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Butter Recipe ~ How to Enjoy Anchor Butter’s Naturally Delicious

Yeah‼️ During pandemic lockdown, SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 has develops new 🆕 cooking cum baking interests 👩🏻‍🍳 as you observe across her social media platforms, still a lots more to learn of course 😁 This blogging ✍🏻 aims to share about her own ways of enjoying Anchor Butter 🧈

With butter, anything is better 👍🏻😋🧈

Let’s stay healthy & eating great, more of her exciting stay home ideas via 🌐

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Why Anchor Butter⁉️

It’s 💯% pure butter made with fresh milk 🥛 from pasture-grazed cows 🐄🐄 in New Zealand 🇳🇿

With New Zealand’s temperate climate, cows are outdoors grazing on pasture all year round. As cows are fed on nutrient-rich grass, the milk 🥛 they produce is high quality & higher in beta carotene. It’s rich flavor, natural golden yellow color, creamy texture & fresh aroma 😋

Do check out her happy unboxing TikTok clip 😃📦 captured via 📹🌐

How to❓⁉️ Simple Easy Recipes from SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻‍🍳

She wishes her butter recipes 👩🏻‍🍳🧈 here will inspire all of you to enjoy dairylicious & butterlicious tasting while stay home stay healthy 😃✌🏻

Have you tried dairylicious drink⁉️

Butter Coffee 🧈☕

Her recipe here is slightly different from the famous keto diet style, known as bullet proof coffee. She didn’t use coconut oil, also not adding her slice of butter on top of hot cuppa to melting & resulting an oily topping. Instead, she would like to suggest below,

💜 Mix well your favourite #coffee powder ➕ Anchor Butter 🧈(Salted or unsalted of your own tasting preference) = 🧈☕😋

💜 Pour in hot water ♨️💦 & mix well

💜 Add in honey 🍯 as sweeteners, mix well & enjoy 😋

For iced version, you may use a blender to do the well known dalgona coffee version, or just simply adding in ice cubes to the hot cuppa mixed & enjoy (Her mama’s choice) 😉

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Yeah‼️ Happy healthy butterlicious drink & food to enjoy‼️ Yummy‼️

Have you tried dairylicious baking⁉️

Butter Butterfly Pea Flower Focaccia Bread 🧈💙💜🍞

Absolutely beautiful & nutritious healthy to enjoy this natural colour focaccia bread 👍🏻🤤😋

💜 1 cup self raising flour ➕ 1 teaspoon salt

💜➕ 75ml Butterfly Pea Flower tea slowly & kneading the mixture manually


📌 Natural Butterfly Pea Flower Tea steeped long hours with hot water 1st for greater colour. Also would be good for overnight & keep in fridge. TikTok clip via 📹🌐

📌 If you would like to have purple pink colour, you may add few drops of lemon 🍋 juice into your steeped blue pea flower tea 😍🤩

💜➕ Anchor Butter 🧈 & kneading well the smooth dough

💜 Use knife 🔪 makes small cuts on the bread dough

💜 Air fried 180 degree 8mins, ➕ mozzarella cheese 🧀 & continue air fried 2mins

She learnt the below air fryer cooking tips from TikTok, do you already know it❓⁉️

💜 Air fried soft boiled egg, 100 degree 10 mins ✌🏻 Wow‼️ We can make soft boiled egg with air fryer 👍🏻

💜 Brushing bowl with a layer of butter 1st, then break the egg into it as butter soft boiled egg

💜 Dipping in focaccia bread & enjoy 😋👍🏻💙💜🍞🥚🥣

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Butter Egg Butterfly Pea Flower Bingka 🧈🥚💜🍮

Simple easy to prepare & nutritious healthy to enjoy as energy booster in the #morning with this smooth butterlicious bingka 🧈🥚💜🍮 & kids love it too 😋

A different bingka, not the pandan flavor. The similar green colour is from the blue pea flower tea to egg 😍

💜 Mix well Part 1️⃣ ingredients with electric mixer;
3️⃣ egg yolks
2️⃣ x 1/3 cup of self raising flour
1/2cup sugar
1/8 cup Anchor Butter (Unsalted) 🧈
1/4 tbs salt 🧂
2️⃣ x 1/3 cup of Blue Pea Flower Tea

💜 Mix well Part 2️⃣ ingredients with electric mixer;
3️⃣ egg white
1 tbsp sugar
Note: Slowly add in sugar to the mixture

💜 Mix Part2️⃣➕Part1️⃣ & air fried 175 degree , 35mins

Yeah‼️ Tasty smooth texture to enjoy each butterlicious bingka bites 😋👍🏻🧈🥚💜🍮

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Have you tried dairylicious breakfast⁉️

Butter Banana Toast 🧈🍌🍞

You will love this anytime healthy snack or breakfast idea, especially if you are a fan for banana 🍌 Very crispy tasty to chew on every bite & suitable for all ages, including young kids

💜 Spread Anchor Butter 🧈 bread slice , 1/2 salted butter & 1/2 unsalted butter 🧈🍞😋

💜 Then, slice banana 🍌 & placed on top of butter bread slice 🧈🍞

💜 Air fried 180 degree, 7mins

Yeah‼️ It’s toasted in golden appetizing 💛 & tasty to enjoy each butterlicious crispy sweet bites 😋👍🏻 Her little niece loves it

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Yeah‼️ Happy healthy eating & enjoy‼️ Yummy‼️

Have you tried butterlicious cooking⁉️

Nothing special as many of us using butter as cooking oil, reason being it’s making the food with a flavorful butter taste to enjoy

Butter Fried Egg 🧈🍳

SiennyLovesDrawing personally loves to fried egg with butter, also her favourite luncheon meat, fried rice from leftover rice (Next recipes), so do continue your tasty delicious reading here ya 😋😆

💜 Spread Anchor Butter 🧈 on the pan, either salted or unsalted of own liking 😋

💜 Then, fried egg with butter 🧈🍳 till it’s in golden appetizing colour 💛

💜 Yeah‼️ Let’s enjoy tasty butterlicious fried egg 💛🧈🍳

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Butter Fried Luncheon Meat 🧈🥓

Personally she loves the butter fragrance & flavorful taste in the juicy luncheon meat 🧈🥓

💜 Sliced the luncheon meat according to the thickness of your liking

💜 Spread Anchor Butter 🧈 on the pan, either salted or unsalted of own liking 😋

💜 Then, fried luncheon meat🧈🥓, she is opting for healthy luncheon meat from ATOMY Korea

You have to try, highly recommended ya 🤤😋👍🏻

Butter Fried Egg Luncheon Meat Sandwich 🧈🍳🥓🥪

Yeah‼️ Let’s enjoy tasty butterlicious mouthful of Anchor Butter fried egg sandwich 🧈🍳🥓🥪 while chewing every bites of this dairylicious #sandwiches 🧈🥪

Yes ✅, you may enjoy each of the luncheon meat or fried egg alone, or you may have them all as sandwiches ya 🥪 👍🏻😋

💜 Wrap the butter fried luncheon meat in the butter fried egg 🧈🥓🍳

💜 Then, spread Anchor Butter 🧈 on the bread & pan, either salted or unsalted of own liking 😋

💜 Next, pan fried the bread 🍞 till golden toasted alike

💜 Add in the wrap above to the 🍞

Her IG reel via 📹🌐 OR Tiktok clip captured via 📹🌐

Also can enjoy butter fried egg sandwich 🧈🍳🥪 with just butter fried egg, or add in any ingredients eg. chicken floss & any sauce dressing of your tasting preference

Her IG reel via 📹🌐 OR Tiktok clip captured via 📹🌐

Alternatively, can use Anchor Butter 🧈 to prepare burger 🍔 too, do check out her TikTok clip captured via 📹🌐

Butter Fried Rice with Cherry Tomatoes & Raisins 🧈🍳🍅🫐🍚

This actually absolutely useful whenever if you have overcooked rice for any meal, then can do butter 🧈 fried rice with any ingredients available in fridge 😁

💜 Spread Anchor Butter 🧈 (Salted) on pan

💜 Add a cube of 🧈➕🥚= 🧈🍳 butter fried egg

💜 Add 🧈🍳➕🍚 = 🧈🍳🍚

💜 ➕🍅 & 🫐raisins = 🧈🍳🍅🫐🍚

Let’s enjoy🤤😋👍🏻

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Butter Creamy Pasta 🧈💜😋

Hmm…Actually this recipe is similar to normal way of cooking pasta, just the 2️⃣ tips here are;

💜1️⃣, Cook your pasta using butter 🧈 (Not cooking oil in hot boiling water)

💜2️⃣, Brushing butter 🖌️🧈 on the cooked pasta before pour in pasta sauce & air fried

Let’s enjoy creamy butterlicious pasta 😋👍🏻

Her IG reel via 📹🌐 OR Tiktok clip captured via 📹🌐

Butter Creamy Salted Egg Porridge 🧈🥚🧡🥣🤤😋👍🏻

Absolutely easy & tasty recipe to enjoy if you’re salted egg 🥚 lovers

💜 Mix well salted egg yolk 🧡 (You may add salted egg white for own tasting preference) ➕ Anchor Butter 🧈

💜 Then ➕ into hot plain porridge 🥣
Yes, ready to enjoy the butterlicious creamy tasty bowl 🥣😋👍

Her IG reel via 📹🌐 OR Tiktok clip captured via 📹🌐

Butter 🧈 Tasty Salad 🥗

SiennyLovesDrawing is an all time salad lover & her salad recipe just simple easy as below with some butter 🧈 brushing 🖌️ on the vegetables for a butterlicious fragrance & taste 🥗😋👍🏻

💜 Clean, prepare & water cook the vegetables
💜 Continue brushing on Anchor Butter 🧈 on the vegetables
💜 Stir & mix well with salad dressing of your preference 🥗 & enjoy max 😋

Her IG reel via 📹🌐 OR Tiktok clip captured via 📹🌐

Butter Mashed Potatoes 🧈🥔🥣

Her little niece loves mashed potatoes, so SiennyLovesDrawing thought of a different ways to enjoy Anchor Butter,

💜 Clean, wash, peel 4 potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔
💜 Put in cold water 1️⃣st

💜 Then, cook in hot boiling water for 15-20mins
💜 Mash potatoes till the texture you like, personally she prefers with some potatoes texture to chew instead of 💯 creamy, so your tasting preference 😋
💜 Add melting butter 🧈 ➕salt🧂➕sesame oil

Yeah‼️ Let’s enjoy creamy butterlicious dairylicious AnchorButter mashed potatoes 🧈🥔🥣, very appetizing & you have to try it too ya 🤤😋👍🏻

Her IG reel via 📹🌐 OR Tiktok clip captured via 📹🌐

Do stay tune for more ya 🧈👩🏻‍🍳😋👍🏻

Yeah‼️ Happy healthy eat Anchor Butter‼️ Yummy‼️

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More butter recipes via 🌐

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