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24 hours Travel to Singapore ðŸ‡žðŸ‡¬

Hey 👋🏻👋🏻 If you have closely followed SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 from her various social media platforms 🌐👩🏻‍💻, you sure noted that she has recently spent 2⃣4⃣hours a day in Singapore 🇞🇬 with Raini Travel 😉

Curious 🀔 about how she has done it❓⁉ Having questions❓❓

All right‌ She is gonna sharing the 1⃣H5⃣W of this Singapore 🇞🇬 trip 🚌🎒🕶🧢👟


She slept 😎💀 on the coach 🚌 ~ Yes ✅, night 🌃🌌🚌 departure from Malaysia 🇲🇟 Arrived early morning🔅🔆, enjoying her travelling to all 8⃣ Instagrammable 😍🀩 destinations 📍in Singapore 🇞🇬 & then travelled back to Malaysia 🇲🇟 on the same day 😊

Comfy sleep😎💀❓⁉

Yes ✅, the coach 🚌 with spacious seat 💺 , not too cold 🆗🆒❄👌🏻✌🏻air conditioning & with several toilets 🚜 & dining 🍜 stops by throughout the road journey 🚌

Yeah‌ Early morning 🌅🔅🔆 arrival at Singapore 🇞🇬 ✌🏻😀



It’s only a 2⃣D1⃣N trip with a night 🌃🌌 coach 🚌 departure to Singapore 🇞🇬 by Raini Travel

Who to join it❓⁉

Of course everyone 👶🏻👧🏻🧒🏻👊🏻👫👭👬👵🏻👎🏻 are welcome 🀗🙏🏻

Hmm…It’s especially ideal 👍🏻 for busy working adults as no need ❌ to apply leave / worry whether leave application being approved ✅ or not ❎


Also good 👍🏻 for students who wish to have a short weekend break from hectic school 🏫 homework, assignment / exam preparation etc.

Where to discover❓⁉

You will be amazed that she managed to explore 8⃣ instagrammable 😍🀩 destinations 📍in Singapore!! Wow!!

Do check out her IG photo 📞 album for this trip ya 😘

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Hey 👋🏻 Hey 👋🏻 @siennylovesdrawing 👩🏻 really enjoyed her 1⃣st travel with @RainiTravel to #Singapore 🇞🇬 . Guess what❓⁉ . It was just a 2⃣4⃣hours day trip ya 😲🀗 & travelled to 8⃣ destinations . Where❓⁉ . ✅ #MerlionPark 🊁 (Met Mummy 👵🏻 #Merlion 🊁 & Baby 👶🏻 Merlion 🊁) ✅ #Esplanade (Once said durian or once said mic 🎀 ) ✅ Singapore 🇞🇬 souvenirs 💝🎁 #shopping 🛒🛍 at #BugisStreet ✅ Sultan Mosque 🕌 ~ the oldest mosque 🕌 in Singapore 🇞🇬 ✅ Malay Heritage Centre ✅ #SentosaIsland 🏝🏖 ✅ #GardensByTheBay ✅ #LightRhapsodyShow at Supertree She has enjoyed tasty lunch at @RayzBistro ( #halal #dining nearby Mosque Sultan). . More updates via her #YouTube 🎥📹 channel @ siennylovesdrawing & her blog 👩🏻‍💻📝 link 🌐 at profile . . #RAINItravel #RAINItravelXSingapura #traveller #travelogue #SGdaytripwithRAINItravel #travel #travels #travelling #blog #blogger #bloggers #influencer #influencers #siennylovesdrawing #travelholic #travelblogger #traveladdict #travelphotos

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Curious 🀔 about the 8⃣ places she has visited❓⁉

All right, she is gonna sharing about each of them here 😁

✔Merlion Park🊁⛲

It’s a must visit 👆🏻landmark 📍whenever travelling to Singapore 🇞🇬

Why named as Merlion🊁❓⁉

Reason being it’s a lion 🊁 with its mermaid 🧜‍♀ alike body pillar. Always very crowded with its visitors 👭👬👫


Ohh ya…There are baby 👶🏻 Merlion🊁 & mummy 👵🏻 Merlion 🊁, so don’t forget to capture your selfie 🀳 , photo 📞, boomerang or video 📹🎥 with both ya 😆


As many of you are aware, its unique outlook creates lots of attraction 😍🀩, some people said it’s like durian & some people said it’s like a mic 🎀

What do you think❓⁉


It’s an art performance center with 6⃣0⃣K sqm‌😲

During her recent visit, she didn’t walk in 🚶🏻‍♀to view 👀 its interior, just an up close photo 📞 near its entrance though 😄

✔Bugis Street🛒🛍🎁

Where to shopping 🛒🛍 for some souvenirs 🎁💝 from Singapore 🇞🇬 ❓⁉

Do travel to Bugis Street 🛒🛍, frankly you will be spending easily half a day here as just too many choices available 😍😍

✔Sultan Mosque🕌

It’s the oldest mosque 🕌 in Singapore 🇞🇬 Due to time limit, she didn’t managed to wear the robe prepared at entrance to visit this mosque 🕌 Love 💗 its unique architecture, it’s beautiful ‌😍🀩

✔Malay Heritage Centre🏛

The weather was unfavourable ☁🌊🌫 when she arrived here, so a quick photo 📞 captured at the entrance, then rushing in the rain 🌧 ☔ for a quick lunch 🍎🍜😋


✔Sentosa Island🌎🏖🏝

Yeah‌ Arrival…Hmm…Where to❓⁉

1⃣st, she started to capture a photo 📞 at this well known globe 🌐 landmark of Universal Studio Singapore 🇞🇬


She has decided to take the free 🆓 ride of Sentosa Express 🚋 to beach 🏖🏝 station for a quick Palawan beach 🏝🏖 walk 🚶🏻‍♀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, she ride 🚋 to Imbiah station for Merlion Sentosa 🊁

✔Gardens By The Bay

This garden is very beautiful‌😍🀩 Suggest to visit it at night 🌃🌌 for the beautiful 🀩 lightings 💡💡on each Supertrees 🌳🌳 within this garden 🙂


✔Garden Rhapsody Light Show

Not to be missed‌👍🏻 Highly recommended by SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 to enjoy an approximately 1⃣5⃣mins show named ~ The Garden Rhapsody Light Show ~ 🀩💫✚🌟⭐

It’s definitely worth your time ⌚ for a unique, colourful & beautiful 😍 lightings 💡💡 movement according to the rhythm 🎌🎵🎶 of the installed music 🎶🎵 🎌

It was with Star ⭐ Wars theme during her recent visit, do enjoy a video clip 📹🎥 captured for sharing here✌🏻

Why to book this trip❓⁉

From her recent travel experience,

  • It’s only RM135 (fee excludes meals, except a simple breakfast 🥖 & mineral water 💊💧 )
  • No ❌ other hidden charges applicable
  • Travelling with an air conditioner ❄ coach 🚌 including a tour guide👚🏻‍💌
  • No need to worry 😌 about tiredness 💀 of driving 🚗🚘 for long journey
  • A passionate tour guide👚🏻‍💌


When to travel❓⁉

Ohh ya
The tentative upcoming travel dates 🗓 in 2018 for your choice ✅ are,

  • 29 to 30 June
  • 27 to 28 July
  • 31 Aug to 1 Sept
  • 28 to 29 Sept
  • 26 to 27 Oct
  • Nov 30 to 1 Dec
  • 28 to 29 Dec

Do enjoy her vBlog 📹🎥 with testimonial captured for her 1⃣st trip with Raini Travel

Website🌐: https://rainitravel.com/pakej-luar-negara/pakej-singapore/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/rainitravel/

Contact no.📞☎📱: Ms. Ainy +6016-7744594

Oppsss…Nearly forgot to share about her lunch dining 🍜🍎

It was at @RayzBistro, free 🆓 wifi 📶 & nice ambience cum decoration at Level 2⃣

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She loves ❀ the foods 🍛ordered here that noon 🔆,

The cheesy 🧀 nachos as starter


Then, enjoyed 😋🀀 her main dish ~ Fried rice 🍛 with tumeric chicken 🍗



However, a slight salty of the tumeric chicken 🍗 served. She was thirsty & kept drinking water 💊💧 after though


Address📍: 62 Bussorah St, Singapore 199478 (Walking 🚶🏻‍♀🚶🏻‍♂distance from Sultan Mosque 🕌 )

Operating hours🕊: 11.30am to 11pm daily

FB: https://www.facebook.com/rayzbistro/

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