More than just a leaf ~ Stevia 🌱🍃

Since young, SiennyLovesDrawing has been educated by her parents not to consume too much sugar due to her family health history on diabetic 🙂

However, SiennyLovesDrawing born with sweet tooth, she loves all kinds of desserts 🍨 🍦🍮, baking 🍰🎂🥞🥐& confectionery 🍪🍩 🍞🥖stuff 😋

SiennyLovesDrawing recently had a priviledged opportunity to hear from Mr Chong Kam Chun 👨🏻‍💼, Regional Vice President, APAC of Pure Circle ~ More than just a leaf, Stevia ~

Hmm…Have you heard about Stevia leaf 🌱🍃?


Stevia is an amazing plant! Really more than just a leaf 🌱🍃

It’s a nature’s zero 0️⃣ calorie sustainable sweetener, more to table top natural sweetener

Yes! It’s with zero 0️⃣ calorie & 100% natural & organic 

SiennyLovesDrawing has read about a funny fact that Stevia doesn’t caramelise. It simply means that Stevia is unable to brown the way white sugar does 

In this connection, if you are a creme brûlée 🍮 lover, then you are unable to enjoy a natural sweeten creme brûlée 🍮 served with Stevia 🌱🍃 then


You may wonder is Stevia leaf 🌱🍃new to all of us?

Actually not really, let’s study Stevia’s history together


This dried Stevia leaf 🍂 can be chewed & you will taste the natural sweetness

Mr Chong shared lots of world wide branded beverages 🍹🍸🥛 & foods 🍰🥐 are now starting to use Stevia as their sweetness contain instead of white sugar.

So, next time when you are shopping for your household beverages & foods, do read up their ingredient label to identify Stevia contain.

It is chemically known as steviol glycosidesespecially if one of your family members 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧/ friends 👭👬👫 is suffering from diabetes

Sharing an article 📝📚 about Stevia usage in baking 🍰🎂🥞🥐& confectionery 🍪🍩 🍞🥖

Am sure most of you are familiar with Lychee Mojito🍸right?
How about try this Stevia Mojito🍸?

Ha…Ha…Just sharing a creative idea of Mr Yuan, the co-founder of Big Three Coffee Academy ☕️🍷

SiennyLovesDrawing really enjoyed it 😝

Other than as natural extracted sweetener, Stevia 🌱🍃also treat burns & stomach discomfort.

More information about Stevia 🌱🍃, refer to

Let’s be healthy with a zero 0️⃣ calories sweetener from today onwards 😃

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25 thoughts on “More than just a leaf ~ Stevia 🌱🍃

  1. My grandfather was a nutritionist and my mum is a doctor. Please be aware that although stevia is an amazing plant, a great sugar replacement, and is marketed as ‘calorie-free’ it can still cause you to put on weight.

    When you ingest the plant, based on the sweetness your brain triggers that you have ingested something sweet and your body still produces insulin sensitivity. This can later cause inflammation and be associated with other conditions.

    Keep up the amazing work! Stay happy & Healthy! 🙂

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  2. I used to have a stevia plant before. I got some leaves there everyday for my husband’s coffee. He didnt like the taste of his coffee though. I stopped using the stevia leaves after that as my husband complained of not enjoying his morning drink.

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  3. I didn’t know that Stevia was so good for your health and not just a simple sweetener. How does it taste when you use it in drinks or for cooking? Does it change the taste of the food?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm…it doesn’t really change the taste of the drink / food, however personally I feel the Stevia sweet taste does slightly different from white sugar taste 😊🍃🌱

      However, the sweet level really similar & of course healthier with Stevia 🌱🍃👍🏻


  4. This is the first time I encountered of this plant. Well, if given a chance to try, I would. However, I don’t know where to get that kind of plant here nor if it’s available in the market. The last time I tried to eat a leaf was the java mint plant. It was such a cool leaf to munch on. It felt like eating a mint candy!

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    1. Hi Maria, you may explore at your super market to find beverages/ foods that use Stevia as sweetener, normally will state clearly at the ingredients label 👍🏻🌱🍃🤗

      It is not necessary to find the real plant if Stevia 🌱🍃


  5. I’ve never seen a real stevia plant but I have seen products with stevia and other food bloggers who use stevia for their recipes especially their smoothies and puddings. I think I’m old-school but I’ll still stick to the usual sugars and honey or maple but use them in moderation. But of course, if I get a chance to use stevia, I will surely give it a go. Thank you for sharing. v

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  6. Wow, I’ve heard about this leaf, but I didn’t know that this is truly amazing. You have just shared all the information I needed about this leaf. I’m seeing this one in supermarket and I think most product are also using this as an alternative for sugar. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about it, I’m truly learning.

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  7. I don’t know that Stevia plant but I believe that leaves , especially those that are medicinal plants has healing properties. We always use guyabano, guava leaves among others to cure cough and colds. Good thing that I read this post as I have no idea that Stevia helps with diabetic patients. I have relatives of the same situation and this will help them for sure.

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  8. I never heard of Stevia ever since. And pretty sure this sounds amazing! Now those who are into sweets can really enjoy sweet foods and the like if this will be used as an alternative to sugar. Great infographic you got here. I would love to share this to my friends!

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    1. Yeah! After the briefing by PureCircle, read up more about Stevia & found these info graphic which were clear to elaborate Stevia from Global Stevia Institute, hence sharing with you all here for better understanding 😃😁


  9. Ooooh~ I’ve never heard of the Stevia leaf! And I couldn’t imagine a leaf that is sweet? This is so great! I will surely recommend this to my relatives with diabetes. Thank you so much for such great information 🙂

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