My 1st art collaboration

Just a sharing.

I believe everyone of us will normally enjoy to do our own artwork just by own self, rather than collaborate with other artists for a piece of art.

I always enjoy my own artwork just by myself. I have never done any art collaboration with any other artists until mid of this month. It was my 1st art collaboration with another 2 artists. What is art collaboration? It means more than one artist working together with each own art on a same piece of artwork.

I was struggle on what and how to start at the beginning of this piece of art collaboration. I was the 2nd artist to work on this piece of art. The 1st artist who did this beautiful pink sprayed artwork has invited me to perform my art on it. At first, I stared at the pink sprayed artwork for quite long before I actually started to put in my art. Yes, I just stared at it with a blank mind without any ideas.

Then I decided to have a chat with the 1st artist with an intention to understand how he came about to prepare this pink sprayed art piece. From our conversation, I then started to have ideas of what to draw. The fishes on this pink art piece was my contribution πŸ™‚

I appreciated the chance from 321studios, and enjoyed my 1st art collaboration with other artists. I believe I will have more art collaborations with many artists in the future.

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