About SiennyLovesDrawing


Since young, I love to doodle & write. Unsure since when I have stopped doodling/ drawing for years. Then, started to doodling again Oct 2014 & gonna share here my handrawn art doodling cum blogging passion. Welcome to read my personal experiences sharing & share your likes & comments

Feel free to email siennylovesdrawing@outlook.com for,

  • Artist engagement: Wall mural/ face painting/ mehendi & henna art for your events e.g. launching, corporate, wedding, birthday, charity, awareness campaigns etc.
  • Media coverage: For event, travel journey, beauty, food, product/ service review etc.

If you appreciate my handrawn art style & wish to buy, do feel free to email siennylovesdrawing@outlook.com for commission/ personalisation. Will personalise my art according to your need. I also have hand drawn cork boards, postcards, papers, rice papers etc. on sale too, if you happen to be the lucky one : )

I wish to own a dessert cafe in the future with my doodling passion as decoration. Everyone that visit my cafe can enjoy dessert & doodling in their own way to relax : ) Also to share with me about their personal experiences e.g. lifestyle, travelling, dining, beauty etc.


87 thoughts on “About SiennyLovesDrawing

  1. Your talents should be embraced! And i think its a great way to do what you love by having a blog. Be sure to stay in focus with what you love ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hi Sharynn, am glad that you love art too : ) Hmm…I also don’t know why I can be so patience in it, perhaps more to the enjoyment of drawing/ doodling though at the end of completing each piece of my artwork : )


  2. I love drawings. Plan to get interior design earlier but end up with medical course. But I will still doing drawing and designs for sometimes. Keep ur passion on, or maybe you can draw on your drinks and food in future? Good luck ya!

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    1. Hi Jacqueline, so happy that you like to draw too. Do continue your drawing & don’t stop it : ) Wish my dream of having my art dessert cafe will come true though, am now saving my capital fund. Hmm…If you know anyone keen on handrawn artwork/ wall mural, do welcome to refer them to me ~ SiennyLovesDrawing ya : ) Cheers


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