The Future Star Of NASDAQ by Cannis App

Yeah‌ SiennyLovesDrawing 👩🏻 has shared earlier about the grand launch 🎉🎊 of Cannis app 📲 (Cannis) in Malaysia 🇲🇟

Again, she 👩🏻 was absent from the event today, The Future Star Of NASDAQ 纳斯蟟克明日之星 by Cannis 📲 on 21 Oct 2018 at KL Convention Centre 🏢 She 👩🏻 has just received updates 📌 from her media friend 👭👬 & would like to share here 👩🏻‍💻📝

Sharing is caring as always ya 😃😁

There was an Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signing ✍🏻 ceremony between,

  • Dato’ Dr Azman Ching, Cannis CEO 👚🏻‍💌
  • Y.A.M. Tengku Puteri Datuk Paduka Seri Hajah Zahariah Binti Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah 👞🏜, Cannis Group Chairman
  • Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri’ Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat, Cannis Group Vice President 👚🏻

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More info on our Facebook: 参䞎宝兆集团"纳斯蟟克明日之星"的商家们 10月21日宝兆将䌚圚KLCC Exhibition Hall䞟办千人倧䌚倧䌚䞊将出售我们的热闚商品 千蜜隟逢的良机仅歀这次各䜍想以超倌䌘惠价栌莭买产品的朋友们绝对䞍胜错过这次的䞊千人倧䌚想获埗我们这次䞊千人倧䌚的入场卷吗?那就赶玧联系我们的脞乊䞓页客服陀歀之倖也可以提前预订我们公叞的商品只需蜬莊到 CANNISAPP 3209344319 (Public Bank) 附䞊收据然后联系我们的脞乊䞓页客服圓倩即可圚䌚场䞊拿到悚所预莭的商品 让我们䞀起见证宝兆华䞜的成长千䞇别错过10月21日宝兆纊定悚。 Participating Merchants for "The Future Star Of NASDAQ" by Cannis On 21st October, CANNIS will hold a conference at KLCC Exhibition Hall where there will be many hot items to be sold!!! This is the only great opportunity to join us! To all those who want to buy our products in great prices, please do not miss out conference! Interested to get the admission ticket for this conference? Please contact our Facebook page customer service! Furthermore, you can pre-order our products too. You only need to make payment to CANNISAPP 3209344319 (Public Bank), attach with your receipt and send it to CannisApp Official Facebook page (through messenger). Upon confirmation, you will get your products on the actual event day on 21st October 2018!

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& its strategic partners,

  • EMPRO’s Dr Coco Alex 👚🏻‍⚕
  • Producer of Da Motion Production House, Encik Along 🙋🏜‍♂
  • Creative Director of  Speed Notion (凯䌘圱视控股有限公叞), Ms Bo Bo 🙋🏻‍♀
  • President of  (LongTV) Longvision Media Sdn Bhd, Mr Chis Yen 💁🏻‍♂
  • Weber PDT Cancer Treatment Health Wellness Centre’s Prof. Madaya Dr. Martin E. Roberts
  • CEO of MAS Capital Inc (名资股仜有限公叞), Mr. Aaron Tsai 🀵🏻
  • Dr. DNA Mr Janning Lee 👚🏻‍⚕

A successful & crowded event 👍🏻👬👭👫 with almost 3k pax to celebrating that Cannis has accumulated hundred thousand of users since its launch, less than 2⃣ months ya

Wow 😲 ‌Bravo‌

Cannis 📲 has now extended their markets rapidly within South East Asia (SEA) countries & becoming the most potential upcoming greatest Star 🌟💫⭐ in Nasdaq Stock Market i.e. an American stock exchange 🇺🇞 ~ The world 🌍🗺 2⃣nd largest stock exchange

Cannis’s CEO, Dato Dr. Ching Eu Boon 👚🏻‍💌 has shared during the press conference about their partnership 🀝 in digital technology, AI aka artificial intelligence, filming, high tech agriculture, preventive medical, beauty industries etc. Dato 👚🏻‍💌 is looking forward to the strategic collaborations with these said industries to gain its app users👭👬👫’ entrustment & to enhance its app 📲 user experiences

Guess what❓⁉

In this 3⃣rd quarter of 2018, Cannis 📲 has achieved 2⃣ new 🆕 historical higher ⬆ records,

  1. It has gained for 29 billions downloads 📲 from the App Stores & Google Play
  2. Its global consumers👭👫👫’ spending within Cannis 📲 has reached up to 20 billion US dollars 💵

Wow 😲 ‌Bravo‌

The increments of app 📲 downloads were due to the creative contents from games, entertainment & video 📹🎥 broadcasting within Cannis 📲

Cannis 📲 also aims to connect offline customers’ overall spending flow with online databases by building its Online to Offline (O2O) model. This actually letting the front-end marketing promotions, on & offline member streamings & back-end goods delivery services become smoother

Cannis members 📲👫👭👬 are applicable for both online & offline discounts, including any purchases 🛒 at Cannis📲’s strategic partners’ retail stores. Online points can be used to make discounts, helping consumers 👫👭👬 to save money 💰 Participating in a series of Cannis-designed competitions also allow members 👭👫👬 to win grand prizes 🏆 through sharing 😀

The Chief Operating Officer of Cannis, Mr. Mohammad Mustaqim bin Abdullah 🙋🏻‍♂has emphasized that this platform will continue actively carry out comprehensive layout for online & offline services, so that the physical store is no longer restricted by its size or regional restrictions of the space. Through the mode of Cannis e-commerce & preferential shopping 🛒🛍, the merchants’ information can be passed through at the lowest cost to a precise targeted market, therefore maximising its advertising effectiveness 😉

Cannis 📲 is the world 🌍🗺 ’s 1⃣st integrated app 📲 that provides consumers with this wide range of App services, live broadcasting, e-commerce, discount shoppings🛒🛍, social networking, short videos📹🎥, games & payments 💳💰etc. within its app 📲 It focuses on the fastest-growing industries to providing an integration platform & creates a powerful 7⃣-in-1⃣ function. It has continuously investing since its grand launch 🎉🎊 in early 2018 in various popular industries e.g. technologies, filming, beauty, preventive medicines etc.😁 It’s convinced that having Malaysia 🇲🇟 ‘s diverse ethic groups 👭👫👬, it’s easier to expand Cannis from SEA to the rest of the world 🌍🗺




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24 thoughts on “The Future Star Of NASDAQ by Cannis App

  1. Very grand event and a lots of people attended it. Congratulations on the high downloads on Cannis App, thanks for this great sharing


    1. Yeah!! My media friend said it was a very nicely organised event, too bad I was unable to make it to witness it myself though 😊
      Hope can attend Cannis app future events, then sharing here again ya 😀


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