifestyle by using Elexia Naturals with 3 instalment payments over a 3 month period & at no extra cost. Just at check-out of your cart, choose Pace as your payment option, register yourself & you will be enjoying this facility as a happy user with Elexia Naturals

WebsitešŸŒ: https://elexianaturals.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/elexia.naturalss/

More of SiennyLovesDrawing’ s stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/

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User Experience ~ #JustTapAndGo (T-A-Gā„¢) Effective Digitalisation & Contactless Transformation

SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» as a go green & environmental friendly supporter šŸ’šā™»ļøšŸ’ŖšŸ» has not printed her business cards āŒšŸ”–šŸ”– for a long long time, at least more than 5 years & above. Though she may miss out lots of opportunities by not having her business cards to exchange during the media/ social events, as well as fam trips

šŸ’— ~ Live with Passion ~ šŸ’•

She believes in good efforts & referrals, then remains her decision by not own any printed business cards. Instead, she listed all her social media platforms (With clients recognitions & testimonials) on her blogĀ via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/digital-content-links/

Recently, she got to know about T-A-Gā„¢ & an official user now to share her user story of owing this digital business card šŸ”˜šŸ“²


What is T-A-Gā„¢ā“ā‰ļø

It’s a revolution digital business card šŸ”˜šŸ“² founded in Dec 2020 which allow all to instantly get connected on social media, contact info, wifi access etc. with just Tap And Go (T-A-Gā„¢) ~ Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, read more via šŸŒ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-field_communication

T-A-Gā„¢Ā  is fully secure & does not store any social profile passwords, using only publicly available links/ IDs/ usernames to function & equipped with a built-in ON/OFF toggle switch šŸ”˜ (SiennyLovesDrawing called it as T-A-Gā„¢ button, it does look like a button to her) to prevent any unwanted tap & protect your privacy šŸ‘šŸ»


SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» has chosen for T-A-Gā„¢ ~ Prism / Hologram design for the waterproof toggle button/ switch/ sticker šŸ”˜, there are many more beautiful & colourful designs šŸ˜šŸ’•

T-A-Gā„¢ can be placed anywhere you want eg. smartphone, laptop, car, working desk, restaurant table, pet etc. (Except for metal coatings). SiennyLovesDrawing put her T-A-Gā„¢ šŸ”˜ on her 2nd phone šŸ“± & Mi-watch āŒšļøthat she always wear on her waist.

T-A-Gā„¢ doesn’t communicate to the phone it is on, it communicates to the phone it is sharing info to šŸ˜ƒ

Do check out her happy unboxing of her Prism / Hologram T-A-Gā„¢ TikTok clip captured šŸŽšŸ“¹

How to set up T-A-Gā„¢ profileā“ā‰ļø

Once you have purchase the T-A-Gā„¢ via šŸ›’šŸŒ http://www.t-a-g.my/?ref=SiennyYong , the set up is easy by 1st download its app šŸ”˜šŸ“²

The T-A-Gā„¢ packaging is with a QR code & link to the app download page. Also a FAQ/ help page to assist any user concern, if any


Absolutely thoughtful packaging design to guide all its new T-A-Gā„¢ users, šŸ’Æ%Ā user friendly

Do check out how she has set up her T-A-Gā„¢ profile & activate her T-A-Gā„¢ button for the 1st time via Tiktok clip šŸ”˜šŸ“²šŸ“¹ captured. More via šŸŒ https://www.t-a-g.my/pages/videos

She can update her T-A-Gā„¢ profile details (Name, WhatsApp/ phone no., email address, office address, website etc.) anytime, anywhere while on the go & then sharing of her T-A-Gā„¢ profile with just a tap, really easy to stay connected šŸ˜

Personally, she really appreciates the detailed guide with an “i” button next to each social links, so that user can connect to each social profile accurately

T-A-Gā„¢ then able to share all your social media profiles eg. FB, IG, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest etc. with just a single tap


Not just that there are 3 custom links available so that T-A-Gā„¢ user can customise any of their social media profiles which not in the list. This is perfect for SiennyLovesDrawing as she owns 2 IG profiles. So, she is able to link her 2nd IG profile with 1 of the custom links. Yeahā€¼ļø

The recipient of T-A-Gā„¢ can easily & quickly share SiennyLovesDrawing’s T-A-Gā„¢ profile created (Of course upon her sharing selection as a profile owner). The recipient of T-A-Gā„¢ do not need an app or a T-A-Gā„¢ to receive the shared details

If the smartphone is not listed as compatible smartphones (šŸŒ https://www.t-a-g.my/pages/compatible-devices), not to worry, just use the T-A-Gā„¢ QR code in the app to share šŸ‘šŸ»

~ T-A-Gā„¢ is more than just a digital business card ~

Absolutely easy, no need to voice out WhatsApp numbers digit by digit, also no need to worry the recipient will note down wrong number & disconnect then. T-A-Gā„¢ the new way to connect

Yeahā€¼ļø Digital business card by T-A-Gā„¢, the way forward. No more printing, being go green & environmental friendly šŸ’šā™»ļøšŸ’ŖšŸ»


Another user benefits of owning a T-A-Gā„¢ that impressed SiennyLovesDrawing is for lost & found valuables. Any T-A-Gā„¢ users if accidentally left own personal belonging, the person who found the lost items can easily contact you with the T-A-Gā„¢ button on it

Some T-A-Gā„¢ users actually use it to wear T-A-Gā„¢ on their pet too šŸ¶šŸ±šŸ°

Yes, the possibilities withĀ  T-A-Gā„¢ are endless!

Not just that, you can request for money šŸ’µšŸ’°(Especially on splitting bills/ on sharing basis during dining etc.) with just a single tap to share your Paypal or Grab pay. Wowā€¼ļø Contactless to touch cash/ coins

If you need more than listed above, not to worry, T-A-Gā„¢Ā got its users cover with an additional 3 custom links available for each of its users to customise & meet each needs to stay connect

SiennyLovesDrawing actually used the T-A-Gā„¢ custom links to create for her 2nd IG profile & her FB page. Yeahā€¼ļø Also she is gonna add in her ecommerce shop link then, in progress ya

Why T-A-Gā„¢ for businessesā“ā‰ļø

Business branding

T-A-Gā„¢ helps businesses to transform its staffs’ digital business cards with cost saving from reprinting & contribute to a greener society šŸ’š

The staffs carry the business branding & spread business awareness whenever & wherever they are with T-A-Gā„¢ & instantly sharing the business contacts, online store site, physical store location via google map šŸ—ŗ etc. with just a tap

Customised business logo T-A-Gā„¢ with min. order 50 pieces

Do click in to check out below IGTV šŸ“¹ for how beneficial of owning a T-A-Gā„¢ whether as an individual/ business owner,


Location šŸ“ share

T-A-Gā„¢ instantly share any business pop-up store, retail store etc. & direct potential customers with just a tap to turn on the Google map

Personally as a consumer, SiennyLovesDrawing will likely & immediately to check out the stores if with specific location sharing

Wifi šŸ“¶ access (Only available āœ… now for Android devices)

As shown in the above IGTV, no more manual insert for long & weird public wifi password, just tap & allow your family members/ friends/ colleagues/ customers to connect toĀ  T-A-Gā„¢ wifi

They don’t even need to know your wifi password. You can switch off your hot spot sharing anytime

SiennyLovesDrawing as T-A-Gā„¢ user really appreciate this functionality as she really hate keying in weird long password to access wifi @ cafes/ restaurants/ co-working spaces, even to voice out her own wifi password while sharing her own hot spot with friends/ colleagues at times

Do check out her happy T-A-Gā„¢ user testimonial TikTok clip captured šŸ˜

Digital menus

Also as shown in the above IGTV, how businesses use the T-A-Gā„¢ especially the global health pandemic has force changed with many new norm & potentially stay on even after the pandemic

F&B operators can easily share their digital menu with T-A-Gā„¢, just a tap for consumers’ confidence on being contactless whether dine in or takeaways. Great savings on time, cost & be environmental friendly.Ā Ohh ya…Hassle free & no more replacing your QR code each time menu/ website being updated

Do click in to check out her IG album sharing her happy T-A-Gā„¢ user story šŸ˜

SiennyLovesDrawing as a customer would really appreciates F&B owners with T-A-Gā„¢ on its dining table with digital menu access & ordering ~ A futuristic contactless experience to prevent for global health pandemic

Customer reviews

Businesses also use T-A-Gā„¢ for customers’ tagging, mention & write a review right after each services provided eg. dining on the social medias, Tripadvisor, Google Review, Yelp etc.

Not more misisng a chance to gather real time customers’ reviews. Yeahā€¼ļø

With T-A-Gā„¢, you can create interactive posters with a single tap to direct your potential customers to your website, online store page, promotion posters with a tap to open the movie trailer etc.ā“ā‰ļø As well as organising a contactless networking eventsā“ā‰ļø

Yes, the business opportunities really endless with T-A-Gā„¢

How secure is T-A-Gā„¢ā“ā‰ļø

T-A-Gā„¢ is built with high privacy safety in mind & with a special ON/OFF toggle function šŸ”˜šŸ“² to protect its users from any unwanted tap by turn off T-A-Gā„¢. It uses NFC technologyĀ ie. Practically only works in a very close contact

Your T-A-Gā„¢Ā profile becomes private if you choose to off it


T-A-Gā„¢ does not store any personal password of any of its users’ profiles to share & use only public available links/ IDs/ usernames to function well ya

Why not own a T-A-Gā„¢ ~ Digital business card šŸ”˜šŸ“² to just tap & go for own personal, your pet or your businessā“ā‰ļø


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Festive Gifting Guide

Updated 1 June 2021, 12.45pm

Yeahā€¼ļø Whenever festive šŸŽ‰šŸŽŠ season, many of us will be busy thinking of what would be a good gift šŸ’šŸŽ for our friends/ relatives to express our gratitude & appreciation šŸ™šŸ»šŸ¤—

SiennyLovesDrawing šŸ‘©šŸ» would like to share some of the gifting ideas that she has personally adopted šŸ’•

This festive gift guide šŸ’šŸŽ will continue to be updated as & when she has discovered more ya

BBQ Meats šŸ„“

There are a variety of BBQ sliced pork, BBQ honey bacon, BBQ minced pork, BBQ chicken, BBQ spicy šŸŒ¶ pork, as well as cripsy floss either chicken or pork

Do check out her IG album & more of her BBQ meat šŸ„“tasting stories šŸŒhttps://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/wing-heong-town-cny-gift-box-d5af09bbf9bb

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.wingheong.com/


Her little niece & herself so happy to receive this tasty beautifully designed CNY themed cakesicles from MySweetSicles

The rich moist chocolate cake inside each cakesicles just so so tasty to enjoy

Personally she loves the mandarin oranges design for CNY festive

Do check out more of her cakesicles tasting TikTok clip captured & feel free to order your customised design & cakesicle flavours for your cakesicle occassions with them ya

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.instagram.com/sweetsicles_my/

Cakes šŸŽ‚ / Cupcakes

Cakes / cupcakes always a good šŸ‘šŸ» idea to unite & celebrate any occassions, either with friends, colleagues, relatives or family members šŸ‘«šŸ‘­šŸ‘¬

Do check out more of her cakes/ cupcakes tasting stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/04/27/healthy-mangolicious-vegan-cake-from-eatcaketoday-com/ , šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/03/09/too-pretty-to-be-eaten-secret-garden-cake-4-from-eatcaketoday-com/ & šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/must-try-valrhona-dark-chocolate-ice-cream-cake-from-eatcaketoday-com/

1ļøāƒ£ of her favourite cake online order platforms is Eat Cake Today šŸŒšŸ›’šŸŽ‚šŸ§

You can now order for add ons eg. balloons šŸŽˆ , flower šŸ’ bouquets, gift cards šŸ”– etc.

Do enjoy a šŸ”Ÿ% promo code ā€œEatCakeToday-Siennyā€ with no min. purchase required

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.eatcaketoday.com/

Korean Bento Cakes & Pineapple Tarts šŸšŸ„§

Trending #Korean Bento Cakes by #DFunCookies ~ Just so so colourful pretty to be eaten šŸ˜šŸ˜‹

Do check out more of her cake tasting TikTok clip captured & more of her Korean bento cakes tasting stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/have-you-tried-trending-korean-bento-cake-153a64cd39dc

Not just that its Taiwanese pineapple tarts šŸšŸ„§also beautifully baked with Sakura flowers šŸŒø as decoration

Do check out more of her Taiwanese pineapple tarts tasting stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/craving-for-taiwanese-pineapple-tart-fdcc84bfd6e2

Online platformšŸŒ: https://dfuncookies.com.my/

Cookies šŸŖ

SiennyLovesDrawing has received this lovely Get Crunch cookies gift box from Passionation community

Her little niece was so so excited to unbox this beautiful Cow year cookies gifting, so so cute adorable the cookies packaging printed with colourful & cow expressions. Do check out more of her cookies tasting TikTok clip captured

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.instagram.com/getcrunch_cookies/

Kuih Kapit

A homemade kuih kapit recipe from the ownerā€™s mum in law šŸ§“šŸ¾ Her little niece & herself loves the kuih kapit with chocolate & oreo from here šŸ˜‹šŸ¤¤

Do check out more of her Ratu Kapit Station tasting stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/10/06/eat-travel-write-from-hulu-selangor-to-kuala-selangor-malaysia/

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.facebook.com/RatuKapitStation/ OR @ Mesra shops in all Shell petrol stations within Selangor state of Malaysia

Tea Pyramid Set ā˜•ļøšŸµ

This set definitely gonna cheer up all tea lovers, of course the Hello Kitty fans too. Healthy tisane set for a greater health

There are many more varieties for your gifting choice. Do check out more of her tea pyramid tasting stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2020/12/22/the-tea-republic-x-hello-kitty-tea-pyramid-gift-set-strawberry-cupcake-flavour/

Online platformšŸŒ: https://ttr.com.my/


Everybody has a ā€˜love storyā€™ either romantic, familial or platonic during festive season & photobook with all lovely captures help to keeping the sweet memories

Do check out more of her photobook stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/lets-tell-your-love-story-with-pixajoy-4e159aca30c4

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.pixajoy.com.my/photo-books/product

Home Appliances

Actually selecting a practical useful gift would be really touching the heart of the gift recipients, it shows that you understand their needs & hence a meaningful gift

Do check out more of her happy user stories of this cordless vacuum cleaner via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/04/06/user-experience-corvan-cordless-vacuum-cleaner-k9/

Do enjoy a further RM30 off by key in promo code “CORVSNY30” under ā€œShop Voucher Codeā€

Online platformšŸŒ: https://shp.ee/jcaxuai (Corvan official store)

Skincare Gift Box

Beauty skincare or makeup almost everyone’s essentials now regard less whether for both males or females

In this connection, a curated beauty range that suits your friends or family members in a beautiful gift box absolutely a good gifting for any festive

Do check out her stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/02/09/user-experience-cosmoderm-perfect-balanced-range/

Online platformšŸŒ: https://shp.ee/jcaxuai (Cosmoderm official store)

Brownies šŸŸ¤šŸ¤Ž

Absolutely a happy receipt & unboxing a box of beautiful tasty šŸ˜‹šŸ¤¤ brownies gift box šŸŽ

All love this box of rich chocolate brownies, a healthy snacking desserts as less sweet for both young kids & senior parents at home šŸ” Every bite just so rich tasty melting in & chocolate creamy fragrance smells so good while unbox the box šŸŽ

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.instagram.com/kimbrowniesgreatbake

Flowers bouquet šŸ’

Love begins in a moment, grows over time & last for eternity. A lovely beautiful bouquet šŸ’ surely surprise your loved ones & mesmerize them upon receipt šŸ˜šŸ’—

After all, who doesnā€™t want beautiful surprises rightā“ā‰ļø

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.fareastflora.com.my/

DIY Gifts šŸ’šŸŽ

SiennyLovesDrawing appreciates the opportunity from Printcious to present own personality & style for home decoration & preparing gifts for loved ones or ownself, yeah!!

Do check out her stories via šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/2021/06/01/user-experience-printcious-designer-store/ & šŸŒ https://siennylovesdrawing.medium.com/it-is-not-the-gift-but-the-thought-that-counts-cd7c4e704439

Online platformšŸŒ: https://www.printcious.com/my

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