My art participation in a promo mash-up video for Malaysia 5th Annual Coca Cola Collector Fair 2015!

Dear all,

Are you a Coca Cola fan? I’m one of the fans and would like to share my happiness that I’m one of the art contributor in this video ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all enjoy the video & guess which artwork contributed by me? ๐Ÿ™‚

Your likes and comments will be a great encouragement for me ๐Ÿ™‚ So please give me your likes and your comments for me!!

Full post from Glassfin in their FB page:

“51 Artists, 90 Designs.”

Check out the promo mash-up video that we did for the 5th Annual Coca Cola Collectors Fair 2015!

We’ve collaborated with 51 artists to make 1 awesome mash-up promo video that consists of 90 designs revolving around the Coca-Cola contour bottle that we all recognize & love (it’s also the contour bottle’s 100th anniversary this year)!

Do come by the Collectors Fair this Saturday, 9th May 2015, at Berjaya Times Square, KL, Malaysia from 10am to 7pm.

Spread the word around! โ€ช#โ€ŽMYMASHUPCOKEโ€ฌ

|| Video Initiated by : Glassfin Post Production Sdn Bhd
|| Collaboration with : MCCC Organizer
|| Music by :
|| Collaborators :
Angela Ong || Ariel Lynn || Ashly Teoh || Ashvini || Auzani Zeda || Bavani Ratnam || Benson Leong || Big Mouth || Brian Shray || Bryan Ngooi || Chya Chyi || Chu Jia Chen || Danny Chua || Eleen Tan || Farhan Mahmud || Floyd Grey || Gene Yong || Gwendoline Chan || Happydoory || Hoshiyu || Huzza-tbg || Iron Loi || Jayson Ker || Jefferson Ng || Johnathan Lim || Jon Lau || Josephine Lim || Khalis Kamarul || Libra Loong || Mafex Tay || Magee Wee || Mchenn Lim || MeeChain || Molek Kasa || Nascent Choy || PARSE906 || Peggy Sim || PeterMeng || Phoa Mui Kim || Saimen || Sam Lim || Sean Lee || Shafiqah Bay || SiennyLovesDrawing || Sook Chiung || Vivian Hiew || Wilmer Lee || Wong Si Ying || Yap Yoong Ruey || Zeropumpkin || Zoker Lim

Here is the final video that was made out of each and every one of the collaboratorโ€™s love for art. We couldnโ€™t have done this without you.

This is PURELY a NON-PROFIT VIDEO for the event.


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