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11street’s Shop The World Campaign 🌎 🛍

Remember SiennyLovesDrawing shared about 11street earlier?


SiennyLovesDrawing was being invited recently to witness 11street’s launch of its international online shopping 🛒 🛍 event campaign – ‘Shop The World’ 🌎, to bring to its consumers millions of internationally-branded products especially from countries such as China 🇨🇳 , Japan 🇯🇵 , Korea 🇰🇷, Taiwan 🇹🇼 & USA 🇺🇸

Wong Siew Lai, Vice President of Marketing Communications, 11street shares that the ‘Shop The World’ 🌎 campaign is 11street’s brainchild, to satiate the growing consumers’ demands for greater product variety & renowned global brands online with enticing deals & promotions.

Today, 11street has close to 10 million products listed on our platform & as a matter of fact, more than half of them are popular cross-border products & international brands. As one of the leading e-commerce platforms 👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻 in Malaysia 🇲🇾 , we want consumers to be able to shop the world 🌎 without needing to leave the country. To do this, we have struck up partnerships with popular global names. Through these partnerships we have ramped up our offerings for the benefit of our consumers,” Wong adds.

This campaign will see synergies between 11street & 3 leading global e-commerce 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻players which brings with it a large variety of popular overseas products.

i. its parent company, 11street Korea 🇰🇷

ii. UiTOX from Taiwan 🇹🇼

iii. WorldFront from Australia * 🇦🇺

* – WorldFront is global e-commerce 👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻 player with fulfillment centres across 3 countries i.e. United Kingdom (UK) 🇬🇧 , USA 🇺🇸 , & New Zealand 🇳🇿 . WorldFront also owns & operates the largest online marketplace in New Zealand 🇳🇿 & Australia 🇦🇺. Established in 2004 & now with over 23 million products across a diverse range of categories, WorldFront has established itself as the leading product supplier to marketplaces across the world 🌎

Ben Powles, CEO of WorldFront adds: “WorldFront is looking forward to this partnership with 11street. As the largest marketplace in Australia 🇦🇺 & New Zealand 🇳🇿 , we want to offer Malaysian consumers our range of products from Australia 🇦🇺 , the UK 🇬🇧 & the USA 🇺🇸 at competitive prices  💲💱through our store – Awesome Everyday Prices on the 11street platform.

We have over 1 million products including many bestselling brands across all of 11street’s categories available for this campaign & we pledge to increase our product count on 11street to 3 million by mid-2017. We aim to break the geographical barrier and give all Malaysians access to the best products from across the world by leveraging 11street’s ‘Shop The World’ 🌎 campaign,” Powles shares.

Kick starting from 11 March, the ‘Shop The World’ 🌎 campaign will see 11street offering promotions on international products & global brands at up to 99% discounts & free overseas shipping for selected items, on top of giving away total RM1million worth of petrol vouchers for consumer purchasing items from the campaign listings, as a bonus to encourage more consumers to shop online, save cost and manage rising costs of living.

Exclusive Pre-orders and Irresistible Deals Available. It’s So Easy, Click-Click Saja!

Also taking part in the campaign are established global brands such as Coleman, Laneige, MamyPoko, MSI, Philips AVENT and Primer Group (the local distributor of International fashion labels such as Flossy, Jansport, Native & Outdoor Products) making the ‘Shop The World’ 🌎campaign a truly holistic one & positioning 11street as a global marketplace galore with bundled promotions, shocking discounts only available on the platform & exclusive pre-orders for the most anticipated gadgets coming to town.

Galore of RM1million Worth of Petrol Vouchers

The ‘Shop The World’ 🌎campaign comes with a shopping 🛍 bonus in the form of petrol  ⛽️ vouchers up for grabs. In view of rising petrol ⛽️ prices, 11street is going the extra mile, by offering RM10 worth of petrol voucher for every RM100 spent on products & brands registered under the ‘Shop The World’ 🌎 campaign.

Wong ends: “This is a small treat for our shoppers, & a way to thank them for their support. In fact, our ‘Shop The World’ 🌎 campaign is only the beginning to what we have in the pipeline for our shoppers. We want our customers to experience a truly global shopping experience. In time, our customers will realise just how small the world is when they shop on 11street, as we continue to boost our product variety and inventory of global brands.

Quotes from 11street’s brand partners

PY Choy, Chief Executive Officer of Momentum Strike, the Exclusive Distributor of Coleman

Our motivation for the partnership is simple – to showcase the best Coleman has to offer on 11street’s platform, especially to sports & outdoor enthusiasts. To mark the partnership, we are offering exclusive deals on 11street, but we also have plans in the pipeline to boost our product listings on the platform.

Margaret Chin, General Manager, AmorePacific Malaysia, a conglomerate that owns Laneige

Laneige fans would be delighted to know that we are launching our newest product – the Two Tone Tint Lip Bar – exclusively on 11street, with gifts & special giveaways 🎁 for purchases above RM150 & RM250. We are confident that 11street will provide us with the platform to reach out to our target audience, given its standing as one of Malaysia’s 🇲🇾 largest e-commerce 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻 sites.

Beh Kok Seong, Senior Sales Planning Manager, MamyPoko

11street is one of our trusted & valued e-commerce partners, so we are delighted to be a part of its ‘Shop The World’ 🌎 campaign. Our brand is synonymous with providing care & protection for infants & toddlers 👶 & is well trusted by Malaysian parents. We hope that through this partnership, we are able to reach out to a wider pool of consumers & enable them to purchase our products at more competitive prices.

Pia Huang, Marketing Manager, MSI Malaysia

We are excited to exclusively partner with 11street for the launch of our GE62 Camo Squad Limited Edition notebook. MSI is confident the partnership will help elevate our brand awareness & make our products more readily available to consumers. To celebrate this partnership, consumers will be able to pre-order the gaming notebook exclusively on 11street & stand a chance to get a free Ghost Recon Main Game & season pass worth RM350 approximately.

Yvonne Wong, Marketing Manager, Philips AVENT

Business expansion & consumer outreach are two key things Philips AVENT look into when partnering other platforms, so for us to feature our high-quality products on 11street – this says a lot about the confidence we have in them. This partnership marks a good stepping stone for us onto the e-commerce 👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻 sphere & help us achieve our goal of enabling more consumers, especially new parents, to purchase our products.

Niklas Yong, Marketing Manager, Primer Group of Companies

While we are still new to e-commerce, we have a steady fan base overseas. As such, we are thrilled to introduce our brands such as Flossy & Jansport to Malaysian shoppers. These brands are no stranger to celebrities & fashion enthusiasts around the world, & we are positive that in no time, our consumers will catch on the trend.

The ‘Shop The World’ campaign will run from 11 March to 18 April, encompassing deals that will see consumers through upcoming festive periods.

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Online shopping & its future

Recently SiennyLovesDrawing has attended a nationwide online shopping survey findings sharing by 11street Malaysia, now known as Prestomall (Updated 10.7.2019)

There were 3,507 Malaysians from all 14 states in Malaysia who have responded to the 11st MY’s online survey conducted from 15 to 21 Nov 2016.

This survey findings laid out the key takeaways for the Malaysian online market in 2016 & predicted 5 leading trends for 2017 ahead.

Mr. Hoseok Kim, the CEO of 11st MY has explained: “Based on the findings of our survey, we can conclude that the online shopping sphere in Malaysia is thriving, fueled by potentials for it to mature & grow. The survey revealed the psyche of Malaysian consumers who shop online, and provide us with nuggets of information to outline our predictions for the Malaysian e-commerce scene in 2017.”

The key takeaways for the Malaysian online market in 2016

83% of the suvey respondents revealed that they have shopped online & 59% of them have shopped online at least once a month or more frequently. This has concluded that the online shopping sphere in Malaysia is indeed flourishing.


Malaysian consumers are still experimental in their purchasing behaviour by largely sticking to lifestyle & fast-moving products e.g. fashion & beauty, electronics, sports & hobbies etc.


The smartphones continue to lead its way as the mode of choice for Malaysians consumers to shop online, as 80% of the survey respondents have professed. This revelation echoes 11st’s belief that Malaysia is equipped with an apt IT infrastructure to pave the way for the e-commerce ecosystem to grow in the country.


95% of the respondents have rated a ‘5’ & above when asked about their satisfaction level with online shopping. This summarises that majority of the Malaysian online shoppers are happy with their online shopping experience. According to 11st MY, online shopping is a driver for Malaysians to save money, in line with the rising costs of living ~ a premise for the online marketplace to set the tone for what is in store for the e-commerce industry moving forward.



The predicted 5 leading trends for 2017 ahead

“In 2017, we expect to see a substantial shift in the marketing plans of many businesses, whereby they will transcend from being device-focussed to more people-focussed. After all, consumers these days are not only on the look-out for the best deals, but also other factors that meet their needs & cater to their demands. On top of online deals, good customer service & excellent logistics will set the path for online businesses moving forward,” said Mr. Hoseok Kim, the CEO of 11st MY


In conclusion, as online shopping integrates into the lives of Malaysian consumers, the barriers between e-commerce & traditional brick-and-mortar retail will be levelled, if not relinquished. 11st MY strives to be the enabler & serve as a backbone for online sellers to offer better services & delivery to consumers.

11sreet Ong-some Chinese New Year promotion 

11st MY introduces its Ong-some New Year promotions for the upcoming festivities preparation. There are reputable brands such as Brands, Caring, Eu Yan Sang, Huawei, Nestle & Watsons, 11st MY consumers can enjoy up to 90% discount with a wide variety of gift ideas for their Chinese New Year celebration.


Hmm…SiennyLovesDrawing just got herself an action camera (2nd item of 2nd row in below photo) from Ong-some discounts 😃📷📹

Now patiently waiting for it to be delivered 🤗😉

Yeah! There will be lots of crazy videos, time lapses & wide angle photos snapped during this upcoming Chinese New Year friends, family members & relatives gatheringsss 😃😆🤗

So, “any day is a perfect day for shopping” especially with online shopping in trend now! 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻😃

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