You have made my day! Thank you!πŸ¦πŸš—πŸ˜ƒ

During my McD dinner just now, I have handrawn a thank you (ThankQ) card by recycle using the Happy Meal box for a McD staff named Faizal who is currently working in McD outlet, Masjid Jamek.


I was disappointed when I ordered Happy Meal, but being told by the cashier that the toy car of my choice already out of stock. I was about to changed my order to McValue meal. Then, Faizal came to understand my situation, and he has managed to check the McD store again & got me the last Happy Meal Box Q toy car πŸš— for my original Happy Meal order (McNuggets set) as dinner just now. 

Moreover, I got a free 🍦sundae cone from him too! πŸ€—

Faizal’s nice client servicing attitude really made my day! Wish him a great & bright career!

Faizal got a shock & surprised when he received the card & asked me twice, ‘For me?’, ‘ Really for me?’ πŸ˜€

Told him ‘Yes, thank you card for you, Faizal & I will write a blog post too!’

This Happy Meal Box Q toy car is a precious one! 


I am a Happy Meal toy fan cum collector, but definitely not a seriously addict one. Obviously I will not collect each & every McD toy launched. I enjoy McD occasionally, but then every time of it, I will definitely check out the McD toy 1st, if I like it,I will order Happy Meal πŸ˜‰ 

That’s SiennyLovesDrawing & McD! Ha..Ha..

Still remembered in the past, when my office used to order McD delivery for us as dinner whenever we worked overtime, I have collected a lots of McD toys back then. Especially some of my close colleagues will also ordered Happy Meal & then gave me the McD toys. So, I can easily collected whole set though.  At that time, whenever some of  my colleagues’ kids who visited office & came to my working desk, they will surely be entertained with my mini collection of McD toys πŸ˜„

I must say my colleagues’ kids were all well behaved, I have never encountered any who will not return the toys to me though…seriously! Or perhaps I got too many & lost count myself…Ha…Ha…sweet working memories 😊


Update: 10.4.2016 6.35am

Am surprised to receive a post from Faizal on my FB page timeline this morning πŸ€—

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40 thoughts on “You have made my day! Thank you!πŸ¦πŸš—πŸ˜ƒ

  1. It is good to hear that, some staff might not be doing that, they may think that they were not empower to do so! Glad that he has tried to satisfied his customer! btw, likes your doodle arts! πŸ™‚

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