Reprint my artworks…copy right…price quote??

Recently I had a discussion with a potential client about an art project for his business. He has requested for a price quote. If he engages me as the artist, reprint of my artworks for his business usage will be required. I have asked, but he remains silent on reprinting quantity & whether SiennyLovesDrawing will be mentioned as the artist. Hmm..Why he remains silent about the 2 main concerns of mine??

I have consulted my art master, Mr. FS Loo & some artist friends. They shared that if the reprint of my artworks is required, I need to include the copy right to protect the origin as the owner of my handrawn artworks.

To me, if this potential client confirmed that SiennyLovesDrawing will be mentioned throughout his reprinting, I will definitely reduce my price quote as I am mentioned as the artist cum owner to the artworks. I am satisfy as long as SiennyLovesDrawing is not hidden & whoever receive my artworks from his business are well aware that I am the artist 😊 I guess this will be the art satisfaction for most artists, not the monetary.

I have provided a price quote, however am unsure whether it will be too low/ too high to this potential client based on his budget costing. Wish I will be engaged for this art project, then I can share my art passion with more people then 😊 

If you were in a similar situation before, welcome to share your thoughts/ experiences either with a comment or write to

I usually quote my artwork for sale based on the detailed art & hours spent to complete each of the artwork. Art is subjective & everyone appreciate art differently. I truly appreciate all my clients who paid for my artworks based on the fine detailed art with my time & effort well spent. Thank you very much for supporting SiennyLovesDrawing 😊 


58 thoughts on “Reprint my artworks…copy right…price quote??

      1. Pssst…I’m a novelist by profession. I write romantic fluff and all that. Art is always subjective and protecting your intellectual properties is very important and if you are to sell your art, nothing is ever too low. That is, after all your sweat and blood. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Isaac for your best luck to SiennyLovesDrawing, I just love to doodle/ draw, then share my art passion. If you have any of your clients need a wall art/ artwork for decoration, you are welcome to recommend to SiennyLovesDrawing πŸ™‚


  1. Whatever artwork of yours which other people would like to reproduce or reprinted, the owner of artwork should be given the due credit. All your creative ideas and efforts should be credited accordingly. πŸ™‚ That’s my 2 cents haha.

    Btw, keep up the good job!

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  2. one option to consider is to sell your picture outright to him and let him reprint etc even without your name but make sure you get a good price. I have sold some of my photos outright but at very good rates.

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  3. It’s your hardwork afterall, definitely need to copyright! Or like what missyblurkit suggested is a pretty good idea too. But need to state lots of terms clearly because you don’t want these 3rd party abusing ur hardwork creation. (Eg. They can photoshop and make it something nasty/political) Just better to be safe than sorry! Keep up the great work!

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    1. Thanks Sebrinah for your sharing πŸ™‚ I truly agree with the potential abuse by 3rd party. To be honest, when there is any abuse usage of our hard effort & art ideas, it will definitely hurt the artists who create & own the origin of the artwork a lot!


        1. Hi Hannah, am unsure. I always see your “My Blog” under your profile name of Hannah Freda whenever you posted me a comment. Perhaps you check on your profile setting? Hope it helps. Just don’t want your potential followers in the future miss the correct link to your blog 😊

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  4. I believe no one like their own hard work get use by other people, so that why I always put watermarks on my photos to avoid people’s stealing my picture as their owned… This is a good way to protect our own hard work. Btw good luck in your job all the best πŸ™‚

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