About SiennyLovesDrawing


Since young, I love to doodle & write. Unsure since when I have stopped doodling/ drawing for years. Then, started to doodling again Oct 2014 & gonna share here my handrawn art doodling cum blogging passion. Welcome to read my personal experiences sharing & share your likes & comments.

Feel free to email siennylovesdrawing@outlook.com for,

  • Artist engagement: Wall mural/ face painting/ mehendi & henna art for your events e.g. launching, corporate, wedding, birthday, charity, awareness campaigns etc.
  • Blogger & social media influencer: Media coverage for event, travel journey, beauty, cafe/ food review, product review etc.

If you appreciate my handrawn art style & wish to buy, do feel free to email siennylovesdrawing@outlook.com for commission/ personalisation. Willย personalise my art according to your need. I also have hand drawn cork boards, postcards, papers, rice papers etc. on sale too, if you happen to be the lucky one ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish to own a dessert cafe in the future with my doodling passion as decoration. Everyone that visit my cafe can enjoy dessert & doodling in their own way to relax : ) Also to share with me about their personal experiences e.g. lifestyle, travelling, dining, beauty etc.



85 thoughts on “About SiennyLovesDrawing

  1. Hi Sienny, I’m looking forwards to exploring your art and I’m glad I discovered your blog through facebook. There is a special reason, it’s for my elderly mother. She is looking for a supplier of black Tualang Honey. Do you know anyone in Malaysia who would ship to Britain? She takes the honey for the health benefits. Sorry if this is a little off topic. It’s a genuine enquiry.

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    1. Hi Dominic, thanks so much for visiting my blogging here, however am so sorry that I’m unable to answer your queries about the black tualang honey supply to world wide from my home country.

      Personally, I have yet to know & try the honey that you have mentioned. In this connection, hope to gain your understanding that I’m unable to share any relevant information/ my personal experiences with you then.

      Perhaps you can consider to consult the hospitals, pharmacies or medical experts from your country about your concern. Then, you will then receive authorised legal suppliers of the mentioned honey to your country. Hope my 2 cents suggestions are helpful to you.

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