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Sharing of her travel journeys & own travel experiences at her home country, Malaysia

She loves travelling since young & have been travelled to many countries, however she would like to share more of her home country to many many more travellers across the globe

Most of her blog banners are her own hand drawn art/ illustrative app design by Sienny Yong aka SiennyLovesDrawing

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Win BLACKPINK World Tour [BORN PINK] Kuala Lumpur Tickets With Petron Malaysia

Yeah‼️ Good news to all BLACKPINK fans 🖤💗

SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 would like to share Let’s Join To Win BLACKPINK World Tour [BORN PINK 💗] Kuala Lumpur Tickets With Petron Malaysia” ⛽💙

Yes✅, collect & win 30 pairs of BORN PINK 💗 Kuala Lumpur tickets worth more than RM45K up for grabs

Petron Malaysia ⛽💙 is giving away concert tickets 🎤👩🏼‍🎤🎟️🎟️ worth over RM45K to the highly anticipated BlackPink World Tour [Born Pink 💗] Kuala Lumpur Concert happening this 4️⃣ March with its “Collect & Win Contest”


This contest is open to all registered Petron Miles (P-Miles) members. To join, they must log into the Petron Mobile App & redeem an e-voucher for 50 P-Miles points. They will be eligible to win a pair of tickets once they accumulate a minimum of 300 P-Miles points from petrol purchases ⛽💙

How to win❓⁉️

i. Download the Petron Malaysia mobile app ⛽💙📲 from App Store / Play Store
ii. Redeem the “BORN PINK 💗” e-voucher for 50 PMiles points from the app ⛽💙📲 Note📌: The voucher only serves as a contest entry and only one-time redemption is required. Redeeming more than 1️⃣ voucher does not increase winning chances
iii. Collect a minimum of 300 P Miles points from 8 Jan till 26 Feb 2023 to stand a chance to win BLACKPINK 🖤💗 WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] KUALA LUMPUR concert tickets 🎟️🎟️

A total of 30 pairs of BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK 💗] KUALA LUMPUR concert tickets will be given away
🎟 1️⃣st 🔟 winners: 1️⃣ pair (2️⃣ tickets) of the Category 2️⃣ tickets worth RM1,996.00
🎟 Next 🔟 winners: 1️⃣ pair (2️⃣ tickets) of the Category 3️⃣ tickets worth RM1,576.00
🎟 Final 🔟 winners: 1️⃣ pair (2️⃣ tickets) of the Category 4️⃣ tickets worth RM1,176.00

🆕 P-Miles members will automatically earn 💯 P-Miles points upon account activation of their 🆕 account while existing P-Miles members can earn 💯 P-Miles points when referring or sharing the referral code with non-members

*T&C apply via 🌐

This contest run from 8 Jan to 26 Feb 2023 ya ☺️

art, pink

SiennyLovesDrawing is wishing all participants best of luck to join & win the tickets for the great show of BlackPink World Tour [Born Pink 💗] Kuala Lumpur Concert ya 💯👍🏻 The lucky winners will be announced on Petron Malaysia FB Page’s, Petron Mobile App ⛽💙📲 & Petron Miles website on 28 Feb 2023

Date: 4 March 2023
Venue📍: National Stadium Bukit Jalil, KL, Malaysia

Shaliza Mohd Sidek, Petron Head of Retail Business said, “At Petron ⛽💙, we put our customers 1️⃣st by ensuring that we deliver the ultimate “Fuel Happy” experience. We believe in engaging our customers with exciting & innovative programs, building trust, & strengthening our long-term relationship. I hope this concert will mark a renewed energy & kick start the 🆕 year with a bang.”

Guess what❓⁉️

On the day of the concert, P-Miles members can participate in games & activities at the Petron booth to win exclusive merchandise such as t-shirts 👕, hand fans, concert posters 📜, & many more

Ohh ya…Do also check out another contest by Petron Malaysia ⛽💙 on going till 15 March 2023 via 🌐

For more of the contest information, visit Petron’s FB & IG Page or Petron Miles website via 🌐



airasia ride

Merry Christmas & Happy 🆕 Year 2023 to all 🎄🎅🏻💖💯🎉🥳🎊

Yeah‼️ SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 would like to share 3️⃣ promo codes as her gifts 🎁 in this blog story for a RM5️⃣ off to enjoy your rides with AirAsia ride 🚗 Do continue reading here to treasure hunting the codes ya 😆🤩

airasia ride 🚗, the most value-for-money & fastest-growing e-hailing platform which was established in August 2021 is now available across all state capitals in Malaysia 🇲🇾 with its latest coverage in Kuching, Sarawak last Oct, yeah‼️ 👍🏻

So, if you’re 🆕 & yet to start your AirAsia ride 🚗, this promo code for your 1️⃣st ride, valid till 31 Dec 2022. T& C applies 😃

Mr Lim Chiew Shan 👨🏻‍💼, Regional CEO of airasia ride said, “We are happy 😁 that our ride-hailing service 🚗, airasia ride is now present across each & every state in Malaysia 🇲🇾 with the recent launch in Kuching, Sarawak. We are grateful for the support of the Sarawak state government & we look forward to not only providing better connectivity on the road for our customers, but better benefits for e-hailing drivers with our Full-time Drivers program as well.”

airasia ride 🚗 being the fastest growing e-hailing platform in Malaysia 🇲🇾 has been championing fair fares 👍🏻 to both passengers & drivers alike & always considers what passengers can afford while still compensating the drivers for any extra travel time caused by heavy traffic


Full-time Drivers with airasia ride 🚗 will earn a monthly base income of RM2,500 to RM3,500 including fuel ⛽️ benefit, & the opportunity to earn a total income of up to RM8️⃣K with additional drivers incentives scheme, on top of a full suite of AllStar employee benefits including EPF, SOCSO, medical coverage that covers their spouses & children, annual leave & other travel benefits eg. heavily discounted staff rates for AirAsia flights ❤️✈️ Additionally, Full-time Drivers will also be given priority airport job assignments to enable them to earn more from airport transfers as travel demand continues to ramp up across the region

“airasia ride 🚗 was launched to be a disruptor in the e-hailing market, where it used to be a cheaper alternative to traditional taxis 🚕 , now costing even more. It was the same for the drivers as well, as the monopoly in the market meant the platforms had an iron grip on all fees & benefits structure. As our Group CEO Tony Fernandes 👨🏿‍💼 once said, we believe in doing the right things & the right thing to do is to treat our drivers properly. We welcome 🤗 all drivers, old or 🆕, to register with us & we look forward to earning even more as an AllStar,” added Lim

airasia ride currently operates in all states across Malaysia 🇲🇾 , selected areas in Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭 & recently in Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩 As part of Capital A & the AirAsia airline group, airasia ride is well-positioned to offer travellers an integrated 360 travel ecosystem where they can book flights, accommodation, merchandise & ride hailing with airasia ride for mobilisation while in the destination area all through airasia Super App ❤️📲

Do check out SiennyLovesDrawing ‘s happy comfy 1️⃣st ride with AirAsia ride 👩🏻❤️🚗 IG reel below or TikTok clip via 📹🌐 to grab the 3️⃣rd promo code to enjoy RM5️⃣ off, T& C applies ya 😁

Website 🌐:

From Taiwan To Malaysia ~ Eslite Spectrum 诚品生活

Yeah‼️ Good news to all book lovers, SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻❤️ superb loves her 1️⃣st visit to the eslite spectrum 诚品生活  📖📚☕📍 The Starhill Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 Have you pay your visit❓⁉️

All Malaysians must be proud & happy that eslite spectrum has its 1️⃣st flagship store in Southeast Asia 🌏 here & as an anchor tenant at The Starhill Kuala Lumpur by occupied 70,191 sqft in 1️⃣st floor space & divided into 4️⃣ sections

It focus to showcasing the dynamism & vibrant energy of cross-cultural & creative experience exchange between Malaysia 🇲🇾 & Taiwan 🇹🇼

It aims to integrate reading 📖, sharing & a calm relaxing space through its many exhibitions, workshops, events & many more

  • 40% for retail products eg. Arts, crafts & handmade goods
  • 35% of the store for magazines in various languages & books with priority of English books, followed by Traditional & Simplified Chinese books, children books, Japanese & Malay books
  • 20% for food & beverages ie. In-house cafes & tea room
  • Remaining % for a seminar & exhibition space to 40 pax capacity

Guess what❓⁉️

SiennyLovesDrawing really had a great 👍🏻 time exploring eslite spectrum, she spent almost whole day without realizing time passed by so quickly. Do check out her TikTok clip captured via 📹🌐

It has partnered with local design brand, Loka Made & its interior concept “A voyage of exploration” by Taiwanese architect, Powen Hsiao. He got his design inspiration from the famous novel named Invisible Cities by Italian author, Italo Calvino. Then, he developed his design concept of exploration with 4️⃣ themed cities

  • (A) The City of Arches ~ A 60m wall of red brick 🧱 arches with a wide range of books in different languages, exciting arts & literary activities. Also an impressive selection of literary & humanities books. eslite’s list of Recommended Reads is curated monthly by dedicated bookstore staff to share the brand’s unique reading perspective. A cosy & comfortable corners to make readers feel at home 🏡 [eslite bookstore & eslite stationery store with Small Living Room, eslite FORUM & eslite writing boutique]
  • (B) The Floating City ~ It symbolises vibrant & dynamic street fairs with a choice of local delicacies & lifestyle ideas [Design Selections, Clothing & Accessories, Fragrance & Personal Care, Home Decorations, Themed Concept Store & Casual Fashion Items]
  • (C) The City of Rippling Waves ~ It’s inspired by shimmering sunlight dancing on waves & to bring together cultural creative designs & everyday lifestyle products [Classic Taste & Designers Products]
  • (D) The City of Eternal Day ~ It’s a brightly lit yet minimalist corridor to showcasing fashionable trends [Unique Gifts, Local Arts & Literature, Handicrafts with The Catwalk]

Read , book

This Taiwan famous lifestyle store as a renowned Taiwanese cultural icon ~ eslite spectrum is a creative cultural hub 📍 with not just a rich selection of Chinese, English & Malay language books 📚📖, also everything lifestyle including art paintings by renowned global artists, music, design & handmade goods, performing arts, fashion, themed restaurants for foods & beverages, gourmet desserts, coffee cafes, lifestyle brands & diverse cutting-edge cultural & creative brands ✨💯👍🏻

Whenever you’re feeling to have a cuppa, do drop by 1️⃣ of its in-house cafés named Come True Coffee which was founded by 3️⃣ world-class champion baristas hailing from Taiwan with its offerings of specialty coffees, beverages & dishes. Or The Expresso Bar by Korean brand, Bean Brothers. Tea lovers can enjoy at Tea Room & many more

Art lovers definitely enjoy time at the inaugural exhibition of famed Asian illustrator, Mr Jimmy Liao that well known for his heart-warming storytelling & sketches. This award-winning illustrator’s works have been translated into English, French, Korean & Thai etc.

Parents can bring along their kids to be at eslite children, a dedicated space for children’s literature & bestsellers. This space will be hosting monthly thematic exhibition & storytelling sessions for families & children to enjoy great reading fun together gather

So, have you sign up as an eslite member❓⁉️

Let’s download the esliteMY 诚品 app via 📲🌐 with referral code “x08k1” 😄 to embark on a whole 🆕 cultural journey with eslite spectrum

Then, enjoy exploring the boundless possibilities for reading & quality lifestyle. This is a card 🆓 membership to shop & collect points for on-the-go conveniences with this app 🤳📲 eg. Members-only promotions, exclusive discounts, book-of-the-month promotions, 🆓 coffee ☕ every month & many more 😁

Not just that, you will be the 1️⃣st to know the latest news, events & deals by eslite spectrum. You can browse anytime & anywhere to collect your favourite books with app-exclusive functions & enjoy playing its in-app games & earn exclusive vouchers or prizes 🎁

Hmm…What to do on weekends ❓⁉️

SiennyLovesDrawing is heading to spend time at eslite spectrum again ya 👩🏻💕📖📚

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Malaysians Get To Experience the Japanese Nengajyo Culture

Yeah‼️ Year of the Rabbit 🐇🐰 “卯年” is upcoming real soon, SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 would like to share about the ~ Nengajyo 2023 New Year Postcard Exhibition ~ 

Yes ✅, it’s about time to say good bye to 2022 & welcome the 🆕 year 2023, the year of the Rabbit 🐇🐰

Also a very special time in Japan 🇯🇵, of course in Malaysia 🇲🇾  with this Nengajyo 2023 event happening now for all Malaysians 😃😁

Guess what ❓⁉️

1️⃣ of the most celebrated traditions during the Japanese New Year お正月 is to send 📬📮 New Year’s greeting cards, or Nengajyo “年賀状” It meant to preserve good relations with the precious people in our lives

Oshogatsu お正月 aka Japanese New Year is a very special time in Japan 🇯🇵 It’s 1️⃣ of the most important & most celebrated Japanese holidays. Japanese people will start clean their homes 🧹🧼🧽🏡🏘️ from top to bottom (Oosoji), preparing traditional food to be eaten during the 1️⃣st 3️⃣ days of the new year (Osechi Ryori) etc.


Ohh ya…1️⃣ of the most celebrated traditions during this Japanese New Year is to send New Year’s greeting cards aka Nengajyo “年賀状” It meant to preserve good relations with the precious people in our lives

It’s similar to the holiday greeting cards exchanged in the European countries, Nengajyo are an important part of Japan’s New Year festivities. By sending Nengajyo to friends, family & colleagues, the Japanese people can share their wishes for a peaceful, prosperous & happy new year, as well as expressing their gratitude 🙏🏻 for help & kindness received in the past year with the hopes of preserving their good relations in the year ahead ☺️💞

Nengajyo cards are distinctively designed with special New Year’s motifs. Many feature the eto, or zodiac animal of the upcoming 🆕 year. Traditional themes such as kadomatsu (decorative arrangements of pine, bamboo 🎍 & sometimes plum blossoms 🌸), kites 🪁, eggplant & the sun rising over Mount Fuji 🗻 are also popular Nengajyo designs in Japan 🇯🇵

Now all Malaysians get to experience this Japanese Nengajyo culture

Why not spread some New Year’s happiness to your loved ones by making your own Nengajyo❓⁉️


Malaysians Get To Experience the Japanese Nengajyo Culture @ ~ Nengajyo 2023 New Year Postcard Exhibition ~ Date 🗓️: 20 to 23 & 27 to 30 Dec 2022 Note📌: Closed on Mondays, #ChristmasEve & #Christmas Day Time 🕥: 10.30AM to 7PM (Tue-Sat) & 10.30AM to 5PM (Sun) Venue 📍: @ilhamgallerykl #GiftShop , Lvl 5, Ilham Tower, 8 Jalan Binjai, KL🇲🇾 Read more via 🌐 #Japan #japanese #chinesenewyear #CNY #exhibition #ilhamgallerygiftshop #ilhamgallerykl #japanesenewyear #postcard #ilhamgallerykl #ilhamgiftshop #workshops #workshop #nengajo #postcards #gifts #gift #art #culture #cultures #cultural #heritage #arts #handmade #handrawn #handwriting #handwork #handwritten

♬ Buah Hati – Armada


SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻✍🏻🎴 has dropped by recently & enjoyed creating her own 2023 Nengajyo card quietly at the space & brought it back home with RM1️⃣ payment, do check out her happy TikTok clip captured above 😁📹🌐

Hahaha too many rabbit 🐇🐰 stampingsss on her 2023 Nengajyo card for a greater 🆕 year ahead, yeah‼️💯

Alternatively, you may choose to exhibit your Nengajyo card created at this exhibition with no fee required 🖼️

Hmm…She is planning to bring her little niece to revisit again , so can do the 2023 Nengajyo card “年賀状” & also learn the Kakizome “書き初め” then, it would be a good kids activities to learn & appreciate different art & cultures 👩🏻💕👧🏻

Let’s us all head over to the “Nengajyo 2023 New Year Postcard Exhibition” to experience the tradition, try to make & send some Nengajyos 📮📬

It’s 🆓 admission for all & there are 2️⃣ long tables with stationeries available for public to sit down & create Nengajyo cards 🎴🎴

  • Date 🗓️: 14 to 18, 20 to 23 & 27 to 30 Dec 2022 (Note📌: Closed on Mondays, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day)
  • Time 🕥: 10.30am to 7pm (Tue to Sat) & 10.30am to 5pm (Sun)
  • Venue 📍: Ilham Gallery Gift Shop, Level 5, Ilham Tower, 8 Jalan Binjai, KL, West Malaysia

You can buy the postcards or posters of Year of the Rabbit 🐇🐰 “卯年” from the Ilham Gallery Gift Shop as your home 🏡 🆕 year decorations

INYALA 2022 Celebrates Sustainability, Humanity & Progression In An Immersive Art Exhibition

Updated 9 Dec 2022, 8.20am

Yeah‼️ SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 has witnessed the official launch of  iNYALA 2022 immersive art exhibition recently to celebrate the sustainability, humanity & progression. Her LinkedIn photos album via 📸📸

While she stepped in to the Ground Floor (GF) Atrium of Fahrenheit88 Mall, she was impressed 👩🏻🤩😍 with how it has transformed into a luminous space of cubes, squares & pixelscape 🟥🟦🟧🟨🟩🟪 from now until 25 Dec 2022 for the iNYALA 2022 immersive art exhibition

 Centered on the theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the latest iNYALA art exhibition showcases a total of 17 multidisciplinary digital artworks which invite audiences to contemplate Malaysia’s 🇲🇾 progress in achieving balanced human, social, economic & environmental sustainability through a combination of data, visual, sound, space & light💡

Date: NOW till 25 Dec 2022 , yes ✅, Xmas day 🎅🏻🎄

Time: 🔟am to 🔟pm

Venue: GF of Fahrenheit88 Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾

It’s 🆓 admission to iNYALA 2022

✨ ~ Enter The World of Cubes ~ Beyong Light ~ ✨

As the progressive platform dedicated to art, technology & sustainability, the iNYALA 2022 is brought together by an interdisciplinary group of industry professionals, including 🆕 media artists, music composers, architects as well as audio-visual, communications and creative specialists, in collaboration with the local students from Universiti Malaya, DASEIN Academy of Art, Multimedia University & Han Chiang University College of Communication. In addition to the entries submitted by the students, the exhibition will feature works from both international & local artists such as Kaoru Tanaka, FabU & Jun Ong. A 1️⃣-minute unique multimedia show curated by Kaoru Tanaka, FabU and LIE, involving all 17 art installations accompanied by sensuous sound, will be staged at the start of every hour to present an audio-visual experience which conveys the message of unlocking a world of beautiful possibilities when all interlinked SDGs are met

“This year’s theme serves as the holding space for our audiences to pause and reflect on the development & progress our country undertook, particularly on SDGs, as we emerge from the pandemic. I hope the whole 🆕 format of iNYALA which dives into generative art will inspire dialogue and enable Malaysians 🇲🇾🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻👭🏻👬🏻👫🏻 to imagine different ways of thinking & doing to transform the world we live in,” commented Mr Helios Loo, Founder of iNYALA 👨🏻‍💼


Spanning over 3,392 sqf, the iNYALA 2022 🆕 media art exhibition brings to life the idea of an immersive world 🌎 made of technicolour cubes, symmetrical shapes & boundless digital artworks. The show consists of 17 cube installations with live media art mapped onto the digital canvases, creating a vivid field of visual spectacle overlapped with imaginative soundtracks curated by award-winning music 🎖️🎵🎶 production company ~ Inner Voices Productions, allowing the patrons to fully immerse themselves with real-life data which reveals the past and present of pressing topics in Malaysia 🇲🇾



● “GLOWING PLANTS” by Kaoru Tanaka. SDG Goal 12 Responsible Consumption & Production. Beautiful & delicate plants always heal and light us up. Just as plants are generated by the sun 🌞, carbon dioxide & water 💦, so are the things that humans produce. This digital artwork seeks to reflect & reimagine how human production in the face of impending climate change can transform through methods eg. sustainable manufacturing which utilises natural materials as part of the possible solution

“AMORPHOUS” by Tan Sher Lynn, FabU. SDG Goal 17 Partnerships For The Goals. Fascinated by the grotesque yet strangely beautiful aesthetics of the microbes, the installation is an attempt at recreating these natural phenomena digitally. Perhaps we humans can learn from the behaviours of these minute organisms that resemble biological computers & how they influence each other, forming efficient networks similar to that of mathematically generated patterns. By making the invisible visible, we could engage in a deeper understanding of our relationship with microbes & the communities around us

● “VIVID DREAMS” by LIE. SDG Goal 17 Partnerships For The Goals. Goals without action are just dreams. More than just a statement, SDG is a continuous effort to achieve a better & sustainable future. We bring the statement to life by recreating the icons of the Sustainable Development Goals in the form of abstract motions. The rhythmic movements of the lights represent an ongoing journey to keep moving toward the goals & continuity of the dream that everyone can achieve in solidarity for a sustainable future

● “TILL THE GREENS ARE GONE” by Si Ying. SDG Goal 15 Life on Land. This artwork is created to address the 15th SDG – Life on Land. It showcases a visual passage of colours & shapes from the outskirts to the city centre 🌇🌆 Along the passage, there will be a gradual transition of scenery from the lively organic greens to the grey hard dead tones of the high-rises. The colour data are collected from pictures of deforestation & construction work taken in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

● “PIXELS” by Jun Ong: Jun designed the artwork installation & spatial experience of iNYALA 2022. The installation is itself an object & also a dynamic framework. Using a modular system, the framework made from organic cardboard together with the digital art installations are reimagined into a meandering pixelscape that allows storytelling & data to be visualized through different scales & dimensions. From afar, the glowing installation can resemble a geological terrain while up-close reminds one of the dynamic façades of cities. The entire spine anchors itself on the ground through a large, spatialized pixel that allows visitors to experience the insides of a pixel

SiennyLovesDrawing as a go green & sustainability supporter truly impressed with how art creative & innovation applies on having sustainable in mind. All the cardboards used with no print on it so all can be recycled after the exhibition ♻️✅👍🏻

Staying true to its mission to make sustainability core to artmaking practices, iNYALA 2022 has adopted innovative approaches to prioritise environmentally-friendly 💚 exhibition design & construction with 75% of the materials used for the show being organic, refurbished & recycle-able ♻️✅ in a bid to avoid single-use disposables, reduce wastage & overall carbon footprint

 This art exhibition is being created out of 2️⃣ main components ie. The LED panels & cardboard where the largest cube installation is made with more than 300 used LED modules collected across the city while the latter is a humble, non-chemically treated material made from paper pulp

The iNYALA 2022 is spearheaded by Helio Media, in collaboration 🤝🏻 with Filamen. It’s supported by Tourism Malaysia & Yayasan Sime Darby. This latest art exhibition is made possible by Fahrenheit88, Co-labs Coworking, NovaStar, Nextrend, De Carton, LIE Design, Inner Voices Productions, Jun Ong & RUBIX



●  “CarbonBubbles” by Iwani Binti Muhammad Izhan of Multimedia University. SDG Goal 13 Climate Action. As Malaysia 🇲🇾 continues to be a car-based society 🚗🚘, this artwork illustrates the increasing amount of global greenhouse gas emissions from private transportation. Different cars are shown to be affected & affecting others as emissions continue to rise & pollute our environment


  “Not a Dream” by Group MMUTB of Multimedia University (Muhammad Khuzairi Bin Mohamad, Teh Poh Leng, Lena, Tang Efaye, Ray Lee Zhe Yen & Akiff Rahman). SDG Goal 06 Clean Water & Sanitation. Animating the long process of dirty to clean water 💦, the artwork unpacks issues related to water quality, affordable access to drinking water & how it is affected by insufficient sources of clean water & poor water-related ecosystems


55100/221126″ by Blankmalaysia of University Malaya. SDG Goal 08 Decent Work & Economic Growth & Goal 13 Climate Action. 55100/221126 is the continuation of Blankmalaysia’s series of digital work in 2022 that explores the fluctuating urban landscape, past/future memorial sites & the costs of development to the environment & the bodies involved in it. Malaysia 🇲🇾, being a postcolonial country, has been transformed by waves of migrants since the 19th century. Today, Malaysia’s commitment to Agenda 2030 for sustainable development seeks to promote economic growth with social inclusion & environmental sustainability promises a 🆕 era of transformation. Although the data shows GDP growth, the emissions caused by rapid development continue to rise.  This artwork hopes to create public discourse on the cost of economic growth at the expense of migrant bodies & our ecology through the juxtaposition of archival images & personal field work of present developments/ forgotten spaces


“1 Movement 0 Execution” by Ammar Hazman Bin Rosli of Multimedia University. SDG Goal 13 Climate Action. The artwork will explore modern natural disasters that have resulted from man-made consequences & the action that people took as a result of the event. As climate mitigation has become an increasing concern in the face of climate change, the artwork hopes to provoke thought on what can be done before it is too late


The Tower of Perfidy” by Nur Farahhani Azwa Binti Rosli of Multimedia University. SDG Goal 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions. Malaysia 🇲🇾 is a country at a crossroads, plagued by bribery & corruption. This artwork focuses on exploring how the country can achieve peace & justice in the aftermath of 1️⃣ of the biggest corruption scandals in the world 🌎

“TemPixel” by Rufiyan Bin Ramli of Multimedia University. SDG Goal 13 Climate Action. With temperature mapping, this artwork explores rising temperatures recorded in Malaysia from 1991 to 2020 to demonstrate how our climate conditions have changed overtime. Thus, leading to the question: where do we go from here as our cities get hotter and development intensifies the effects of climate change❓⁉️

“Heat Escape” by Group One Shot Production (Tey Yun Nee, Chin Jia Wei, Ting Ee Vern & Yeong Ke Xin) of Dasein Academy of Art. SDG Goal 13 Climate Action. Heat Escape uses anamorphic illusion (requiring the audience to stand in a specific distance for best viewing) & supportive motion on other sides on a cube screen. Based on audio-visual data of man-made disasters, Heat Escape transports us to the disaster scene for the audience to reflect on where our planet will head next. The conceptual sphere in an anamorphic view symbolises our planet earth while the changing shapes & elements on it represent man-made hazards – Deforestation, Air Pollution & Water Pollution, that ultimately causes global warming. As our plane finds its way to recover and humans continue the exploitation, the loop will never end, and the extinction of our planet & human beings will be inevitable

“Heart in a Box”by Irfan Jamil of Multimedia University. SDG Goal 03 Good Health & Well-being. Heart in a Box is a 3D-generative art simulation based on data by The Oxford Martin School, on the increase in heart disease and cardiovascular problems within the global population from the year 2010. Creating a simulation of a heartbeat going at a healthy rate of 80 bpm (beats per minute), Heart in a Box aims to provide a visual representation of how it is like to live with cardio-vascular diseases

“The Mar Effect” by Sadthna Sargamm Sathi of Educational Institution: Multimedia University. SDG Goal 13 Climate Action. The global COVID-19 pandemic around the globe 🌎 drastically decreased air pollution & greenhouse gas emissions but at the same time also increased demand on single-use plastics & overburdened waste management systems. This artwork is based on how the pandemic has changed our lives & the damages the earth is facing

“Good Health & Well-Being” by Group Undefined Production (Tan Han Yang, Jason Seik Ping Sheng, Khor Yong Aun, Eugene Yip Tic Chun, Daniel Tan Wee Cheng & Rachel Khoo Rui Xin) of Han Chiang University College of Communication. SDG Goal 03 Good Health and Well-being. This artwork looks into aspects of the Malaysian healthcare system, the issues & improvements that could be made. The sub-topics chosen are Universal Access to Sexual & Reproductive Care, Family Planning & Education, Fight Communicable Disease, Suicide Mortality, Prevalence of Tobacco Use, Mortality Rate From Unsafe Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH). With the Malaysian healthcare system being put under pressure during the pandemic, this artwork invites the audience to reflect on how we had to navigate our health processes & how we progress❓⁉️

“Zero Hunger” by Group Artistic Gang (Tan Sun Ying, P’ng Soak Nee & Yeap Quah Chin Xuan) of Han Chiang University College of Communication. SDG Goal 02 Zero Hunger. Malaysia 🇲🇾 as a developing nation is still suffering from food insecurity, childhood stunting & malnutrition. This artwork traverses the severity of the issue & hopes to inspire us to do our part in improving the wellbeing & health of our nation’s future

“Poverty Tripped by Theeran Rajamokan of Multimedia University. SDG Goal 01 No Poverty. The generative artwork explores regions still left behind in extreme poverty. Using data from World Population Living In Extreme Poverty from 1990-2019, the artwork invites us to reflect on those left behind during the pre-pandemic world and how it resulted in inequality within & between countries when the COVID-19 pandemic hit

The iNYALA 2022 supports the SDGs defined by the United Nations General Assembly (UN-GA). The SDGs are a comprehensive set of goals to end poverty, protect our planet & improve the lives & prospects of the global population, now & into the future

iNYALA is a progressive platform that seeks to inspire possibilities & create 🆕 experiences through media art & digital technologies. It continues from its 1️⃣st exhibition in 2019 , also emphasized on sustainability 👍🏻

What are you waiting for ❓⁉️

Do drop by to visit this amazing immersive art exhibition before Christmas day, 25 Dec ya 😁👍🏻

Website 🌐:

Read more of SiennyLovesDrawing’s earlier sharing about iNyala via her LinkedIn profile via 🌐

Everyone Can Fly with new SUPER+ Unlimited by airasia Super App

Yeah‼️ SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 would like to share about her recent media presence to witness the launch of the brand 🆕 SUPER+ Unlimited by airasia Super App ❤️📲 Do check out her LinkedIn photos album via 📸🌐

Yes ✅, almost all travel lovers will love this world’s 1️⃣st flight subscription with lifestyle perks ~ SUPER+ by the airasia Super App ❤️📲 It’s now made available for purchase worldwide with an enhanced version which will enable subscribers to fly further & enjoy more perks across the whole airasia ecosystem 😃

  • 1️⃣st time SUPER+ is made available for purchase worldwide with unlimited 🆓 seats to over 130 destinations, wow 😲
  • 🆕 perks include unlimited discounts for hotels & airasia ride, providing a complete travel experience for every subscriber 👍🏻

To date, over 100K SUPER+ subscribers have redeemed over 500K flight seats across Asean, with the highest redemption being 💯 flight seats 💺💺 within the 12 month period, wow 😲

This 🆕 SUPER+ offers 2️⃣ options for subscribers with aims to cater to the different destination needs & preferences of travellers

  • SUPER+ Lite provides access to all ASEAN countries
  • SUPER+ Premium provides access to all countries operated by the AirAsia airline group including destinations in Japan 🇯🇵👘, South Korea 🇰🇷🎎, Australia 🇦🇺🦘, New Zealand 🇳🇿, India 🇮🇳, Maldives 🇲🇻, Hong Kong 🇭🇰, Taiwan 🇹🇼 & Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

Both options include unlimited 🔟% off for airasia ride & unlimited 5️⃣% discount on all hotels on the airasia Super App ❤️📲

Mr Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Capital A said, “This is what we have been preparing for the return of travel & we are excited about the reopening of markets like Japan 🇯🇵, South Korea 🇰🇷, Taiwan 🇹🇼, Hong Kong 🇭🇰 & more to come in the near future. The SUPER+ subscription captures the beauty of our airasia Super App ❤️📲 platform ecosystem, which brings together all of our airlines & travel products & services like hotels, along with our e-commerce offerings eg. airasia ride 🚗, which is also included as a SUPER+ benefit. This is another product that highlights our DNA which is to create value for our customers & we will continue to champion this across all 🆕 products & services that we will introduce in the future.” 

Ms Amanda Woo, CEO of airasia Super App, said, “For the 1️⃣st time, we are opening up the 🆕 SUPER+ for everyone across the globe to buy, even those in the US , Europe & all other regions. For travellers from the West, this SUPER+ product is the best flight & lifestyle subscription for them to fully maximise & obtain the best value to rediscover the beauty of Asia. Since the initial launch in March this year, we have more than 100K subscribers across Malaysia 🇲🇾 , Thailand 🇹🇭 , Indonesia 🇮🇩 & the Philippines 🇵🇭 with over half a million flights already redeemed. We are excited to be the only super app platform in the market to bring a product such as SUPER+ to the world & for more to enjoy the airasia way of life with this subscription.” 

Mr Nathanon Tanmalaporn from Thailand 🇹🇭 said, “I’ve booked 109 flights internationally & domestically with SUPER+ already. It makes it easy for me to fly everywhere. Next stop: Australia 🇦🇺 & New Zealand 🇳🇿When he was being asked about how he has been utilising his SUPER+ subscription

Adding to the excitement of getting the SUPER+ subscription for her family, Mr Joseph Chai from Malaysia 🇲🇾 said, “I’ve gone to Manila with SUPER+ & flown over 💯 times domestically. I highly recommend this to people who are frequent leisure & business travellers.”

SiennyLovesDrawing got impressed 👩🏻🤩 to hear with how happy these subscribers of earlier Super+ & the many 🆓 flights that they’ve got during the past year, wow 😲

Go unlimited now as only 200K SUPER+ 🆕 subscriptions are available & can be purchased from NOW until 2359hrs (GMT+8) on 11 Dec 2022. The 🆕 SUPER+ Lite subscription plan is priced from;

  • RM888 in Malaysia 🇲🇾
  • THB6,999 in Thailand 🇹🇭
  • PHP11,000 in the Philippines 🇵🇭
  • IDR4 mil in Indonesia 🇮🇩
  • AUD309 in Australia 🇦🇺
  • KRW268,888 in South Korea 🇰🇷
  • SGD269 in Singapore 🇸🇬
  • USD199 for all other countries 🌎


SUPER+ subscribers can redeem their flights for 1️⃣ year* from the subscription date (Eg. 5 Dec 2022 to 5 Dec 2023) & travel from 1 Jan 2023

* ~ Embargo Period applies

Just click on the SUPER+ icon on the airasia Super App ❤️📲 to purchase

Flights redeemed via SUPER+ is subject to government taxes, fees, add-ons & other applicable charges. Flight bookings must be made at least 14 days before departure & are subject to the embargo period & other terms & conditions. Availability of the 🆓 seats is dependent on supply & demand on a particular route ✈️

Ohh ya…During this media launch, there were 🔟 lucky draw winners for this brand 🆕 Unlimited Super+, so sad that SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻😭  wasn’t 1️⃣ of it, else she will be sharing more travel content here with the subscription, sigh…Wishing for more good luck🤞🏻🍀

Do check out her IG album 📸📸 & TikTok clip captured from her media attendance 📹🌐


Yeah‼️ Recent media presence to witness the launch brand 🆕 Unlimited SUPER+ by @airasiasuperapp ❤️📲 Yes ✅, almost all travel lovers will love this world’s 1️⃣st flight subscription with lifestyle perks ~ SUPER+ by the #airasiaSuperApp ❤️📲 It’s now made available for purchase worldwide with an enhanced version which will enable subscribers to fly further & enjoy more perks across the whole airasia ecosystem 😃 Yes ✅, Everyone Can Fly with 🆕 SUPER+ Unlimited by airasia Super App, grab this subscription either lite or premium before 11 Dec 2022 ya Curious 🤔❓⁉️ Read more via 🌐 #airasia #superplus #superpluslife #superpluslite #superpluspro #travel #travelling #travellife #travellover #travellifestyle #flight #hotel #airasiaride #airasiahotels #airasiarewards #hotelaccommodation #unlimitedtravel

♬ Way Back Home – Instrumental – Leon Alex

Website 🌐

Tourism Futures Reimagined with The 6th World Tourism Conference

Yeah‼️ SiennyLovesDrawing as a travel lover & passionate tourism content creator 👩🏻💕🎒👟 would like to share about the World Tourism Conference (WTC) 2022 which jointly organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia (MOTAC), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) & Sabah State Government is happening from 28 Nov to 30 Nov 2022 at the Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia 🇲🇾

It’s the 6️⃣th edition this WTC 2022 to bring together approximately 1K delegates from more than 60 countries to reconnect & reassess tourism’s recovery in the aftermath of the worldwide pandemic 🙌🏻💪🏻👍🏻

art , travel  , quote

travel , art , quote

According to the UNWTO’s Policy Brief on Tourism & COVID-19, the crisis is an opportunity to rethink how tourism interacts with our societies, other economic sectors & our natural resources & ecosystems; to measure & manage it better; to ensure a fair distribution of its benefits; & to advance the transition towards a carbon neutral & resilient tourism economy

✨ ~ Tourism Futures Reimagined ~ ✨

With this theme, WTC 2022 aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for policy makers, experts & world leaders in tourism to present & discuss the most recent innovations, trends, practical challenges & solutions for the future of tourism. Also to champion thought leadership on tourism futures & strategies driving tourism’s recovery & resilience in a post-pandemic world 🌎

It features some 30 expert speakers comprising government policy makers, industry leaders & leading academicians, apart from UNWTO officials in championing thought leadership on tourism futures & strategies driving tourism’s recovery & resilience in a post-pandemic world. They include the State Minister, Ministry of Tourism Maldives 🇲🇻, Dr. Ahmed Salih; Regional General Manager, Tourism Australia 🇦🇺, Mr. Brent Anderson; Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA, Prof. Jafar Jafari; Co-founder of Traveloka, Indonesia 🇮🇩, Mr. Albert; & representatives from some of the world’s most innovative tourism-related companies such as Skift, Tripadvisor, TUI Group & Intrepid Travel 👍🏻

It’s an inspiring addition to Malaysia’s 2022 Calendar of Events 🇲🇾🗓️ with a full return to in-person participation, in line with Malaysia’s reopening of international borders since 1 Apr 2022. LocalMalaysian experts also made an appearance on the exclusive WTC 2022 stage including Prof. Dr. Amran Hamzah of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia; Mr. HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks; Ms. Lau Yin May, Group Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer, Malaysia Airlines; Mr. Yusno Yunos, CEO of Evenesis & 2️⃣ local Sabahans from Kota Kinabalu – Dr. Maklarin Lakim, Director of Sabah Parks & Ms. Jessica Yew, Founder & Director of Sticky Rice Travel

“This year’s conference is very significant for Sabah because Kota Kinabalu is playing host for the 2️⃣nd time after 12 years & undoubtedly, it is a clear testament to its fame as a major tourist destination 📍& a gateway for travellers visiting Sabah & Borneo. Kota Kinabalu is also 1️⃣ of the most attractive & popular destinations not just in Malaysia 🇲🇾 but in the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. When I came here in 2010 for the 1️⃣st time when Kota Kinabalu hosted the 2️⃣nd edition of the WTC, I was so impressed by its natural wonder & its unique culture & beauty with stunning tourism facilities that I made it a point to recommend 👍🏻 it to many friends in Asia including my fellow countrymen of Korea 🇰🇷, because I saw it as a very ideal destination to visit with one’s family & friends. I’m happy to report that many of them have taken me at my word & have come to experience the beauty of Kota Kinabalu.” Said Mr Harry Hwang, the Director, Regional Department For Asia & The Pacific, UNWTO in his opening remarks for WTC 2022

1️⃣ of the major highlights of the conference is the keynote presentation by distinguished speaker, Prof. Dato’ ChM. Dr. Mazlin Mokhtar of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network-Asia & Academy of Sciences Malaysia for the 1️⃣st time bring a scientist’s perspective to the WTC, particularly in advancing a more sustainable tourism recovery which embraces energy transition & carbon neutrality

Datuk Hajah Saraya Arbi, Secretary-General of MOTAC in her welcoming address has acknowledged the tremendous impact of the worldwide pandemic & multiple crises which continue to disrupt the tourism sector’s growth trajectory. “However, there is also a great window of opportunity 👍🏻 for us to rethink & reimagine tourism for the future which is more sustainable, inclusive & less susceptible to shocks,” She further explained

Despite challenging headwinds to the global economy in 2023 & beyond, experts have great expectations for the tourism sector, predicting continued pent-up demand alongside 🆕 growth opportunities & emerging niche markets arising from the pandemic. For instance, as tourism recovery gets underway, the boundaries between work, home, leisure & travel become increasingly blurred, requiring greater cross-collaboration 🤝🏻 between tourism & transport, health, security, cities & urban systems towards greater liveability & quality of life for both visitors & residents alike

“These are just some of the exciting new prospects that will be explored during this 2️⃣-day conference. Therefore, I hope the chosen theme of “Tourism Futures Reimagined” will inspire deep insights on the challenges, opportunities, trends and forecasts shaping the future of the industry,” Saraya concluded

FB live recording via 📹🌐


As tourism continues to be presented with challenges and uncertainties, there are multiple futures which the sector may be faced with. A foresight approach helps us envision the potential scenarios & provide a direction for the opportunities & challenges which lie ahead. This session aims to analyse & discuss the future of tourism after the pandemic against the backdrop of a challenging global economic environment. Topics of interest includes global megatrends, country-level scenarios, mobility trends & potential pathways of change with a particular emphasis on the implications for sustainability

Moderator: Ms. Jessy Chahal, News Anchor, Bernama News


  • Mr. Javier Ruescas, Senior Programme Officer, Tourism Market Intelligence & Competitiveness, UNWTO
  • Dr. Wouter Geerts, Head of Research, Skift
  • Dr. Johanna Loehr, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Griffith Institute for Tourism, Australia 🇦🇺
  • Dr. Ian Yeoman, Professor of Tourism Futures, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 🇳🇿
  • Ms. Lau Yin May, Group Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer, Malaysia Airlines

FB live recording via 📹🌐


According to a post-pandemic UNWTO Panel of Experts survey, the major segments driving tourism recovery include domestic tourism, travel close to home, open-air activities, nature-based products & rural tourism. However, there continues to be considerable debate if these short-term trends can translate into more transformative change for the sector. Using evidence from the pandemic & beyond, this session aims to identify 🆕 sources of growth for tourism by looking at key market shifts reshaping consumer demand

Moderator: Ms. Nailah Huda, Broadcast Journalist & Reporter, Astro Awani


  • Ms. Jane Lim, Vice President, Global Markets, Tripadvisor
  • Ms. Arifah Sharifuddin, Head of Malaysia Digital Nomad Department, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
  • Mr. Yusno Yunos, CEO & Founder, Evenesis
  • Dr. László Puczkó, CEO & Co-Founder, Health Tourism Worldwide, Hungary 🇭🇺
  • Dr. Amran Hamzah, Professor in Tourism Planning, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Dr. Maklarin Lakim, Director, Sabah Parks

FB live recording via 📹🌐


Building on strong pent-up demand, post-pandemic tourism successes are a testament to the great 👍🏻 flexibility & adaptive capacity of the sector. As proven by most of these inspiring stories, destinations & tourism-related businesses have thrived by deepening existing linkages with interrelated sectors eg. transport, cities & human settlement, public health, safety & liveability. This session has uncovered the extraordinary success stories from outstanding tourism leaders & captains of industry for policy makers, industry players & stakeholders to emulate & adopt best practices ✅


  • Mr. Gary Bowerman, Director, Check-in Asia
  • Dr. Ahmed Salih, State Minister, Ministry of Tourism, Maldives 🇲🇻
  • Mr. Brent Anderson, Regional General Manager, Tourism Australia 🇦🇺
  • Mr. Ben Owen, Project Manager, Centre Stage Project, UNWTO
  • Mr. Albert, Co-Founder, Traveloka
  • Ms. Rachael Lum, Co-Founder, LokaLocal
  • Ms. Natalie Kidd, Chief People & Purpose Officer, Intrepid Travel
  • Ms. Jessica Yew, Co-Founder & Director, Sticky Rice Travel

FB live recording via 📹🌐


Moving forward, tourism-related businesses should increasingly look to other economic sectors in order to adopt the best 👍🏻 business practices & global certification systems which can enhance corporate governance & foster a more progressive ecosystem for investments. This session has discussed topics about the ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) & sustainability assessment tools, among others, which can help prepare tourism businesses & workers for future crises & discover impact investment opportunities for tourism from an investor’s perspective

Moderator: Mr. Philip See, CEO, Firefly and Radio Presenter, BFM


  • Dr. Raymond Rastegar, Researcher and Lecturer, The University of Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺
  • Ms. Carol Mackenzie, Group Head of Crisis Management & Business Continuity, TUI Group
  • Mr. HC Chan, CEO, Sunway Malls & Theme Parks
  • Mr. Andrej Šimatić, Partner, BlueRock Consulting Austria 🇦🇹 & Croatia 🇭🇷
  • Dr. S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh, Director of Centre for Research and Innovation in Tourism (CRiT), Taylor’s University, Malaysia 🇲🇾
  • Prof. Jafar Jafari, Professor of Hospitality & Tourism, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA 🇺🇲

FB live recording via 📹🌐

Stories of Sustainability & Muslims Friendly Tourism in Malaysia

Hey all, SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 would like to share about her took part to a 3️⃣D2️⃣N Islamic Tourism Writers Workshop (ITWW) with theme ~ Stories of Sustainability ~ by the Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC). It intends to acquaint attendees with Malaysia’s 🇲🇾 Islamic Tourism & Muslim-Friendly Tourism & Hospitality (MFTH) ecosystem through technical tours, hands-on activities, experience sharing, lecture & panel sessions

Do enjoy your reading of SiennyLovesDrawing’s 👩🏻 experience gained, including each topics learnt & visits to some Muslims friendly destinations in Malaysia 🇲🇾

A special thanks to ITC for trusting her blogging & content creation passion

Do check out her main Twitter threads for this ITWW attended via 📌🌐

Introduction To Islamic Tourism/ Muslim-Friendly Tourism

All attendees met up at Islamic Art Museum Malaysia for a welcome briefing & workshop introduction. Also enjoyed an Arabic breakfast at its Moza Restaurant

A brief background, development & current trends of Islamic tourism in Malaysia 🇲🇾 gained

SiennyLovesDrawing has learnt that the definition of Islamic Tourism from ITC ie. Any activity, event, experience or indulgence undertaken in a state of travel that is Islamically compliant, with the purpose to interface within an Islamic framework, with 1️⃣ or all of the following: history, arts, culture, heritage, way of life, economy, health, education & any other human interests

Guess what❓⁉️

Forecasted that 230 billions Muslims travellers & with forecasted Muslims travel spending of USD225 billion in 2028 from the recent MasterCard-Crescentrating. It’s important for Malaysia to gear up & ready to receive them. Also the Malaysian business owners to start looking into & exploring the Muslims tourists market now


SiennyLovesDrawing understands better ITC roles since 2009 in research, standard & certification, training : capacity building, industry development & information exchange to supporting Muslims Friendly Malaysia mission 🇲🇾💪🏻👍🏻

A beautiful certificate received from her attendance at this well planned with amazing workshop content, she is looking forward to attending the next ITWW, so she can continue sharing more of Muslims friendly products & services in Malaysia with all of you here & across her platforms 👩🏻💪🏻👩🏻‍💻✍🏻

Ohh ya…She has added a 🆕 blog category now via 🌐 & progressively updating her past blog posts to it ya ☺️💕

Sunway Hotel’s Halal Practices & Hotel Food Waste Management

All attendees got to experience the green meeting facilities in Arena meeting room of Sunway Resort Hotel

As a go green supporter, SiennyLovesDrawing enjoyed her 1️⃣st green meeting & observed some great sustainability efforts ♻️💚✅👍🏻

✅ Glass water containers & cups replacing single use plastic
✅ Papers supply at a destinated corner in the meeting room, upon usage required, instead of distribute on each seat
✅ Snacks & sweets in reusable container eg. No more Mentos sweets to reduce single use plastic packaging etc.
✅ Food on Food concept: Repurpose the fruits skin as fruits containers
✅ Sunway Group owns a water treatment plant to source own clean drinkable treatment water for Sunway City’s water usage
✅ Usage of food waste composting machine

All attendees got to understand, then tour & gain experience a hotel’s sustainable food waste management practices. Also learning more insights into a Silver Muslim-Friendly Accommodation Recognition (MFAR) hotel’s sustainability efforts in managing food waste, as well as halal foods preparation for Muslims guests

Then, to visit the segregated halal kitchen & the food waste composting machine. It’s really impressive that with proper food waste management, the compost can be used as fertilizer in plantations ♻️💚💪🏻👏🏻👍🏻

SiennyLovesDrawing has learnt that 150kg food waste required for at least 18 to 24 hours compost process in this 300 litres machine. It depends on food waste put inside the machine, no specific measurements, if fruits skin a lot, the compost will be watery & hence it will take longer time to compost. Food scrap includes food being touched but not finished & food waste from food preparation

LinkedIn album via 📸📸 & 📸📸

Do check out her Tiktok clip captured from her exclusive tours 🇲🇾 via 📹🌐

Islamic Tourism Writing for Traditional Media

Amazing sharing session by Madam Putri Zanina Megat Zainuddin 🧕🏼, Former Editor of Travel Times, NST and freelance editor on writing tips from her great writing experiences

Guess what❓⁉️

SiennyLovesDrawing got a happy hands on experience & her questioning style opening got recognized among the attendees & Madam Putri that is interesting & grab attention

She is motivated to continue learning & deliver her best in blogging & content creation passion 👩🏻💪🏻👩🏻‍💻✍🏻

Sustainability & Its Roles in Islamic Tourism

All attendees received basic understanding about sustainability & how it is connected to Islamic Tourism

Also 3️⃣ attendees with media profession were invited to share their respective writing experience on Islamic Tourism & sustainability. Absolutely an interactive session


  • Assoc. Prof Dr Mazlina Mahdzar, Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management, UiTM
  • Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail, President, Ecological Association of Malaysia
  • Pn Norliza Othman, CEO TES Consultancy Sdn Bhd
  • Assoc. Prof Dr Baharom Abdul Hamid , Director of Research Management, INCEIF, The Global University of Islamic Finance

Moderator: Assoc. Prof Dr Mohmed Hafiz Hanafiah, Deputy Dean (Research & Industry Linkages) Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management, UiTM


SiennyLovesDrawing learnt better that sustainability in Islamic tourism actually linked to the 5️⃣ principles of “Maqasid Syariah” via🌐

Islamic Tourism Content Curation for Online Media

It was an interactive engaging sharing session with Gaya Travel Magazine team, a respected & well-versed online media travel journalism professionals

SiennyLovesDrawing has been joining Gaya Travel Team for its tourism trips years ago & proud to learn valuable insights & tips to manage online medias

She has learnt that she needs to share more short stories (Less than 1️⃣K words) instead of her usual long winded stories (Above 1.2K words) as Gaya Travel team suggested that from their analytics study that 🆕 generations nowadays don’t have long attention to read


SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 really learnt more about sustainability of Islamic Tourism in Malaysia 🇲🇾 as a non Muslims from this workshop

She wishes to continue involving in the next ITC workshops to then sharing more stories here 😃


Do stay tuned for her next blog stories on these Muslims friendly destinations that she has visited during the ITWW ☺️🤗

  • Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
  • Rehlah Nabawiyyah Walk
  • Mardhiyyah Hotel & Suites ~ Halal Chinese Food With Tung Yuen Restaurant & a Platinum Muslims Friendly Accomodation Recognition (MFAR) 👏🏻👍🏻 recipient from ITC
  • Sunway Pyramid Hotel ~ A Silver MFAR 👏🏻👍🏻 recipient from ITC
  • Heritage Walk 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️ in Old Kuala Lumpur
  • Jamek Mosque 🕌 Sultan Abdul Samad
  • Teratak Spa

#MuslimFriendlyMalaysia #sustainabilitystories #WanderingWriters