#medinidoodlemania Day 2, completed!

Decided to have black and white “why fishes” for Day 2. 

While I was doodling my fishes yesterday, I have enjoyed some of my short conversations with the public ppl.

“Wow..see the fishes so cute, mummy…” 

When I turned to the little girl, she actually shown me the naughty facial expression that I drawn on each fish to greet me. Ha..Ha..She is an adorable girl that melted my heartπŸ˜‹

“So many fishes here!”

I turned to the little boy & asked him “How many?”. He counted & said “7”. I replied “Hmm..no..no..You wanna try again?” Then he got it & said “There are 8 fishes”. This time his daddy asked him “Where got 8?” The little boy walked closer to my artwork & pointed the fish on top of my artwork to his daddy, “See daddy..that’s a fish which only shown the tongue.” Ha..Ha..

While I bold the “Why” wording, a lady stood behind me then asked “Why?” I gave her a smile. I should have asked her to read my blog so that she knows “Why?” Ha..Ha..

There were lots of public ppl stopped by & snapped photos in front of my Day 1 artwork named “Doodle”.

“What is doodle, daddy? I don’t know.” The daddy answered “It means drawing by following your heart.” I turned to the daddy & his boy with a big smile & said “I like your explanation, yes, I draw by following my heart.”

Another tiring day, but I felt satisfied & happy. Enjoyed a tasty dinner ~ a bowl of white porridge with an egg stilled together with some pepper, char kueh & ginger ~ prepared by a friendly Singaporean lady stall owner. 

Yeah! A wonderful day of mine! 😊  

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