My 1st art collaboration with other artists :)

Just a sharing.

I guess most of us will tend to do own artwork by own self. I always do & enjoy my own artwork. I have never try before to do any art collaboration with other artists. Until March 2015, I got an opportunity to do art collaboration with other artists from 321studios. And here the chance, and my 1st art collaboration with another 2 artists. What it means by art collaboration? It means 3 of us collaborated and preformed our own art on a same piece of artwork.

It was my 1st time. And I really struggled at the beginning on what and how to start off my art into the collaboration. It was a nicely pink sprayed artwork and I was invited by that artist to do my art on his beautiful pink sprayed piece. I stared at the pink sheet for quite long. Yes, I just stared at it with a blank mind without any idea of how to proceed next 😛

Then I started to have a chat with the artist on how he came to prepared this beautiful pink artwork. From our conversation, I then started to have an idea on what and how I will put in my art into it.

Here you are the artwork from 3 artists and I’m one of them 🙂

I appreciate the chance of this art collaboration. It was not easy to start at 1st, but I think I can now do more art collaborations in the future with many other artists.

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