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Muslims Friendly Products & Services @ Selangor, Malaysia (Part 2)

Hey đŸ‘‹đŸ» all, continue from SiennyLovesDrawing’s earlier blog stories đŸ‘©đŸ»đŸ‘©đŸ»â€đŸ’» about her media attendance to the Familiarization (FAM) Trip Media Program for Promotion of Selangor State Halal Industry 2022 đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ recently, read more via 🌐

Also Part 1ïžâƒŁ of her detailed blog post with some of the Muslims friendly/ Shariah compliant/ Halal  â˜Ș✅ products & services that being discovered from this trip at Selangor, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ , read more via 🌐

Yeah‌ SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» would like to continue sharing the Part 2ïžâƒŁ on some of the Muslims friendly/ Shariah compliant/ Halal  â˜Ș✅ products & services that being discovered from this trip at Selangor, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ

~ Halal is for everyone, not just Muslims ~

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House Of Kambing (HOK) đŸ‘đŸ„©

This whole area is developed by MAHA, every 2 years 300 acres land will welcome tenants to come with agro tourism based. There are some with kelulut, petting zoo, horse riding etc. Since 2016, House Of Kambing as 1ïžâƒŁ of the tenant on a 5ïžâƒŁ acres land belongs to MARDI. It’s the 1ïžâƒŁ & only restaurant that integrates a farm 🌿🌳🌿 with dining place đŸœïž Yes ✅, farm to table concept. You will have the leisure of eating while sight seeing the sheep 🐑🐑 rooming around & play with them. Not just that, also a camel đŸȘ named Aminah 😍 It’s nestled within a vast greeneries 🌳🌳 where one can enjoy freshly grilled meats đŸ‘đŸ„© with a view 😍 You’ll feel as you’re at New Zealand 🇳🇿
It’s a family business & started small to serve lamb (aka kambing in Malaysia’s national language 🐑) dishes, steamed rice with grilled lamb, fried rice with kambing, crispy kambing, everything kambing here. There are approximately 300 customers at 1ïžâƒŁ time in this restaurant

With its motto ~ Customers 1st ~ At present, it’s with 20 permanent staff & majority are youngsters. Words of mouth 👄 that make this place grows with lots of locals, foreigners & celebrities to come visit & enjoy the freshly cooked lamb dishes here. Do patiently to wait approximately 15mins for foods to be served. Absolutely worth the wait, SiennyLovesDrawing personally love the grilled lamb aka kambing bakar dish served here the most, it’s so juicy & tasty to enjoy. Absolutely 1ïžâƒŁ of the best lamb dining she ever enjoyed đŸ˜‹đŸ€€đŸ‘đŸ»

Do check out her happy visit & tasty lamb dining TikTok clip captured via đŸ“č🌐

The lamb dishes here served with young sheep 🐑, yes ✅, for lamb of 4-8months old, so lower calories & cholesterol than chicken to consume. Approximately 100kg a day ie. 7 to 8 lambs a day

Online booking available for 20pax & above, do expect queue especially weekends crowd ya â˜ș

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Sisik Medan Ikan Bakar
It has changed its dining concept 360 degrees ie. From lunch that serves village cuisine & grilled fish to now ~ Grilled fish 🐟 & fresh seafood dishes concept. Many of its loyal customers being here for birthday celebration, Ramadan-breaking the fast & anniversaries
So, just be here, pick & choose your favorite seafood, weigh the seafood, choose the cooking style & enjoy a variety of seafood-based Malay flavor menus at the top of Shah Alam city đŸ˜‹đŸ‘đŸ»

SiennyLovesDrawing really enjoyed her tasty delicious seafood dinner with many different cooking styles, absolutely a happy satisfied full tummy đŸ˜‹đŸ€€

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Ayamas 🐔🍗

It was the 1ïžâƒŁst established store in Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ to introduce the sale of HALAL â˜Ș✅ fresh chicken 🐔 & other poultry-based products in a modern setting that is hygienic & convenient. All chicken from Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ & produced on its own farms & contracted farms to maintaining the quality since its establishment as a pioneer in roaster chicken in Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ Its own secret recipes to ensure quality, taste, texture of its roasted chicken 🍗  Despite the chicken supply shortage & increase of chicken price, Kedai Ayamas still offer it’s reasonable price for its customers

Every year to introduce at least 6 🆕 flavours , eg the most popular & limited time is salted egg. ~ “More Than Just Chicken” ~ It also offers ready-to-cook products eg. cooking pastes, spices, herbs & other kitchen-shelf products which ranging from special sauces to confectionery as well as beverages đŸ˜đŸ‘đŸ»

According to the Kedai Ayamas Puchong outlet manager, Mr Abdul Rahman, Kedai Ayamas already 34 years in F&B industry since 1988 at Sea Park outlet & no longer around now. With mostly of its roasted products, approximately 90%, it always emphasizes on its halal certified â˜Ș✅ status with JAKIM as halal compliance is the main component to ensure all its food, products & services’ preparation. Hence, it’s under the white list of JAKIM ie. Faster in receiving its halal certification for 🆕 outlets đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»

There are 76 outlets nationwide ie. 38 owned by its group & 38 owned under franchise. There are 60 outlets with halal certified, while the remaining in progress due to newly set up at the date of SiennyLovesDrawing’s visit in Sept 2022 😃

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Singgah Rasa Nasi Raja Salai đŸ„đŸ„©

It’s a dining place to enjoy well cooked “salai” aka smoke dishes by using coconut đŸ„„ shell to smoke its foods, yes ✅, a traditional smoke cooking style by its founder cum chef, Abang Along đŸ‘šđŸœâ€đŸł He humbly told the media members that he has failed in his canteen business adventure before, then studied business management program with study loans from his mother. Learnt to follow successful people’s paths & restart his business adventure again with Salai dishes, it’s stable successful now & also serving Asam Pedas dishes for its customers

He trained his own staff & with proper SOP in place to run his food business now. He got no worry that his staff will steal his recipes & aims to operating his food business under a franchise structure in the future đŸ‘đŸ»

Highly recommend you all to stop by here for meals as the foods served really tasty delicious đŸ˜‹đŸ€€ Personally, SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys the Salai Chicken 🍗 Masak Lemak & Salai Keli fish (Catfish) 🐟 served here

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One Serambi Cafe (OSC) đŸœïž

It has started its baby steps by merging different ideas in hopes of forming an authentic experience which caters to all walks of life ~ a celebration, gatherings, a quick catch up, business meetings, casual drink etc.

It aims to provide unique excitement & rewarding experience with the best quality service & delicious foods ranging from delectable small bites to exquisite main courses that complemented with a flavorful coffee ☕

SiennyLovesDrawing has enjoyed her plate of Norwegian Salmon Steak, a cup of hot honey lemon & sharing some delicious cakes 🍰🍰 from here, a happy satisfied tummy đŸ˜‹đŸ‘đŸ»

The Honorable Tuan Mohd Zawawi bin Ahmad Mughni đŸ‘šđŸœâ€đŸ’Œ, Chairman of the the Islamic Affairs, Consumer Affairs & Halal Industry Committee of the State of Selangor also joined them for dinner at this cafe. He shared some latest updates & plans moving forward the initiatives for halal industries in Selangor with all media members. He encourages buy halal 1ïžâƒŁst since 2020 & shared about SELHAC ~ Selangor International Halal Convention which annually hosted

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Serai Thai Shah Alam

It’s a Thai restaurant & SiennyLovesDrawing really enjoyed her recent dining here đŸ‡čđŸ‡­đŸœïž

Personally she recommends the addictive tasty fresh Thai lime steamed Siakap fish đŸ‡čđŸ‡­đŸŸđŸ‘đŸ», a balance of spicy & sourish Tomyam seafood soup đŸČ😋 & sambal prawn đŸ€ served here

If you love spicy & Thai food, you’ve to drop by to try yourself here ya đŸ€€đŸ‘đŸ»



Anggun Abaya Dubai Boutique ~ Anggun Chitra 👚🧣

It’s a Shariah compliant boutique for all inspirational women at affordable prices to delivering finest abaya & haute couture from the heart of Dubai 🇩đŸ‡Ș

It started since 2018 from Muslimah fashion to lifestyle with kids fashion, male fashion, foods etc. It focus on Indonesia đŸ‡źđŸ‡© & Dubai 🇩đŸ‡Ș ie. the niche item is Abaya which being imported from Dubai, whole the Muslimah items are imported from Jakarta, Indonesia

It aims to have Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ as hub for Muslimah fashion in Asia, Middle East etc. It hosts Live Dubai Sales once in while & the most recent one was in June 2022. The Abaya from Dubai are ready on shelf in this boutique with some designs & tailor made, then sent to factory in Dubai before import to Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ

According to the co-founder, the targets on physical store & online store are different. For niche products like their Abaya, she found out that her customers prefer to touch, feel & see the products before buying it. The experience with the products 1ïžâƒŁst before buying is important & hence her physical fashion boutique provides this customer experience

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Amirul Grocer

It’s a bumiputra’s halal retail business chain founded by Mr Eda Rahman, also CEO of Tanjak Mega Holding Berhad. It aims to market Muslim products & being active in helping the local community. Pricing here is actually very competitive & cheaper than some hypermarkets nearby

It started since 2019 in Perak & its latest outlet @ Seksyen 2, Shah Alam, Selangor early Sept. It gathers & sells Muslim friendly & halal products from the small & medium industries of Selangor eg. AgroMas, Kamariah etc. Muslim owned & Muslims home made owners will be considered on a case to case basis to sell in Amirul Mart according to the branch manager at Amirul Grocer Seksyen 15

The sale of fresh chicken was very recently started since 12 Sept & with supply of halal chicken factory in Ipoh, so it can offer best price for its customers. At the moment, it offers the cheapest fresh chicken in Shah Alam. Special chicken promo every Fri, Sat & Sun đŸ‘đŸ»

It also offering a business space called ‘Celebrity Business Corner’ where some Malaysian celebrities/ artists can market their own products in all their branches. Some of the participating celebrities brands are Jaafar On, Radhi OAG, Asheed Def Gab C, Dato Seri Amir Pearl, CDNaz, Zubira, Brad Mpire, Lola XPDC, Hj Kamal (Bayang Cafe) & Green Dome

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Concorde Hotel Shah Alam

It’s an internationally renowned business class 4ïžâƒŁ star hotel which just a short 45-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur International Airport ✈ It’s an award winning đŸŽ–ïž hotel brimming with elegant rooms & suites, also ideal for hosting corporate functions, weddings, meetings & events with a spacious ballroom that can accommodate up to 700 guests. It includes complimentary shuttle services 🚐🚌 around the city, spa treatments & a fitness centre

It’s just a short distance away from I-City, a 72-acre theme park that offers family-fun activities & rides. It’s located near the prestigious Blue Mosque that’s widely considered as the largest mosque in Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ Its glorious blue dome & minarets make it a stunning architectural masterpiece. Some of the hotel rooms here offer mosque view đŸ•ŒđŸ€©đŸ˜đŸȘŸ

SiennyLovesDrawing & her roommate had a great đŸ‘đŸ» comfy stay for 2ïžâƒŁ nights during this FAM trip, especially the beautiful mosque view & sunset from room đŸ•ŒđŸ€©đŸ˜đŸȘŸ

Ohh ya…No need to worry about the azan from the mosque early in the morning, none heard during her stay experience here



So, with this blog post (Part 2ïžâƒŁ) & earlier blog post (Part 1ïžâƒŁ), SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» has concluded her media attendance of this Familiarization (FAM) Trip Media Program for Promotion of Selangor State Halal Industry 2022 đŸ‡ČđŸ‡ŸÂ  SiennyLovesDrawing has learnt so much more about Muslims friendly/ Shariah compliant as well as Halal certified products & services in Selangor đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ, of course at the same time being inspired by each of the respective business owners, co-founders or management officers met throughout this trip

She strongly believe that every success in a business requires not just a certain level of braveness not to afraid failure, but also to get up & start again from the lesson learnt. Yes ✅, the spirit of keep trying with great đŸ‘đŸ» passion to continue the entrepreneur journey, even to take up the challenge of being the pioneer in an industry or expertise 

Bravo to all Muslims friendly/ Shariah compliant/ Halal  â˜Ș✅ business adventures whether small or big, keep it up, respective success surely awaiting ahead ya đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ’ȘđŸ»đŸ™ŒđŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»




Things To Do at Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia

Updated 27.9.2022 10am

Yeah‌ Happy Malaysia Day, 16 Sept to all 💗đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ

Do check out this TikTok clip đŸ“č🌐 captured by Tourism Malaysia on what’s Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ in siennyLovesDrawing’s eyes đŸ‘©đŸ»đŸ‘ïž đŸ‘ïž đŸ‘€â“â‰ïž

Special thanks for this ya â˜șïžđŸ™đŸ»â€ïž & SiennyLovesDrawing has met lots of 🆕 friends from this Lenggong trip, friendships forever all till we next travel trip together gather 😃😁

SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» is a proud Anak Malaysia 💕đŸ‡ČđŸ‡ŸđŸ’— & always love to share about her home country here, this time she would like to share her recent trip to Lenggong, Perak with Tourism Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ

Ohh yes âœ…đŸ‘đŸ» Lenggong Valley of Perak, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ was a little-known backwater town, then with famous news 📰 of Perak Man (Born with congenital deformity) discovery in Gua Gunung Runtuh ie. An archeological team from Universiti Sains Malaysia Penang discovered the 11K years old “oldest & complete” human skeleton 💀 found in Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ in the early 1990s. It was then successfully being listed as a UNESCO world heritage site on 30 June 2012 with 4ïžâƒŁ archaeological sites in 2ïžâƒŁ clusters ie. Gua Gunung Runtuh, Kota Tampan, Bukit Jawa & Bukit Sapi. Also listed as Lenggong Geopark since Dec 2021 đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»

Some archaeological experts have dubbed Lenggong Valley as an open-air museum ~ There is an evidence of cave drawings, skeletons 💀💀 & precious finds of weapons, stone tools, pottery, etc. It covers 1ïžâƒŁ of the longest culture sequences in a single locality in the world 🌎 Read more about Lenggong via 🌐 & via 🌐

So, let’s check out where are the places to visit 📍📍, things to do, local foods to enjoy & hotel accommodations 😃😁 at Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ

Places To Visit & Things To Do

Lata Kekabu Waterfalls

Let’s discover the Lenggong’s natural gem 💎 ~ It’s a breathtaking sparkly waterfalls that resides in Taman Eko Rimba Lata Kekabu 🌳🌳 Other than waterfalls, there are natural pools & suspension bridge 🌉 with a spectacular view from the top đŸ˜đŸ‘đŸ»

SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» really enjoyed here as a calm & peaceful place to explore the pristine beauty of flora & fauna, the plunge for a refreshing dip & swim in the cooling natural mountain stream đŸžïž

Do check out her happy nature time exploring this waterfall TikTok clip captured via đŸ“č🌐

This park is well maintained with lots of good signboards to alert its visitors of their safety đŸŠș whether the waterfall areas are suitable for swimming đŸŠđŸ»â€â™€ïž or water 🌊💩 splashing fun. Do pay attention to the signboards, let’s be safe while enjoying the natural beauty here ya đŸ€—

The waterfall is just less than 15mins of a slow walking đŸš¶đŸ»â€â™€ïžđŸš¶đŸ»from the entrance using the provided trails. Not to worry, it’s absolutely simple easy flat walking ya đŸ‘đŸ» Also with jungle trekking route if you are adventurous hike đŸ„Ÿ

Tips📌: Suggest to bring a towel & spare clothes for a change, there are public toilet đŸšœ here ya


Tasik Raban

It’s an abundant still water with a beautiful đŸ˜đŸ€© view of the valley of mountains â›°ïžđŸžïž For nature lovers, you will definitely be amazed to enjoy viewing the flora & fauna that can be explored here

Canoeing aka kayaking đŸ›¶ & boat ride đŸšŁâ€â™€ïžđŸšŁ in Tasik Raban, in the middle of Titiwangsa Range & Bintang Hijau Range to enjoy watching the dusk scenery & sunset 😍🌄🌅

SiennyLovesDrawing absolutely loves her sunset time here đŸŒ…đŸŒ„đŸšŁđŸ»â€â™€ïž, so so relax while enjoying the beautiful sunset moments ❀

Visitors can enjoy cycling here too đŸšŽđŸ»â€â™€ïžđŸšŽđŸ»â€â™‚ïž & fishing 🎣 lovers can enjoy fishing with sampan boat đŸšŁđŸšŁâ€â™€ïž Not just that, visitors can opt for an overnight stay here either with Resort Tasik Raban or camping đŸ•ïž

She has enjoyed high tea ☕🍰🍼 in front of the Resort Tasik Raban area, yes ✅, just by the lakeside under the flysheet & tent setup by Skycamp aka Skytrex Adventure, also had a good chat with the founder of Suak Saudagar Expresso to learn about coffee ☕ making & cafe latte art from him too 😃 Do continue reading on as she then enjoyed a great heritage dinner at his cafe home 🏡 too. Highly recommended & advance booking required for heritage dinner preparation đŸœïžđŸ‘đŸ» It’s so chill relaxing to enjoy chit chatting & high tea here


Ladang Ternakan Madu Kelulut KAB

This stingless bee (Aka Kelulut in Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ’s national language 🐝) farm is surrounded by forest reserve 🌳🌳

Hence, the honey is formed from the forest herbs flowers, each type of Kelulut 🐝 actually will harvest different taste of honey 🍯 whether a mixture of sour & sweet taste or pure sweet taste, absolutely unique đŸ˜ƒđŸ‘đŸ»

SiennyLovesDrawing loves the stingless bee 🐝 honey 🍯 sipping experience at this farm

Not just that stingless bee honey 🍯 offers different health benefits for own healthy consumption too, it’s a good gifting idea 🎁, so you can grab a bottle via its official online Shopee store named Atiah_Badek via đŸ›ïžđŸ›’đŸŒ , let’s support local business đŸ’ȘđŸ»đŸ™ŒđŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»

Do check out her happy visit & sipping kelulut honey 🍯 TikTok clip captured via đŸ“č🌐

Website 🌐:

Lenggong UNESCO Caves Expedition

It was a guided caving expedition by representatives of Lenggong Geopark Expert & National Heritage Depertment to conquer the Gua Kajang, Gua Memerang, Gua Asar, Gua Ngaum, Gua Puteri, Gua Kubah, Gua Gelap & trace back its glory back to the stone age. These caves are the 1ïžâƒŁst excavation sites in Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ in the year 1917 đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ€©

Gua Kajang is 🔟mins drive 🚗 from Gua Gunung Runtuh where 2ïžâƒŁ female skeletons were found at the entrance of this cave. 1ïžâƒŁ of several caves in Bukit Kepala Gajah limestone massif, also was the site of the 1ïžâƒŁst cave archaeological excavation in Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ back in 1917, fragments of pottery, stone tools & food residues were uncovered here. The pottery discovered here claimed to be the oldest recorded pottery in Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ for the production & usage of pottery

This is an interesting cave with a unique tunnel-like structure together with fascinating stalagmites & stalactites. It offers instagrammable spots to capture lovely OOTDs with a ❓ & ♄ shapes, amazing đŸ˜đŸ€©

Gua Memerang with its name that a memerang aka otter looking natural formed within this cave
Gua Asar with its name from the Muslim prayer Azan Asar was played when this cave was discovered
Gua Ngaum was 1ïžâƒŁst site discovered in 1990 by a team from University Science Malaysia. It was named ‘ngaum’ after a tiger 🐯🐅 was heard roaring outside the mouth of the cave soon after it was discovered. Food remains, stone tools & potsherd ie. fragments of broken pottery were the evidence of human habitation around 7K years ago, wow đŸ˜Č
Gua Puteri is a slightly challenging cave to reach, all have to climb & hold the ropes to avoid falling down. It offers interesting natural limestone formations inside it, SiennyLovesDrawing has observed the sculptures of a princess, a Malaysia map đŸ—ș & a frog 🐾 during her recent visit
Gua Kubah is with windy đŸŒŹïž moments to walk in, a very spacious cave comparatively
Gua Gelap is the cave that you can see the fruit bat 🩇 here, you will smell their poo đŸ’© once you step in this cave. Guess what❓⁉ Their đŸ’© makes great đŸ‘đŸ» fertilizer for plants

Do check out her happy hike & explore the caves TikTok clip captured via đŸ“č🌐


Lenggong Valley Tour

It was a guided tour by the representatives of Lenggong Geopark Expert & National Heritage Depertment, as well as Mineral Department

Bailey Bridge 🌉 at Kampung Belum Baru was an instant yet strong wooden bridge built by the Squadron Army in 3ïžâƒŁ days which is part of the main road that is used daily, when you’re here you will sure observe the heavy vehicles to/ from this bridge 🌉 with goods transporting

Hmm…So shy to share that SiennyLovesDrawing accidentally fell down from this bridge 🌉😂 while snapped photos, luckily just her right leg đŸŠ”, if both her legs, she will be dropped to Sungai Perak & she doesn’t know how to swim đŸŠđŸ»â€â™€ïžđŸ˜°đŸ˜± Thanks God, she was safe with a memorable bruises moment during this trip 😂

LoL 😆, this was the photo & the broken hole đŸ•łïž as you observed behind her in this photo was how her right leg đŸŠ” got fell down. Moral of the story is we as visitors & travellers need to be careful with our surroundings while busy taking photos or videos. During dinner on that night, she had a chat with the Majlis Daerah Lenggong team about her incident & she was told that they have submitted requests to the Jabatan Kerja Raya to continuously repair & maintenance this bridge 🌉, some of the maintenance work already on going, just that finding suitable wood to replace the broken parts of this bridge 🌉 take time as not easy to find the equivalent wood quality

SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» greatly appreciates the actions taken to ensure the locals & visitors’ safety at this heritage bridge moving forward đŸ™ŒđŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»
Telaga Biru is a rare geopark site that features natural occurrences from the ground that is said to have health benefits for skin disease & anti aging. It’s recommended that to cook this well water 1ïžâƒŁst before consume it ya

Luat Bridge 🌉 is a scenic & panoramic view of 2ïžâƒŁ majestic range, Titiwangsa & Bintang Hijau. Get a glimpse of Bukit Bunuh, a site of a meteorite impact, read more Malaysia’s national language via 🌐


Mini Amazon Expedition

From Pengkalan Pipit, then to experience Lenggong scenic backwater tour. Yes ✅, it’s an enjoyable mini Amazon expedition by boat đŸš€ through Tasik Raban & Sungai Perak

During the boat ride, listened to the history of a sunken village named Kampung Raban in the 1940s, the Peacock Bass fish 🐟 which is native to the Amazon, the original sites of the film Anna & The King, Operation Mekong, as well as the village house with famous Petronas Hari Raya 2003 advertisement named Janda Beranak Tujuh

Do continue reading on her riverside lunch at Kampung Durau under Food section below with a TikTok clip captured ya đŸ˜‹đŸ‘đŸ»


Pekasam Making at Pekasam Warisan Utara

Learning how to make Pekasam ie. A famous traditional food from scratch

Guess what⁉❓

Lenggong is known as the best Pekasam export dated back to the 70’s

SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» has learnt the whole process of Pekasam making from here

Don’t ever underestimate the power of salt 🧂 in creating delicious đŸ˜‹đŸ€€ traditional dishes

Do check out her Perkasam making process TikTok clip captured via đŸ“č🌐


Food đŸ˜‹đŸ€€

Abang “Uu” Roti Canai & Murtabak

SiennyLovesDrawing really enjoyed her beef murtabak & iced Neslo breakfast served here đŸ˜‹đŸ‘đŸ»

Not just that Abang Uu is so friendly that he allowed her to flipping roti, lol 😆😆 Do check out her happy flipping roti & Murtabak eating TikTok clip captured via đŸ“č🌐


MYKP Kg Chepor Riverside

MYKP meant for My Komuniti Perikanan ie. My Fishing Community

SiennyLovesDrawing had great đŸ‘đŸ» time here & highly recommended you all to enjoy Lenggong cuisine lunch with local delicacies & scenic view of Perak River & its surrounding mountain valley by the beautifully built lookout bamboo tower here

Do check out her happy dining TikTok clip captured đŸ“č🌐 Ohh ya…Must listen to her voice over in this TikTok clip ya đŸ‘©đŸ»đŸ’•đŸ‡ČđŸ‡ŸđŸ’—


Deer Farm, Kampung Luat 🩌🩌

SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ»đŸ’• had great đŸ‘đŸ» time enjoyed local delicacies high tea among the deer 🩌🩌with a vast view field with free-running deer 🩌🩌

Do check out her TikTok clip captured đŸ“č🌐

Yes ✅, Lenggong area with lots of deer 🩌🩌 It’s absolutely a great đŸ‘đŸ» chance to get personal & up close with the deer 🩌🩌while you dine here. the deer 🩌🩌 just so so friendly, no need to worry ya đŸ˜ƒđŸ‘đŸ»

You may contact En Wafiy via đŸ“±+6019-2339101 who has started this space for about 1.5 years


Suak Saudagar Expresso

Enjoyed heritage dinner here, yes ✅, a “gastronomical-time-tunnel” experience that serves traditional menus ie. Kebebeh, Pindang Daun Semiar, Kemahang & many more đŸ˜‹đŸ‘đŸ» in an old village house

Personally, she really love the taste of Kebebeh for the 1ïžâƒŁst time here, so so delicious đŸ˜‹đŸ€€ to enjoy. Do check out her happy dining TikTok clip captured đŸ“č🌐

Love the antique collections display in the dining space here, just like a mini museum đŸ€©

Ohh ya…Day time is a cafe for all to enjoy a cuppa ☕, the owner is the one that passionately shared & conducted coffee making workshop at Tasik Raban as shared above đŸ‘đŸ» This place at day time is a cafe to enjoy a great cuppa ☕, highly recommended for all coffee lovers to dropping by whenever you’re at Lenggong, Perak

She has recently dropped by for a cuppa & enjoyed the Hazelnut Latte đŸ„€ during #TravelPeraklah trip with Gaya Travel. It’s always good to be back to good đŸ‘đŸ» places while cuti cuti Malaysia đŸ‘©đŸ»đŸ’•đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ


Riverside Lunch at Kampung Durau

Yes ✅, as shared above, during the mini Amazon expedition cruise ride, she has visited to the approximately 11 families that still inhabit in Kampung Durau ie. 1ïžâƒŁ of the few villages that only accessible by water transport đŸš€

Also enjoyed feast on tasty home cook village lunch, also the fruit salad aka Rojak Buah here is absolutely tasty delicious đŸ˜‹đŸ€€ yummy max đŸ‘đŸ»

Highly recommended you all to stop by the villages during your river cruise đŸ›„ïž for the local traditional delicacies prepared by the locals here

So, let’s support the community tourism, do opt for a river tour & then opt for a village lunch to support the Lenggong community tourism ya đŸ’ȘđŸ»đŸ™ŒđŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»

Ohh ya…Do grab a souvenir from here ~ the fruit rojak sauce @ Kampung Durau is absolutely tasty, not to miss ya đŸ˜‹đŸ‘đŸ»


Hotel Accommodation 🏱

Branda Sungai Sumpitan

Checked in to a hidden nature bed & breakfast concept accommodation here with my room mate for 2ïžâƒŁ nights stay here đŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ˜ŽđŸ’€ during recent trip with Tourism Malaysia

This place was launched since May 2022, yes ✅, a 🆕 space

SiennyLovesDrawing absolutely enjoyed a splendid, 🆓 from hustle & bustle, tidy & clean chalet stay experience, especially love the beautiful scenery here 😍đŸȘŸ

A happy serenity in nature chalet or glamping stay if you’re a nature lover ya đŸ’šđŸŒłđŸŒłđŸ‘đŸ»

Guess what❓⁉

You can basically just walking down from the staircase in front of your room to the river for a cooling river swim, yes ✅, right open your room door đŸšȘ to be at the river side đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ˜

Not just that, SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» actually has dine in here for breakfast, lunch, tea time & dinner at Rumah Makan Exotik Lenggong during her recent trip as she enjoyed her comfy stay for 2ïžâƒŁ nights here 😃 Superb love the foods here, Lol 😂😆 ha…ha…
Absolutely a nice place to enjoy meals served here for a great đŸ‘đŸ» variety of local foods & accompanied by the natural sound of river flow 😁 Ohh ya…It serves delicious deer 🩌 dishes here ya đŸ˜‹đŸ‘đŸ» Enjoyed BBQ dinner with the performance of local band mic đŸŽ€đŸŽ”đŸŽ¶

She has got fireflies in her room ✹with shine blinking accompanied her asleep đŸ›ŒđŸ’€ in the dark, absolutely a happy surprise of the fantastic đŸ˜đŸ€© moments with nature surrounding here


So, let’s plan your travel to experience the beauty & heritage of Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ, for sure you will never regret ya đŸ’—đŸ‘đŸ»

Amazing Scenic Getaway in Kundasang, Sabah of Malaysia

Hey all đŸ‘‹đŸ»â˜ș, as refer to SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ»’s earlier blog post about her Best Moments in Sabah, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ , if you’ve missed it, you may enjoy your read via 🌐

In this blog post, she will share about her amazing scenic getaway with FLYPOD Kinabalu Mountain Lodge, Kundasang, Sabah of Malaysia 焞汱飛ç‚čć±±ćș„ đŸžïžđŸĄđŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€đŸ˜ƒ

Actually SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» wasn’t in her itinerary planning to travel to Kundasang đŸžïžduring this recent Sabah trip. However, just because of a beautiful coincidence that she got to know & engage with FLYPOD team (🌐 , a great đŸ‘đŸ» 1ïžâƒŁ stop travel solutions provider, then she got to enjoy a fully recharged mind, body & soul, an awesome scenic getaway at FLYPOD Kinabalu Mountain Lodge đŸĄđŸžïžđŸ‘

So, she has checked out & stored her big backpack 🎒 with FLYPOD Hotel 🏹 (Fee applies ✅), then enjoyed yummy brunch đŸ˜‹đŸœïžâ˜• @ FLYPOD Restaurant before departed to Kundasang đŸžïž with Sky Tee & Jane of FLYPOD team đŸ‘«đŸ»đŸš—â˜șïžđŸ’•

FLYPOD Kinabalu Mountain Lodge đŸžïžđŸĄđŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€ is centrally located at Kinabalu Park, Sabah. It offers a strategic location 📍& comfortable environment with beautiful scenery đŸ˜đŸ€©, if you’re planning your hiking đŸ„Ÿ to Mount Kinabalu ⛰, do check out this lodge đŸžïžđŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€â›°ïž

Ohh ya…It was took over by a 🆕 management ie. FLYPOD & with its soft opening on 1 Feb 2022. It requires a 2.5 hours car ride 🚗 from FLYPOD Hotel 🏹, Kota Kinabalu International Airport ✈ & Tanjung Aru Railway Station 🚉 You may engage for the transport service either car, van or bus 🚗🚐🚌 to reach to this lodge with FLYPOD team ya đŸ‘đŸ»

With the 🆕 FLYPOD team management since Feb 2022, this lodge đŸžïžđŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€â›°ïžđŸ‘đŸ» is now much improved on its cleanliness & well equipped for all its guests’ necessity comparatively if you’ve read up the TripAdvisor reviews made prior Feb 2022. SiennyLovesDrawing has shared & contributed her TripAdvisor review via 🌐 based on her lodge stay in July 2022, so more travelers got an updated review, sharing is caring as always ya â˜șïžđŸ’•


Kinabalu Park đŸžïžđŸŒł was gazetted in 1964 to protect Mount Kinabalu ⛰ & its flora & fauna 🌳🌳, also Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ ’s 1ïžâƒŁst World Heritage Site declared by the UNESCO in Dec 2000 for its outstanding universal values & the role as 1ïžâƒŁ of the most important biological sites in the world 🌎 Plenty of nature activities available especially enjoy the trekking trails đŸžïžâ›°ïžđŸ„ŸđŸ‘đŸ», more info via 🌐

Yeah‌ You may request to stop by the Nabalu Craft Market before heading up the lodge for a quick shopping đŸ›ïžđŸ›’ Had a safe arrival with FLYPOD team though the roads up to the lodge is slightly steep, then enjoyed a cuppa of hot honey 🍯 as welcome drink 😋💕 from the friendly staff here at this lovely lodge, yes ✅, she did felt being home 🏡 & welcomed đŸ€—

When arrived, 1ïžâƒŁst impression to her, it’s absolutely suitable for a nature 🌳🌳 getaway from the busy city 🌆🌇 lifestyle & to enjoy relaxing. Totally an ideal đŸ‘đŸ» place for travelers within Kinabalu Park area đŸžïž

Let’s stay & enjoy a nice up close nature getaway with the view of the green nature of Kundasang valleys đŸžïžâ›°ïžđŸŒłđŸŒł

Do enjoy her TikTok clip captured from her awesome stay here via đŸ“č🌐

This lodge đŸžïžđŸĄđŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€ is actually owned by FLYPOD which was established in 2017, it was took over & then with soft opening in Feb 2022. FLYPOD is a management company for different business divisions & based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. FLYPOD aspires to be 1ïžâƒŁ of the prime movers of the local tourism industry in Sabah, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ with FLYPOD Hotel, FLYPOD Restaurant, FLYPOD Cafe Lounge & this Kinabalu Mountain Lodge, also upcoming FLYPOD beachfront, all are set to thrive in serving both domestic & international travellers to Sabah, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ Also to be 1ïžâƒŁ of the leading sustainable & environmental friendly 💚tourism organizations in the Sabah tourism industry to providing memorable travel experiences to all visitors

It sets 9ïžâƒŁkm from Mount Kota Kinabalu ⛰ to offer accommodation đŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€ with a restaurant, a shared lounge & a 24-hour front desk for all its guests’ convenience. There is a private bathroom with bidet in some units, along with slippers, a hairdryer & 🆓 toiletries. It offers airport shuttle service with an applicable fee đŸš—âœˆïž

This lodge has a garden & sun terrace. She has checked into a Queen Room with Balcony in FLYPOD Kinabalu Mountain Lodge for a comfy night stay đŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ˜ŽđŸ’€ Love the comfortable pillow & bed đŸ›ïž Her room is with attached bathroom & fully equipped with all necessity inclusive of electric kettle, cups, toiletries, tissue papers, towels, water heater, fan (No need for air conditioner, it’s absolute chill cozy with its cooling weather). If required, you may request for mosquito repellent, heater, iron & hair dryer from the hotel reception

Ohh ya…Thanks so much for the mosquito repellent spray & heater set up in her room by its friendly polite lodge staff. The free WiFi connection đŸ“¶ here was good during her stay here as she managed to do a work Gmeet đŸ‘đŸ» upon her checked in, yeah!! 😀

She loves ❀ the peaceful calm environment here so much, making she easily fall asleep here, cooling nice â˜ïžđŸŒĄïžđŸ‘đŸ»

Guess what❓⁉

She really had a good rest during her stay here, nice deep sleep đŸ’€đŸ˜Ž with its calm soothing surroundings â›°ïžđŸžïžđŸ’šđŸŒłđŸŒł Absolutely a good stay to enjoy maximum rest here đŸ‘đŸ»

Do check out her FB album posted on her Sabah travels via 📾🌐


She woke up happily after a great đŸ‘đŸ» early night rest here đŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€đŸ‘đŸ» She loves the nice valley view đŸȘŸ from her room & enjoyed birds singing in the morning đŸŒ„đŸ•ŠïžđŸŠ

SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» is fully charged & energized from her good night rest here đŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€đŸ‘đŸ»The cosy comfy environment here making her easily fall asleep on the bed đŸ›ïž, it’s absolutely a good place for resting, highly recommended đŸ‘đŸ»

During her stay, she has met 2ïžâƒŁ Singapore travelers, Naz & Lucas, had good chat with them to exchange travel stories & experiences đŸ‘«đŸ»đŸ˜ƒđŸ˜ They love their cozy comfy stay here & recommended the trekking đŸ„Ÿ at Kinabalu Park


Ohh ya…You can enjoy steamboat meal đŸ«•đŸČ during your stay here, absolutely a great đŸ‘đŸ» dining choice with its nice cooling â˜ïžđŸŒĄïž, yummy đŸ˜‹đŸ€€ max

She got to enjoy her favorite hot green bean soup đŸ„Ł (From earlier night supper as she missed it due to fall asleep đŸ’€ unpredictably from the cosy comfy room đŸ›ŒđŸ»), hot honey & fried noodles as breakfast đŸ˜‹đŸ‘đŸ»

SiennyLovesDrawing got amazed & loved the beautiful view of the Donkey head peak of Mountain Kota Kinabalu đŸ€©đŸ˜ during her morning walk đŸš¶đŸ»â€â™€ïžđŸš¶đŸ»â€â™‚ïžwith Sky Tee & the absolute friendly guard dog, Happy 🐕‍đŸŠș🩮


Highly recommendedđŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ» SiennyLovesDrawing really love & enjoyed her great stay here đŸ‘©đŸ»â€ïžđŸ’•

It’s really a good place to be at if you wish to enjoy a silent retreat, me time as well as family time with cooling weather & green nature view

Insider news: There will be a family room soon here (Now construction đŸ—ïžđŸš§ in progress) with view đŸȘŸ overlooking beautiful mountain valley đŸ˜đŸ€©đŸŒ„ Definitely worth to enjoy family time here

Absolutely a good 1ïžâƒŁ stop travel hospitality service enjoyed during SiennyLovesDrawing’s extended stay with FLYPOD Hotel 🏹, she really impressed with the friendly customer services from the FLYPOD team, including the guard dog, Happy 🐕‍đŸŠș🩮 @ FLYPOD Kinabalu Mountain Lodge 😃😁 Do keep up the great customer service spirits, SiennyLovesDrawing for sure will be back again, see you ya

Highly recommended you all to connect with FLYPOD team for your Sabah travel ya đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ™ŒđŸ»đŸ‘đŸ».

~ FLYPOD, Be welcomed. Be fulfilled. Be at home ~

Yes ✅, SiennyLovesDrawing did felt being home 🏡 & welcomed đŸ’•đŸ€— during her stay here, will be back again for sure đŸžïžđŸŒłđŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ’€


Address📍: (SiennyLovesDrawing has also contributed her Google review as a Google Local Guide â˜ș)

Yeah‌ #AnywherewithGL ~ SiennyLoves Drawing loves her 🆕 travel companion with Gaston Luga waterproof backpacks 🎒during this trip đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ #sharingiscaring to all #travelbackpack lovers â€ïžđŸŽ’đŸ’• ~ 15%OFF code “SLD15OFF” & a 🆓 tote bag by purchase every #GastonLuga #backpack or bundle via đŸ›’đŸ›ïžđŸŒ

A comfy shoe is recommended for travelling, siennyLovesDrawing has opted for 👟 #LuccaVudorSG ~ Absolutely comfy leather sneakers 👟 for this whole Sabah trip , loving it đŸ’•â€ïž, đŸ›’đŸ›ïžđŸŒ

#mtkinabalu #discoversabah #kundasang #kundasangtrip #FlypodLodge #FlypodKML #visitsabah #kotakinabalu #cuticutimalaysia #malaysia #eastmalaysia #travel #travellocal #Sabah #Malaysia #SabahTourism #flymetoSabah #hotel #hotels #accommodation #Flypod

Targeting Zero Plastics in Tourism Businesses

Yeah‌ SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» would like to encourage all to “Let’s be plastic 🆓 & instead zero 0ïžâƒŁ plastic whenever we are travelling around”, whether you’re the travellers or the tourism players across the globe 🌎

This sharing is relating to her earlier sharing via 🌐 from her attendance to Mekong Tourism Forum 2018 ✅

She has read 📖 about the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has recently announced about the launch of a 🆕 online resource for increasing âŹ†ïž the sustainability of the tourism sector. This course named “Targeting Zero 0ïžâƒŁ Plastics in Tourism Businesses – with UNESCO, PATA & Expedia Group” is recently launched in conjunction with PATA Destination Marketing Forum 2022 (PDMF) which held in Songkhla, Thailand đŸ‡č🇭 from 2 to 4 Aug recently. SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» has registered it, however due to work commitment, she was unable to attend it personally 😔

In March 2022, PATA actually already started a collaboration đŸ€đŸ» with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with the goal of advising tourism & hospitality businesses on plastic waste reductionâŹ‡ïž To achieve this, PATA has developed this online course đŸ‘©đŸ»â€đŸ’»đŸ‘šđŸ»â€đŸ’»đŸ§‘đŸ»â€đŸ’» to provide step-wise guidance on minimising the sourcing & consumption of single-use plastics as well as the importance for organisations to sign âœđŸ» the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge

The Pledge, which is a collaboration đŸ€đŸ» between UNESCO & Expedia Group, is open & applicable to all tourism businesses, regardless of their size or location. By signing âœđŸ» the Pledge, they will be joining a network 🌐 of leading tourism & hospitality businesses that are helping their destinations in the development of sustainable tourism. “The Sustainable Travel Pledge is particularly timely as we work to build a 🆕 kind of tourism in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, by inviting local tourism stakeholders to commit to inclusive & sustainable measures”, said Ernesto Ottone R., UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture đŸ‘šđŸŒâ€đŸ’Œ

“The pandemic caused hardship in tourism destinations worldwide 🌎, but also led to severe setbacks in our fight against plastic waste”, said PATA CEO Liz Ortiguera. “Now is the time to take action & strive for a more sustainable tourism & hospitality industry. We’re proud to make this contribution to plastic waste reduction âŹ‡ïž efforts.”

The amount of plastics we currently produce, consume and dispose of is unsustainable, and tourism activities and hospitality businesses do contribute largely to this issue. In the Mediterranean, for example, marine litter increases up to 40% during tourist peak season (One Planet, 2021) & this poses a threat to tourism destinations themselves

As put by Ang Choo Pin, Managing Director Asia, Expedia Group, “It is essential for hotels, restaurants, tour operators & all other tourism businesses to reduce âŹ‡ïž the amount of plastics they generate & dispose of the unavoidable plastics responsibly if they wish to protect the very assets they rely on to attract customers”

Reducing âŹ‡ïž single-use plastics in tourism & hospitality businesses provides not only an opportunity to protect the destination’s ecosystems but also to support the local community & economy, as it is advocated throughout the online course đŸ§‘đŸ»â€đŸ’»đŸ‘šđŸ»â€đŸ’»đŸ‘©đŸ»â€đŸ’» This is because sourcing local products & using local resources & services in tourism offerings & activities reduces reliance on international supply chains as well as economic leakages. Moreover, local artisanal products are more likely to be made of natural, renewable materials than mass-produced ones

“The course developed by PATA is an incredible resource for businesses to understand the relationships between communities, culture & environmental protection through plastic waste reduction”, says Dr. Hanh Duong Bich, Program Specialist and Chief of Culture Unit at UNESCO Office in Bangkok. “It gives great guidance and examples on how businesses can help fight plastic waste & at the same time promote local heritage & strengthen local supply chains.” đŸ‘đŸ»

The course “Targeting Zero Plastics in Tourism Businesses – with UNESCO, PATA & Expedia Group” is open-sourced & available ✅ to all

The self-paced course is available open-sourced in 2ïžâƒŁ languages, English & Thai. It covers the following topics;

  1. What is the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge ❓⁉
  2. What is the necessary process to implement a plastic waste reduction strategy ❓⁉
  3. What are the concrete measures needed to reduce single-use plastics in my business❓⁉
  4. How can local knowledge & products help fight plastic waste ❓⁉
  5. How can I continue my journey towards plastic waste reduction ❓⁉

Participants can receive an e-certificate 📜 if they achieve the minimum required score ie. 80% in the final quiz. Yeah‌ SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» has just completed & received her e-certificate 📜, then sharing here for all to also attending this useful informative online course đŸ’ȘđŸ»đŸ™ŒđŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»

Let’s start to access this online course đŸ‘šđŸ»â€đŸ’»đŸ‘©đŸ»â€đŸ’»đŸ§‘đŸ»â€đŸ’» via 🌐

Happy learning all & let’s “Targeting Zero Plastics in Tourism Businesses – with UNESCO, PATA & Expedia Group” đŸ‘đŸ»

Hotel Stay with Favehotel Nagoya Batam, Indonesia

Yeah!! Congrats to the 🆕 opening of Favehotel Nagoya Batam 🏹 at Batam Island, Indonesia đŸïžđŸ‡źđŸ‡©, a popular island destination near Singapore 🇾🇬 this 13 July 2022. SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ» was invited as a media member to witness its opening ceremony & also stayed in for 2ïžâƒŁ nights. So, she is gonna sharing in this blog post about her awesome cozy comfy hotel stay in fave room of this 🆕 hotel


During the opening ceremony, all invited guests from Batam Island đŸ‡źđŸ‡©, Malaysia đŸ‡ČđŸ‡Ÿ & Singapore 🇾🇬 were being welcome with traditional dances, Silat Melayu, welcome speeches by the relevant authorised hotel management & tourism board members ie. Mr Norbert Vas, the Vice President Business Development Archipelago International; Mr Yanuwar, Dedy Setyawan, the General Manager of Favehotel; Ibu Kusrini from Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Batam & Mr Edi Sutrisno from Batam Tourism Promotion Board

Do check out this FB video by Favehotel Nagoya Batam via đŸ“č & SiennyLovesDrawing’s TikTok clip đŸ“č captured from this happening new hotel opening ceremony

This 🆕 hotel actually formed part of the expanded portfolio of Archipelago International, the Southeast Asia’s largest privately-owned & independent hotel management group. It’s being designed with budget-conscious families & long stay guests in mind, it offers each oversize hotel room with a balcony & as a salute to nearby neighborhood country, Singapore, it features a traditional Kopitiam named Nagoya Thamrin Kopitiam for the dining đŸœïž convenience of all its hotel guests, you can even try the Bak Kut Teh, Indonesian style here ya 😀 This is the foodie reason that SiennyLovesDrawing gonna be back for a hotel stay at this Favehotel Nagoya Batam, yeah!!

There are 117 rooms in total with 2ïžâƒŁ room types ie. Fave rooms & Fab rooms (Suite with Google Assistant facilities, absolutely a great convenient for both leisure & business travellers)

From SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ»’s nice comfy hotel stay experience đŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ˜ŽđŸ’€đŸ’•đŸ‘đŸ» in its fave room for 2ïžâƒŁ nights, this 🆕 hotel offers total comfort with its clean, spacious, fully air-conditioned room, balcony with scenic city views, complimentary high-speed WiFi đŸ“¶ & Google speaker in room, room amenities, tea/coffee ☕ making facilities, in-room safe, wall-mounted 43” TV with 40 channels available, clean crisp linen, mattress toppers, hot shower 🚿, electrical sockets, open wardrobe with hangers & luggage rack

Do check out her happy hotel stay TikTok clip đŸ“č captured in fave room of this new hotel


happy comfy hotelaccommodation hotel favehotel favehotelnagoyabatam staycation Batam BatamRiau BatamTourism IndonesiaTourism tourism travel Indonesia ć°ć°Œ hotelbatam hotelopening newhotel archipelago archipelagorooms archipelagorestaurants favehotels traveltok Malaysia travellocal traveller travelling trip userexperience userstory supportlocal selfcare selflove Malaysia travelasia internationaltravel happyeating food foodie happyfoodies foodies MYFoodie travel travels

♬ Calm and peaceful healing melody(123263) – STUDIO COM

Yes ✅, this 🆕 hotel with its modern facilities & stylish design with functionality to offer all its hotel guests a great value & comfort suited for both business & leisure domestic & foreign travelers

It’s strategic & conveniently located 📍 in the main business area of Batam Island đŸïžđŸ‡źđŸ‡©. It’s with easy access ie. less than 30mins car 🚗 ride to the Hang Nadim International Airport ✈, Batam Center Ferry ⛎ Terminal & Harbour Bay

This recent trip to Batam, SiennyLovesDrawing & her travelmates has departed with Dolphin fast ferry of approximately 40mins from Tanjung Pengelih jetty, Johor, Malaysia. A comfy pleasant ferry ride with comfy pleasant ferry ride, do check out her ferry ride TikTok clip captured via

Given its strategic location, all its hotel guests will benefit from a myriad of facilities & services right on the doorsteps of this hotel, including an attractive restaurant alley, a myriad of shopping & a modern fresh market


In this connection, it’s also perfect spot for all travelers wanting enjoy shopping đŸ›ïžđŸ›’ at the largest shopping malls in Batam ie. Grand Batam Mall, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, BCS Mall & Lucky Plaza

This hotel also nearby Vihara Budhi Bhakti, the oldest monastery 🛕 in Batam which built in the 1970s & was inaugurated in 1986. Not just that, it also near the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, the largest Buddhist temple ⛩ in Southeast Asia with a vegetarian food eatery. The hotel guests also can visit the Museum Batam Raja Ali Haji to learn & explre various historical items & photos of Batam Island history. Do stay tuned for her next blog post about the things to do in Batam Island

Highly recommended for all to enjoy a clean, cozy & comfy hotel stay đŸ›ŒđŸ»đŸ˜ŽđŸ’€đŸ‘đŸ» with Favehotel Nagoya Batam in your upcoming travels to Batam Island, Indonesia đŸïžđŸ‡źđŸ‡©

SiennyLovesDrawing will definitely check out this Favehotel again in her next travels to Batam Island, see ya â˜șïžđŸ’• Do check out her FB album posted via 📾🌐

Ohh ya…During her recent hotel stay here, she also attended the Kampong Food Fiesta 2022 held here,  do read more of her happy foodie tasting story via


Website 🌐:—batam

Ceiling Fan

User Experience ~ Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan

Hey all, are you planning to change your home ceiling fan? Or moving to a new space which need a new ceiling fan?

If yes, do read on from SiennyLovesDrawing’s user experience from her recent user experience of owning a new Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan for her bedroom

Inovo Ceiling Fan User Review

SiennyLovesDrawing has chosen for black colour for a simple reason, the look of it when it gets dirty & it can prolong her cleaning schedule intervals. Just her personal colour preference ya 😀

Do you share the same preference too?

What & Why opting for Inovo brand?

Inovo is a local brand which offers designer’s designed ceiling fans to Malaysia at an affordable price. It pledges to offer quality & innovative consumer electrical products to the consumers.

By applying Japanese Continuous Improvements concept ie. Kaizen, Inovo is committed to continuously improve its products & cost competitiveness though R&D

No other company like Inovo which offering to all its customers for 3 year onsite + 3 years spare parts warranty. This requires online registration for the 1+2 year warranty with T&C applies & must purchase via Inovo authorized dealers

Inovo also has received 2018–2019’s The Brand Laureate SMEs BEST BRAND Award (Electrical & Electronics Solutions). Bravo & congratulations!!

SiennyLovesDrawing is impressed with the new ceiling fan installation by a dedicated & skilled technician, En Wan from Inovo

What & Why Opal 56 Model?

Yes, SiennyLovesDrawing has opted for 56″ 6 Blades Black ceiling fan

If you’re interested, do check out & online shopping for Opal 56 via


Product Specification:

The Opal 56 LED can be found at , this model suitable for those who need a fan with LED

Special Feature:

  • ABS Blade (More blades for a smoother wind)
  • It’s with a timer feature ie. Can set for 4 hours or 8 hours

Product Safety:

  • Automatic shutdown function when blocking occurs
  • Automatic protection when voltage exceeds 270V
  • Wide voltage use from AC110V-270V

DC motor is quiet & energy-saving (Absolutely recommended to enjoy peaceful rest at night đŸ‘đŸ»)

Warranty (As stated above)

Conventional Fans: With 1 year product part & 1 year on site warranty


Inovo Fans: With 3 years product part & 3 years on site warranty for its selected Model

With T&C Applies, so do check out with Inovo during purchasing time ya : )

Also all its purchasers will need to register online for an additional 2 years of warranty (1+2 Years)

It means in total each purchase will include 3 years of AC Motor Warranty & 5 Years of DC Motor Warranty

SiennyLovesDrawing’s user experience after owning it for almost 2 weeks

SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys the greater & smoother air circulation in her room now

Most importantly, it’s she loves it now she can set timer for her fan usage before her daily beauty sleep

A special thank you to En Wan for his skilled & patience explanation during the new ceiling fan installation. En Wan actually called in advance to confirm date & time for installation, also informed estimated time of arrival for the installation. Absolutely a good service provider to opt for

Yeah!! Everyone can beautify their home with a beautiful fans at an affordable price with Inovo, so what are you waiting for?

Do enjoy SiennyLovesDrawing’s YouTube clip recorded from the 🆕 Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan happy unboxing & installation captured

Do check out for your Inovo model preference now ya 😀

You can get this at Nationwide Authorized Dealer OR contact ,

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Doodle art stay home

More Property/ Home Living Content (Part 3)

Updated 8 Aug 2022, 1.10pm

SiennyLovesDrawing has started her 2nd blog with Medium platform, also named SiennyLovesDrawing since Apr 2019, however discontinued@ 21 March 2022 due to unforeseen circumstances (She knows it’s sad
It’s ok she will continue her blogging passion here ya :D)

This is Part 3 & will continue to be updated from time to time with content compilation from the brand sites & social media platforms, including her own social media platforms ya â˜ș

Part 1 via 🌐

Part 2 via 🌐

Aug 2022

2 Aug 2022 – Hotel Stay with Favehotel Nagoya Batam, Indonesia

Hotel Review – Flypod Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

July 2022

Amazing resort stay with Flypod Kinabalu Mountain Lodge
April 2022

22 April 2022 – Easy Convenient & Healthy Cooking with Hanabishi Toaster Oven HA611T & Air Fryer

20 April 2022 – Happy cooking while stay home with IWATANI Tatsujin Slim III portable stove

14 April 2022 – Boustead Properties Extends Helping Hand to Flood-hit Families

March 2022

23 March 2022 – Home Design Institute Paris Releases Survey Data on Impacts of Moving to a Larger Home

13 March 2022 – Happy cooking while stay home with IWATANI Tatsujin Slim III portable stove

【SUPER SLIM】- IWATANI Tatsujin Slim III measures only 74mm in height, ultra-slim, stylish and makes your daily cooking routine much easier. Made in Japan

【ENERGY SAVING DESIGN】- IWATANI high-efficiency design ensure minimum loss of energy, the flame ignites vertically, prevents it from spreading outward and wasting it, so your gas cartridge will last longer, and at the same time produces a concentrated flame

【SUPER HIGH POWER】- IWATANI’s advanced technology produces 3.3kW(2,800kcal/h) of output, more powerful than a normal portable gas stove (normally below 3kW)

【ADJUSTABLE FLAME SIZE】- It features an ergonomically designed ignition knob, very easy to pinch & turn, also features non-step regulation of heating power from high to low, to cook ingredients at the right temperature

【LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE】 – With small size & weight only 1.5kg (include casing) & up to 70mins of continuation burning time, can bring for outdoor, travel, camping, gatherings etc.

【SAFETY】- This butane gas stove burner features a pressure sensing safety device, when there is abnormally high pressure, the gas cartridge will automatically be detached, extinguish fire & explode-resistant

【USE IWATANI BUTANE GAS FOR THE BEST RESULT】- Only use the original IWATANI cassette gas to ensure max safety & performance

【MORE ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE】- Enjoy more cooking styles & food by adding on the Multi Plate, Teppanyaki Plate or Takoyaki Plate

10 March 2022 – Sunway Rated Top for ESG Efforts by Global Indices, Receives ESG Rating Upgrade to “A”

9 March 2022 – Panasonic launches Tangle-Free Hair Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB85KH047 in Malaysia

7 March 2022 – Disinfect Surfaces Like A Professional with Clorox


Feb 2022

16 Feb 2022 – Boustead Properties Brings Relief to Flood-Hit Families in Pahang & Selangor


9 Feb 2022 – Hanabishi Toaster Oven HA611T

SiennyLovesDrawing really in love with her recent purchase of Hanabishi Toaster Oven HA611T , it’s a beautifully designed small toaster oven added to her kitchen with easy-to-use controls, able to toast, bake, grill & roast food

This 11L toaster oven is in white, with tempered glass door, stainless steel heating elements & bamboo beige manual control knob to manage timer & 100 to 230C temperature control. The box comes with a 🆓 baking tray & a wire rack. Personally she loves its 60 mins timer with bell ring đŸ‘đŸ» Its inner design was the main reason she chosen it for easy cleaning

She has enjoy her baked items below with it,


Jan 2022

22 Jan 2022 – Nanogel Pillow

21 Jan 2021 – Southeast Asia’s 1st ever LaLaport opens its doors @ 20 Jan 2022

18 Jan 2022 – The 1st LaLaport in Southeast Asia set to open in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Quick tour IG reel or TikTok clip captured via , let’s be there for its grand opening, 20 Jan 2022 10am 😀

5 Jan 2022 – Boustead Properties & The Curve Spread Festive Joy To The Underprivileged This Christmas


Dec 2021

10 Dec 2021 – HomePro Mutiara Damansara Store Grand Opening


9 Dec 2021 – The Pink Stuff

5 Dec 2021 – Grand Opening of HomePro Malaysia 7ïžâƒŁth Store @ Lotus’s Mutiara Damansara

Yeah‌ The #GrandOpening for #HomeProMY 7ïžâƒŁth Store at Lotus’s Mutiara Damansara ( 📍đŸ—ș is upcoming from 10/12 to 12/12 đŸ€©

Don’t miss out the HomePro Malaysia grand opening exclusive offers;
🎆 Stand a chance to purchase iPhone 13 đŸ“±at RM1,XXX ONLY*
🎆 PWP Milo at RM1 ONLY*
🎆 Spend & Win, more than 600 prizes 🎁🎁 to be won*
🎆 Up to 80% discount on selected products*
*T&Cs apply

Let’s join the grand reveal with SiennyLovesDrawing đŸ‘©đŸ»đŸ’•đŸŽ‰đŸ„ł & her next update here

3 Dec 2021 – Bedroom Decor 101: Top Lazada Bedroom Deals

Bedroom Decor 101: Top Lazada Bedroom Deals


Nov 2021

12 Nov 2021 – Happy unboxing Tramontina Kitchenware

So happy that SiennyLovesDrawing just added below 2 items to her kitchen for exciting happy cooking passion, more of her cooking TikTok clips via 🌐 with these items soon ya 😁

  • Tramontina Non Stick Deep Stir – Frying Pan 26cm (Paris)

It’s made of aluminum and coated with Starflon mAX non-stick material inside & out to ensure uniform cooking & are easy to clean as food does not stick to it. The internal decoration of the pieces represents the delicacy & dedication of cooks. The heat-resistant handles, holders & knobs ensure safe use. It may be used on gas, electric or glass ceramic (electric resistance) stoves & are dishwasher safe. However, this Cannot be used on induction stoves

  • Tramontina Ability graphite gray nylon straight spatula

It’s made of highly resistant nylon, this spatula can withstand temperatures of up to 180°C/350°F & won’t scratch or damage your nonstick & ceramic cookware. It’s very easy to clean & dishwasher safe

Happy unboxing TikTok clip captured via đŸ“č🌐


5 Nov 2021 – User Experience ~ Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan

5 Nov 2021 – All about 🆕 Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan ~ Happy unboxing, installation & user experience đŸ˜ƒđŸ‘đŸ»



4 Nov 2021 – 🆕 Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan

TikTok unboxing & user review clip captured via đŸ“č🌐

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Doodle art stay home

More Property/ Home Living Content (Part 2)

Updated 23 March 2022, 7.10am

SiennyLovesDrawing has started her 2nd blog with Medium platform, also named SiennyLovesDrawing since Apr 2019, however discontinued@ 21 March 2022 due to unforeseen circumstances (She knows it’s sad
It’s ok she will continue her blogging passion here ya :D)

This is Part 2 & will continue to be updated from time to time with content compilation from the brand sites & social media platforms, including her own social media platforms ya â˜ș

Part 1 via 🌐

Nov 2021

12 Nov 2021 – Happy unboxing Tramontina Kitchenware

5 Nov 2021 – User Experience ~ Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan

5 Nov 2021 – All about Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan ~ Happy unboxing, installation & user experience đŸ˜ƒđŸ‘đŸ»



4 Nov 2021 – 🆕 Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan

TikTok unboxing & user review clip captured as below

Oct 2021

29 Oct 2021 – 🆕 Inovo Opal 56″ DC Motor Ceiling Fan

TikTok unboxing & user review clip captured via 🌐

Sept 2021



July 2021

30 July 2021 – Chief Minister of Melaka Launches NCT Alliance’s Vax & WinCampaign ~ Properties worth up to RM1 million & monthly prizes up for grabs


9 July 2021 – Boustead Properties Donates 5K Lunch Boxes To Frontliners


June 2021

22 June 2021 – Ecovitta Reveals Secret to Sanitising & Cleaning Without Chemicals


1 June 2021 – Samu Giken P10+ Smart Cooking Processor ~ The all-in-one kitchen assistant for all your cooking needs

TikTok user review clip captured đŸ“č🌐

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