1st drawing on cork board

Kick started to present my drawing on a cork board. 

Initially wanted to give this cork board as gift to a friend for his guest house opening. But ended up I did not as I am not confident that my friend will like it.

~ Don’t go through life, grow through life ~ by Eric Butterworth

It’s important that we keep learning and grow in any perspectives to be a better person 😊 

To people who know me enough, I am a questions baby. I will keep asking whenever I am in doubt to seek clarification/ to gain knowledge. I have no concern about whether people will think I am asking a stupid question. Am only concern if I continue to keep a question with me, sure I am then stupid πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ This is my way of grow through life. How about you? Welcome to share with me how you will grow through life in the comment.


49 thoughts on “1st drawing on cork board

  1. oh you should have given, i’m sure your friend will treasure it. as for your question, sure we are always growing through life. life should never plateau as we continue to learn and experience and increase our wisdom through life.

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  2. went through my childhood and teenage years being an introvert, hence less questions, more listening for me.

    I can imagine how you draw on a cork board. I’ve tried writing things on that type of material, how do you get the ink to seep in just nicely, without blotching, or having the lines being too thin.

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    1. Hmm…listening is an important skill to master in life too 😊 I just slowly drawn on the cork board, nothing special ☺️ that’ why I need more time and patience to complete for a piece of artwork. 😊😝


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