User Experience ~ Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Range

Updated 2 May 2021, 9.20am

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Do check out her happy unboxing TikTok clip captured & her IG reel for more details via,

Her user experience with Steps 1, 2 & 4 TikTok clip captured,

Continue from SiennyLovesDrawing’s 👩🏻 earlier blogging 👩🏻‍💻📝 on #StayHome ideas, this specifically relating to self care & self love (Item 3) via 🌐

Yes, when stay at home 🏡 to pampering self & be pretty especially to own beautiful skin, especially most of us now not really frequently visit the beauty boutique/ saloon like before, so skincare @ home is superb important ya


This round, she is gonna sharing about her recent beauty skincare user experience with Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

It’s newly launched @ 27 Jan 2021 via FB Live Stream


A 4-step of this Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced range with its main ingredients of Prebiotics & Calamine. This skincare range aims to,

  • Balancing the skin microbiome, hydrate & improve surface protection of the skin
  • Ensuring the skin barrier is kept intact & healthier
  • Reducing skin oiliness & soothing skin redness

Do check out her happy unboxing TikTok clip 😃🎁📹 captured,

Prebiotics is food for the good bacteria for the micro skin ecosystem that helps to,

  • Stimulate skin’s natural defense
  • Improve skin radiance
  • keep skin’s microbiome balanced
Calamine is used for its soothing skin benefits to,

  • Ease skin irritation & itching
  • Reduce skin oiliness & redness
  • Soothing sunburns

Step 1 ~ Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Foaming Cleanser (120ml)

This cleanser aims to deep clean pores & purify skin

It soothing any skin redness with its main ingredients ~ Prebiotics & Calamine

How to❓⁉️

1st, to apply a small amount of cleaser onto damp skin. Next, gently massage into circular motion on skin. Lastly, to rinse clean thoroughly

Personally, SiennyLovesDrawing enjoys the skin freshness after cleasing with it & most importantly no skin tightness. Yeah!!

Step 2 ~ Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion (120ml)

A soothing treatment toning lotion formulated with 20,000ppm of Calamine & soothing skin redness for greater complexion

Also contains Prebiotics to increase skin’s absorption ability to provide skin moisturise after application. This lotion aims to restore skin’s natural glow

How to❓⁉️

After facial cleansing from Step 1, must shake 1st to active the 20,000 ppm Calamine before using it

Then, pour the toner onto palm & gently pat onto face


She loves the comfy refreshing of application with it

Non sticky or wet, it’s fast absorb to skin

Step 3 ~ Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Soothing WOW Cream (50ml)

This cream with triple moisture boost complex to improve on skin’s barrier & skin moisturise

It contains 30,000 ppm of Prebiotics & Calamine

How to❓⁉️

To apply this cream evenly on face & neck. Suitable for day use & night use

Really “WOW” comfy after application

It’s light & non oily greasy on skin. Suitable as night cream before sleep too

Step 4 ~ Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Mineral Sun Milk (50ml)

This SPF25PA+ sunscreen aims to boost skin natural defense, then protect skin from UVA & UVB

It helps to relieve sunburn & skin dryness

How to❓⁉️

Just apply evenly on face & neck with an adequate amount of it. Yes, only for day use ya

Not to worry, it’s fast absorption & non sticky on skin after application

Do reapply if require during the hot sunny day

Why not give it a try to enjoy the skincare benefits with Prebiotics & Calamine?

Do click in to check out her IG album below to find out more ya 😃

For day use, steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 accordingly

While for night use, only steps 1, 2 & 3

Do check out her happy 😃 4-step skincare tutorial Tiktok clip captured


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