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Who Am I with My Personality Test By Infinity Loop Capital

Hey all 👋🏻 , how often do you actually check on your personality by engaging with some online test tools to know your current self better❓⁉️

“Hmm…Who am I❓⁉️” Don’t you ever ask❓⁉️

It’s important to note that none personality is truly the same throughout entire life for each of us. Yes ✅, nothing stay permanently, the variables eg. environment, associations, mood & many other factors can definitely affecting the way of our own unique personality to react/ express in a situation

“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people”

My Personality Test By Infinity Loop Capital

SiennyLovesDrawing has recently came across this My Personality Test by Infinity Loop Capital , it owns & operates a wide variety of digital assets reaching a yearly audience of 15 million users. Wow‼️

Based on the research by Katharine Cook Briggs, Isabel Briggs Myers & Carl Jung, this personality test allows people to uncover own ideal job, take advantage of own strengths & weaknesses, then fully understand relationship compatibilities. All started in 1921, Carl Jung has published the Psychological Types & he categorised people into primary types of psychological functions. Then in the 1940s, Katharine Cook Briggs & her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers has built upon the research developed by Carl Jung & developed their own theory of psychological types showcasing 16 unique personalities aka Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Every personality type has a role to play. A brief explanation of the 16 personalities via 🌐 http://thoughtcatalog.com/heidi-priebe/2015/05/the-definition-of-hell-for-each-myers-briggs-personality-type/

What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)❓⁉️

It’s a test tool which designed to assess how a person typically takes in, processes & makes decisions about information from the surrounding environment. MBTI measures 4️⃣ psychological dimensions to sort people into 16 unique personality types. It aims to provide useful insight into the ways people think ie. The mechanics behind a person’s behavior or traits in life

Often the very 1️⃣st question❓people ask after completing our personality test is “What do these letters mean❓⁉️” We are referring to those mysterious acronyms like INTJ, ENFP, or ESTJ. The 4️⃣ letters of these acronyms each refer to a specific trait, with certain trait combinations forming various types & type groups


Cognitive Functions – Extraversion (E)

E refers to an outward orientation of energy, toward the objective external world. It’s focused on people, objects & scenarios outside the self. It seek to interact with the world around them. People with a dominant E are typically drawn to stimulation & action over reflection. E can be expressive, enthusiastic, agile & responsive

Cognitive Functions – Introversion (I)

I refers to an inward orientation of energy, toward the subjective inner world. I is focused on processing internal thoughts, ideas, feelings & experiences, then seek to form personal interpretations, conclusions & understandings. People with a dominant I are typically drawn to reflection over stimulation or action. I can be highly thoughtful, balanced & impactful, commonly offering the kind of well-developed perspective that can only come from dedicated processing of information

Cognitive Functions – Intuition (N)

N refers to a preference for abstract, intangible data — that is, the connections & possibilities that arise when multiple data points are combined. N are focused on “what may be”. People with a dominant N looks for concepts, pat- terns & meaning over facts or details. Dominant N can be insightful, innovative, philosophical & creative. N commonly possess the ability to spot opportunities for positive change

Cognitive Functions – Sensing (S)

S refers to a preference for concrete, tangible data, observable, or proven qualities grounded in the physical world. S focused on “what is”. People with a dominant S look for facts, details & evidence over abstract concepts or theoretical possibilities

Cognitive Functions – Feeling ( F )

F refers to a preference for fluid decision-making based on value-based principles. F processes use a relative type of reasoning that weighs information according to its moral or existential worth within the context of the human concerns eg. “good/bad” , “positive/negative”, rather than “true/false”

Cognitive Functions – Thinking ( T )

T refers to a preference for systematic decision-making based on impartial principles. T processes use a mathematical type of reasoning that analyzes information according to its fixed, functional worth eg. “true/false”, “accurate/inaccurate”, rather than “good/bad”. People with a dominant T process typically exclude personal, moral & social factors from their evaluations because these tend to muddy the waters. Thinkers feel most comfortable & “in their element” when working toward logically

Cognitive Functions – Judging ( J )

J refers to a preference for structure in the world around them. J types like to have things decided & typically seek closure, order & predictability. Dominant J can be decisive, thorough, efficient & methodical

Cognitive Functions – Perceiving (P)

P refers to a preference for openness in the world around them. P types like to leave things open-ended typically prefer flexibility, freedom & novelty. Dominant P can be flexible, resilient, adaptable & engaged in the nuances of the immediate moment

Let’s spend 🔟 mins to attempt this personality test & then learning much more about own strengths & discover how can achieve fulfillment in own life 👍🏻💖

My Personality Test was designed with aim to help all its users to understand own self & others better. It’s available in 2️⃣ languages ie. English & Spanish

So, who is SiennyLovesDrawing❓⁉️

Very simple convenient to attempt these tests from your comfort stay home or anywhere anytime just to know yourself better

SiennyLovesDrawing has attempted the Personality Type Indicator aka MBTI

Guess what❓⁉️

She is with ISFJ – The Protectors


ISFJs are naturally practical, dependable & flexible. When interacting with others, they are warm, kind-hearted & generous. They enjoy nothing more than spending time with friends & family. They are accepting of others, but often hold grudges against those who have wronged them in the past

ISFJs often seek out the opinions of others, but may have a hard time accepting criticism. They may become reliant on others’ approval to validate their self-worth. Others may view ISFJs as overly-sensitive & emotional

Hmm… Personally she agrees what’s being explained of her current self. Why not you finding out about yours❓⁉️

There are 5 🆓 different 🔟mins personality test tools available for all to gain more insights about your strengths & discover how you can achieve fulfillment in your professional careers & relationship in life

Yes ✅, 🔟 mins tests of each that designed to knowing your own self better

You may log in or without log in to attempt the tests. If you logged in, you can record your result for reference from time to time


1️⃣. Personality Type Indicator aka MBTI ~ Discover hidden strengths or weaknesses and gain valuable insight into how you can achieve your personal and professional goals. This test tool that SiennyLovesDrawing has personally attempted & shared her own experience here

2️⃣. True Colours ~ What colour do you think you are❓⁉️ Learn more about how you’re likely to react to both anticipated & unexpected situations, as well as gain valuable understanding into how you tend to make adjustments according to the circumstances at hand

3️⃣. Empathizing – Systemizing ~ To find out where you fall on the spectrum. Learn how naturally you empathize with other people, as well as how strong your interest is in more systemic set-ups

4️⃣. Locus of Control ~ The term “locus of control” refers to the degree to which people believe they can control or influence the various events that take place in their lives

5️⃣. Big 5 ~ The personality traits are Openness to Experience, Agreeableness, Extraversion, Neuroticism & Conscientiousness

Ohh ya…You may opt to a premium or advance insight with a fee 💳💲for an in-depth premium personality profile to know greater about your personality as below,

✅ Detailed strengths & weaknesses
✅ Understanding how own mind works
✅ Own unique humor & communication style
✅ Finding compatibility in work & love
✅ Recognising & managing own stress triggers
✅ Own individual growth path

Website🌐: https://my-personality-test.com/

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